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I haven't watched 3x05 yet (and still haven't watched most of season one) but otherwise I'm caught up. And, oh, this show. I mean, the plots can be so terrible ... But it's not nearly as bad as LoT, and the character stuff is just pushing my buttons all over the place. I love it. For the past couple of days, this show has been my coping mechanism and happy place.

I don't really see this becoming a major fandom for me. My heart still belongs to Agent Carter, and also a brief dip into the fanfic is making me think that there isn't a whole lot out there to suit the particular things I want to read, and quite possibly a whole world of DNW - I've heard about the unpleasantness of the fandom's ship wars even from tangentially associated superhero fandoms without having seen an episode.

But, oh, these characters. I'm pretty sure the S2-to-early-S3 plot gave me very nearly everything I wanted (except more h/c, always more h/c).

Spoilers welcome in comments! I basically love everyone now, except for the bad guys (including Eobard Thawne, sorry fandom -- looking at the fic tells me he's popular, but for me he's somewhere between "love to hate" and "basically just hate"). EVERYONE ELSE THOUGH. ♥

ETA: Oh wait - recs! Please rec me anything good! I want to find some good vids! [personal profile] xparrot already rec'd one, and I've been poking around Youtube - anyone seen anything good? I would also like to find gen fic, especially Harry-centric with Jesse or team (I already found one author who looks VERY promising and has also written some good LoT and Avengers stuff).
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I bounced off season one of The Flash a couple of times, for various reasons. But I finally made it to season two (admittedly with a bit of selective storyline skipping) and season two is SOO GOOOOD. Or at least idtastically satisfying.

I'm up to 2x12, "Fast Lane".

A few spoilers )

Please no spoilers beyond 2x12!

Also please someone tell me that I have useful things tomorrow and don't need to spend the whole day marathoning Flash episodes on Netflix.


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