Jun. 1st, 2017

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Jun. 1st, 2017 03:35 pm
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SSR Confidential assignments are due tonight at midnight(ish). I'm not going to be too much of a hard case about the deadline, but I'll be going through in the morning and assigning pinch hitters for anything that doesn't have an assignment or extension. So get 'em in, or contact me to ask for an extension!

I was just putting in nominations for [livejournal.com profile] rarepairfest, which I'm probably going to sign up for. With a couple of obvious exceptions, nearly all of my current fleet of ships are small enough to qualify for the fest rules (under 200 complete works of 1000+ words on AO3) - including some I didn't think would be, like Peter/Gamora (there's relatively little fic for it!) and Neal/Sara. It's a minimum of 3 fandoms with minimum 1 ship each to sign up, just in case this is relevant to anyone's interests! Signups aren't 'til later this month.

Still planning on running a GotG exchange (probably going to be called "Hooked on a Feeling"), but I haven't done anything about it yet, especially since I am currently flattened by a spring cold. Blargh. This week appears to be falling down a black hole of Accomplishing Nothing Much. I really, really need to get my garden put in, but trying to muster the energy to go out there and run a rototiller doesn't seem to be happening.
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Does anyone know if there is a way to force a community to load comment pages in the default DW style (the pink-on-gray one) unless the user's style overrides it? That is, individual journals can be set to have "light" comment pages instead of the main journal style; you do it from the "site skins" section of the settings. But when I switch to any of my communities, the "site skins" options vanish.

(The reason why I want to do it is because I cannot find a community site scheme that doesn't produce what are, to my eyes, cluttered and hard-to-read comment pages, especially for people unfamiliar with DW. The pink one isn't perfect, but it's far and away less cluttered and easier to figure out the comment nesting. WHY CAN YOU NOT F*CKING DO THIS.)

ETA: While I'm at it, why is it so incredibly hard to keep the DW journal site style page from snapping back to your main journal without telling you it's done so? Is that a browser issue on my end, or something that happens to other people? At least this time I only managed to change my tagline to that of the community I was editing. Typically I end up changing my entire site style every time I try to edit a community, because it WON'T TELL YOU - it's just like "yep, still working as [community name]" and then changes your entire journal. >___> My least favorite thing about DW is probably the a;skjf;ldsj;lad;; community management, in general.

ETA2: Thank you so much to [personal profile] ratcreature for telling me how - I was completely wrong about which part of the settings it was in (it's actually the ticky box in the above link that says to use the chosen style instead of the site style, which is ticked by default, but if you untick it, the pages show up exactly as I want them). For some reason I never parsed that phrasing as doing what it actually does.


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