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But first, a very important question: This Ward gifset - which Iron Fist episode is that from? It's gotta be season one, but I can't figure out who he's talking to. That smile tho'.

ETA: Figured it out based on the visitor badge! It's from 1x08 in the boardroom scene (and yes, it's Joy he's talking to.)

It looks like the poll leaned overwhelmingly towards linking and/or crossposting fic, so I will start doing that again! I don't even remember why I (mostly) stopped. I think it was just pure laziness.

So here is a roundup of the recent Iron Fist hurt/comfort ficpocalypse, which is mainly the result of me finishing up several fics I was writing for various prompts/requests. Posted in the last week or so:

So Little Space, So Much Time (3000 words, gen)
Tumblr prompt fic, for the request "Ward and Danny, restraints and bad memories." Set post-S2.

Breathe In, Breathe Out (4100 words, Danny/Colleen + Ward)
Danny mistakenly thinks Colleen is dead. Set post-S2.

Truth or Consequences (3400 words, Danny/Colleen)
Danny on truth serum is pretty much normal Danny, just chattier. Set between seasons 1 & 2, after Defenders.

Postcards from Asia (2300 words, Danny/Colleen + Misty)
Danny's sprawling handwriting sent a jolt of familiar bittersweet pain through her chest, the way so many things around the former dojo did these days.

Takes Its Course (9500 words, Danny + Ward)
After escaping from imprisonment, Danny goes through drug withdrawals; Ward is along for the ride, and forced to deal with certain aspects of his past.
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Not Prime Time is taking signups 'til the 30th if you want to join in! Details at the link.

Dear writer: thank you for writing for me! I love all these canons and if you loved writing it, I'm sure I'll love reading it. All my prompts are merely suggestions; if you have a different idea, go for it.

General likes: hurt/comfort (tropey or understated, both are good!), fluff, angst with a happy or at least hopeful ending, found family, curtainfic/domesticity, characters hanging out together (getting drinks, playing games, etc), casefic/action, presumed dead, missing scenes, futurefic, loyalty, enemies to friends, bickering/banter, AUs, ultra tropey tropes (e.g. bodyswap, soulmates, amnesia, etc)

DNWs: character death (death fakeouts are great, though), incest, unrequested non-canon pairings (including canon pairings is always fine), A/B/O, tragic or hopeless endings.


Iron Fist )

Defenders )

Agent Carter )

Punisher )
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So, the show that I vagueblogged a couple of weeks ago about following via reviews/reactions when I haven't actually watched the show is The Magicians. The season finale aired this week, and basically blew up the fandom a la that Tumblr gif of Troy on Community going for pizza and coming back to find everyone running around screaming and the room on fire. I now have way more thoughts and opinions than I ought to, considering that I've never seen even an episode of this show.

It's also led me to a lot of thinky thoughts about storytelling and how we engage with fictional characters, so I'm going to natter about that under the cut. Loads of spoilers for the current season of The Magicians. Warning for (not personal) discussion of suicide. Also, this post is LONG.

The spoiler-laden background info )

The actual thinky bits )
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1. The Spring Equinox Vidding Exchange archive is now open. Their theme: "Sources from the 90s." (I had other things I was going to do with my afternoon than watch vids, but you know how it goes ...)

2. The Space Swap archive is also open for reading! I have a fic in there, because I picked up a pinch hit for it awhile back.

3. Signups for Not Prime Time, a midsized-fandom exchange, are open. I am probably going to sign up for it, but haven't gotten there quite yet. All the Netflix Marvel shows, Agent Carter, Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, and Schitt's Creek are all eligible and have tags in the tagset, just to name a few.

4. I have not yet stopped being completely gone for Iron Fist, as my latest fanfic offerings no doubt reveal.

Me in chat to [personal profile] sheron earlier: "I SWEAR the next thing I write in this fandom is a) going to have a plot other than "random goons kidnap people for h/c purposes", and b) is going to involve characters other than Danny and Ward."

... You wouldn't think getting tired of h/c would be a thing for me, but I'm really starting to get the urge to write something with an actual plot that's not just 5K of feels. That being said, I think the last fandom that made me go this head-over-heels for just writing endless words of h/c and feels was White Collar. I'm also slightly amazed that in just 6 months, or so, this fandom has jumped up to #3 on my AO3 stats page for most fics written. (Though technically it should be #4, because I haven't ever gotten most of my SGA fic onto AO3 and there is A LOT OF IT.)

Since I linked someone to this on AO3 today - for anyone who wants to be dragged kicking and screaming into this fandom join me in my current shiny place, allow me to refer you back to my so you wanna watch Iron Fist? post from last year, a.k.a. a guide to getting past the first few episodes for people who bounce off them. (I understand that not everybody likes or is going to like this show. I don't expect you to. But you know, just in case you were interested ...!)

Incidentally ... over the last year or two, I've mostly stopped crossposting fic or even fic notifications here, unless it's for an exchange, and just putting it on AO3 with notifications posted at [ profile] sholiofic. I am writing a lot more fic than you'd know from reading my journal. I think I kinda just got out of the habit during a time when I wasn't writing a whole lot, but I've been fairly prolific lately. Lately it's been largely focused on Iron Fist and/or the Marvel Defenders shows, with some Agent Carter, Stranger Things, and various other stuff I'm into. Should I start posting those here again? Actually, because everyone loves clicking little boxes ... let's do a poll.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 66

When I post a new fic on AO3, what should I do about it on my DW journal?

Crosspost the entire fic, like in the old days.
3 (4.5%)

Post a notification that links to AO3, but not the whole fic.
43 (65.2%)

I would feel a bit spammed, honestly. I can follow you on AO3 if I want the fic.
1 (1.5%)

It's your journal; do what you like!
18 (27.3%)

My answer cannot be contained in a mere radio button! See comments.
1 (1.5%)

There are no right or wrong answers here, and I'm not going to feel bound by the poll results. I'm just curious if there is still interest in reading fic here or not.
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I have the sort of completely bonkers writing question that is incredibly hard to google for: would cell towers in 2001 or 2002 work with a modern smartphone? Assuming you went back in time to 2002. Which is what has happened to this character in the thing I'm writing. That is, would your modern smartphone have bars and be able to place calls, or would it just act like there were no cell towers around?

Or would it depend on whether your service provider was compatible with the local companies providing towers?

Or is that a total "WTF, just make something up" kind of question?

Ideally, I would prefer it to not work, but this character is in New York City, so if it's going to work at all, it would probably work here.

ETA: I have a number of great answers and I think I'm set; see comments for details! General consensus seems to be that the phone would technically be able to use the network but wouldn't be able to authenticate without a local SIM card/service plan, which sounds good to me and I'm going with it.
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Why is it so common for so many series (TV shows, books, movies) to have a strong opening installment and then put their most dismal one as the second one? Whether it's merely bland and boring, or actively offputting in some specific way, I can think of so many that do this.

I expect some of it is narrative drop from the usually higher-budget and more action-filled opening installment, and some of it is the writers wanting to try something a little more daring after a crowd-pleasing opener. BUT STILL. Maybe you might want to wait a little while before dropping the book in which everyone dies gruesomely of yellow fever (Ben January) or the episode in which your only female character is sold into sex slavery (SG-1) or the episode that is every 80s mental hospital cliche ever (Iron Fist) or just the most comparatively generic and boring episode in the entire season (White Collar and so many others).

(This post brought to you by me getting so bored with the second episode of the show I'm watching as background-arting-TV on Hulu that I went and found an episode guide and skipped ahead to the next one that looked interesting. So far it's a lot better.)
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You know how sometimes a book just makes you clutch your heart and go "ohhhhhh"?

Spoilers for Phoenix )

p.s. I looked up Vlad's comment to Loiosh in the previous book that "You're not expendable, you're not stupid, and you're not going", because it was so damn familiar that I was sure I'd heard it somewhere before, and aha, it's a Blake's 7 quote. I am amused that I wasn't wrong, and also amused at the hat tip. Well played, Brust.
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Speaking as someone who was an utterly voracious reader as a kid, it's pretty rare for me to run into a fairly well-known fantasy series from the 80s that a) I've never read, and b) still holds up really well today. The Taltos books by Steven Brust are that. I had kind of vaguely heard of them, think I might have tried to read one of the later ones about 20 years ago and bounced off it, but that was all I knew until I borrowed the first one, Jhereg, from [personal profile] rachelmanija when I visited her at the end of March to read on the plane. I devoured it. I wanted more. I just got done with book 4, Taltos, today. And there are so many more of them to read! They're great! I love everybody in this (weird, jhereg-and-assassin-filled) bar.

Based on what I knew about the series, I was expecting "snarky asshole loner hero"; what I was not expecting was a snarky asshole who claims to be a loner while absolutely tripping over himself at every turn to do everything he can for his friends, right up to dying for them (repeatedly). And his friends are just that loyal to him, too. The narrative voice is delightful -- it's very contemporary urban fantasy; the books themselves are a sort of weirdo SFF/high-fantasy/urban-fantasy mashup. The worldbuilding is strange and original and fun. And (not at all a given in a 1980s fantasy series) the books do great with women, both in the way that individual female characters are written, and the worldbuilding in which it is perfectly unremarkable to encounter female mooks, guards, businesspeople, farmers, ship captains, and the like.

Spoilery comments on individual books follow.

Under the cut )

Anyway, I am head over heels for this series right now and will be running off to start reading PHOENIX shortly.
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I tend to like having TV playing while I work on art/comics pages, usually either something I've seen before (rewatching superhero movies and old sci-fi TV is good for this) or something light and fun that won't require a lot of my attention.

Lately I've been watching a Canadian sitcom, Schitt's Creek, because a post about the show back during Yuletide intrigued me sufficiently to check it out. It can be incredibly cringey in that sitcom kind of way, and most of the characters are basically terrible people in that sitcom way, but then it'll do a sudden 180 swerve into FEELINGS and ... then the middle of season 4 happened to me. I'm a sucker for a good musical episode, okay? And the end of 4x09 is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Two youtube scenes under the cut. They ARE spoilery but I'm also not sure if this is a show that matters all that much if you're spoiled for. These are clips of key scenes from one of the show's main romances (an M/M one).

Admittedly I'm partly just putting these here because I want to be able to rewatch them whenever I want. I really like it when shows incorporate music into the plot in fun and creative ways, and this was so sweet.

Two clips )
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There's a small Iron Fist exchange running this week, and I could not be more thoroughly delighted with my gift, the color purple, a teamy genfic about board games and banter and friendship that is EXACTLY what I was hoping for from my prompt about characters hanging out and doing friendship-type things. ♥

Another thing from the exchange I really loved was this Luke/Danny high school AU fanart (includes the supporting cast from both shows and Defenders), which is ADORABLE and full of delightful details. I love how readily recognizable all the characters are and how their personalities/styles are translated to their high school selves. I also look forward to finding time to read as long as we're together (does it matter where we go?), a long between-seasons Danny/Colleen fic that looks really good.

I wrote Sunflower, a Defenders fic for my recip's prompt about Danny collapsing after healing someone and needing to be looked after. Like most of my Defenders fic, it includes a lot of grouchy-concerned Jessica because she's far too much fun to write.


Signups are running 'til April 13 for Marvel Femslash Exchange. I am still in dither mode on signing up for this; in the interests of not completely overloading myself, I was thinking I'd leave it up to how far along I'd made it by that point on my other exchange assignments, and, uh. I still have a LOT of unfinished (*cough* unstarted) assignments. Still, I'll see how things are progressing before signups close.

Not Prime Time (medium sized fandoms exchange) is taking tag nominations 'til the 15th: Tagset | Nominations instructions | Eligibility instructions. Most of my current/recent active fandoms are eligible (Agent Carter, Iron Fist, Punisher, Defenders, Stranger Things, White Collar, Umbrella Academy, etc). I'm optimistically hoping that by the time signups open for this one, I will have made more progress on the other stuff I'm currently signed up for, because I would like to get in on this one!

It's particularly interesting seeing NPT come around, because back in the day, I used to be really excited about this one - it was the only non-Yuletide multifandom exchange that I knew about, and often the only chance at ALL to get an exchange fic for non-Yuletide-eligible fandoms that weren't big enough to have their own exchanges. There are just so many more exchanges now, it's interesting to look back on how excited I used to get about NPT when it was the only one of its type.

ETA: Oh, and Gen Prompt Bingo is running again! Because I totally need another source of prompts. AAAAAAAA someone stop me.
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Interesting article found via [personal profile] umadoshi: Why Netflix Cancels Shows After A Couple Of Seasons.

This is a little bit heartbreaking, especially for that part of me that is really not over losing the Marvel TV universe, but it's also fascinating from a business standpoint. I'm not sure how much of this is certain and how much is merely speculation, but if they're right, it looks like the current evolution of Netflix's business model makes it very unlikely for Netflix to continue to renew their original shows beyond their second or at absolute maximum their third season, unless they're not just a runaway hit, but a particular kind of runaway hit (the kind that brings in award nominations).

It's comforting in a way, because it makes the cancellation of my particular shows feel a little less arbitrary and unfair, a little more like the grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it inevitability of quirky or unusual shows falling victim to TV's endless money-focused ratings dance. It looks like Netflix's brief era of being more creatively driven has started to roll into their own version of the ratings dance, with perhaps even less likelihood of shows surviving beyond their first couple of seasons (or, at least, a different kind of odds).

The article also talks about why it's now much less likely to borderline impossible for shows cancelled by one streaming service to jump to another ... but let's face it, the whole idea of cancelled shows being "saved" by cable or Netflix is pretty recent; that never used to be a thing.

So yeah, it's an interesting article, and it simultaneously salves some of my hurt feelings over certain recent show cancellations while also hurting in whole new ways. I also feel like this is useful information to know about Netflix original series going forward - a second season is likely if the show is a success, but beyond that, things get extremely dicey, and the odds of Netflix shows going on for four or more seasons are really low these days, no matter how well they're doing.
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On io9: March Madness bracket showdowns to determine your favorite science fiction movie of the last ten years.

This was so much fun and SO HARD. I ended up with my final brackets being Black Panther vs. Wonder Woman and Inception vs. The Martian, and I just sort of ground to a halt there because HOW DO I CHOOSE. (They're not even my top faves out of the entire field necessarily -- Inception, for example, I've only seen once, ages ago, though I remember it was really trippy and fun -- but some movies that might've won against these washed out earlier because of how the brackets were set up.) I think BP edges out WW in my personal bracketing, but Inception vs. The Martian is a total toss-up because they're just such utterly different movies, and then putting either of them up against a superhero movie it's like ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

... so yeah, it's fun! Go play! I ended up doing my brackets on a sheet of paper alongside the computer to best keep track. I also haven't seen a number of these, so anything I hadn't seen washed out against anything I had seen, unless I'd absolutely hated it.
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SSR Confidential (the Agent Carter exchange I run) is open for signups from now 'til March 30th. This is year 4! Where does the time go.

[community profile] springfest is having a promptfest and is now open for prompts! (They have a unique prompting format, so first read the instructions here.) Let's get some MCU/Agent Carter/Defenders/Stranger Things prompts in there. :D

Marvel Femslash Exchange is currently taking signups. (I'm on the fence about whether I'll sign up - I think it depends on how overloaded I'm feeling with various projects/assignments when signups open - but I wanted to make sure the pairings I wanted were in there, just in case!)

And finally, a conversation on the Iron Fist discord about the Rand-Meachum kids led to me writing a fic about tiny children behaving badly.
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Seen it! I'm cutting my general emotional reaction to avoid spoiling, but you might want to click on that before clicking on the spoilers if you are planning to read them.

General reaction )

Spoilers )
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Season three of Stranger Things is still a few months out, but I was thinking about it today ...

(No actual spoilers here. I know nothing.)

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 29

Who will beat up Steve this season?

View Answers

A middle schooler
14 (48.3%)

1 (3.4%)

Mrs. Byers
3 (10.3%)

The monster of the week
16 (55.2%)

Billy, again
12 (41.4%)

4 (13.8%)

Steve's own evil doppelganger
11 (37.9%)

In a shocking plot twist, no one!
6 (20.7%)

What will happen to the Byers house this year?

View Answers

A plague of locusts
3 (10.3%)

It will be necessary for completely valid plot reasons to paint the walls a bizarre color, such as bright pink.
9 (31.0%)

Creepy plants. Creepy plants everywhere.
10 (34.5%)

The furniture will come alive and start trying to eat people.
7 (24.1%)

It'll get temporarily transposed into the Upside Down.
19 (65.5%)

Land mines.
1 (3.4%)

4 (13.8%)

Nothing! All property damage will be elsewhere this time.
3 (10.3%)

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I reread Wet Grave (Ben January Mysteries #6) over the last couple of days because I talked [personal profile] rachelmanija into going back to reading the series with that one, and so I'll make a nonspoilery post for that in a little while, but reading it made me have some thoughts that reference later books all the way up to Cold Bayou.

And that's under a cut )
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Free Time and Other Unicorns by [personal profile] edenfalling (Misty & Colleen, gen, 1675 wds)

I requested a fic with Colleen & Misty plus a magical animal, and this is pure delight from start to finish.

Meanwhile, over at [community profile] ssrconfidential, there is a poll on whether to keep the 2018 tagset this year or start a new one. The originally-discussed plan was to keep it and just add to it, but when I opened it up for new nominations yesterday, I discovered that it's not possible to bump up the number of nominations after the tagset already has tags in it - meaning that people who maxed out their nominations last year will have to go through me to nominate this year. I'll close the poll tomorrow and go with the majority decision.
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Hurt/Comfort Exchange assignments are out and they have a slew of initial pinch hits! Go to [community profile] hurtcomfortex to check out the list and see if there's anything you might want to write. (I'm linking to the top-level community rather than the pinch hit posts because they're easier to view that way.)

While I'm at it, a question for people who run exchanges: how do you handle unassigned people in the AO3 assignment control panel, e.g. in a situation like this? I ran into this issue with SSR Confidential last year and ended up double-assigning someone (to myself) just to get it to stop giving me errors, but up until that point I hadn't realized the control panel doesn't let you just not assign people. It was enough of a pain with just one of them; I can't even imagine how it's handled in large exchanges that end up with dozens of pinch hits, unless they just assign all the unassigned people to the mods and then sort it out afterwards. Is there some easier way?

oh god

Mar. 11th, 2019 01:38 pm
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I recently ran across this post talking about Trevor from The Good Place ("with just an extra dash of 80s estate agent") as basically the OP's headcanon for Crowley from Good Omens.

.... and I was like, oh no. That's it. That's it exactly. My Crowley headcanon is Trevor. Sexy in a sleazy-traveling-salesman sort of way, A+ would bang but would regret it like hell the next day. XD

(I feel as if Lucifer from Lucifer is probably how I would have cast him if it was totally up to me, except that's completely wrong, that's the version that Crowley THINKS he is, but really is not.)

The only real problem I have with David Tennant as Crowley is that he's a little bit sleazy in the wrong kind of way.


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