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Spoilery spoil spoil

So I've finally figured out that I can't talk about this week's episode of Doctor Who without bringing up the spoiler I mentioned I'd run across recently, so I'll make a post all about that instead. (And I'm sorry, because I know full well how hard it is not to click on spoilers, even if you don't want to know! But I need to get this out of my system, I guess.)

The spoiler I ran across, that I mentioned in an earlier post, was that Arthur Darvill (Rory) is leaving the show.

So I was TOTALLY expecting him to die in this week's episode (in the doomed-last-stand scene) and then was completely amazed when he didn't! However, I would guess that River's startled/sad reaction to seeing him in the hallway means that he dies (or something else very morbid happens to him) quite soon in her past/our future, i.e. the back half of the season.

Which makes me very sad because I love Rory to bits and I don't want him to die! Or leave! And maybe it's just a rumor that he's leaving? But I think River's reaction is a pretty good confirmation that he's on his way out (and I've already seen some speculation on my flist about it). So I guess I'd better prepare myself.

I'm finding myself less than enthusiastic about the second half of the season. I think it's partly because I'm still kind of on the fence about the revelation regarding River, and partly because I'm still very much in a NOOOO, RORY sort of place. (Though he was seriously awesome this week. I will never stop being a total sucker for not-normally-badass characters getting their badass on. I think Rory appeals to me in a lot of the same ways that Mickey did, in the first couple seasons of New Who, and his character arc seems to follow a similar trajectory.)

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...dangit. I'm glad to be spoiled because I hate char deaths to be sprung on me...especially chars I really like...but still...dangit ;____;
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I spent most of the ep worried about him even not having wind of the casting spoiler at all, because River's reaction did seem so foreboding. Also because Rory has a kind of, erm, the chill air of the refrigerator about him? Like, he's mostly there to make Amy react, and killing him off would get a reaction. I was hoping not, because they already did that last year, but...

...but I really *like* Rory, he's one of my favorite things about Moffat's Who, with his despairingly matter-of-fact way of handling things. Siiiigh. I love you, Who; why do you gotta keep going and breaking my heart? ;_;
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Like Xparrot, I'd rather be braced for it, which is why I clicked on the spoiler cut. (Hey, I'm now two weeks behind you on DW, so trying NOT to read anything about River lalalaIcan'thearyou.)

I love Rory! Right now, I love him more than anyone else on the show!
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Okay, I just googled, and have possibly a little more spoilers about the casting (nothing specific about the show, but more detailed than what you mentioned?)...can't spoiler them I don't think (stupid lj comments!) but I will x 'em out in case you don't want...

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Oh no! I really don't want this to be true... but I can sort of see it happening. Although I haven't heard about this - this is my first time - I have been having this uncanny feeling that he will die or something will happen to him. I don't know why but I've been having the feeling...

I've been thinking about River since this weekend's episode and I remember her saying that she once killed a great man - what if she wasn't referring to the Doctor but to her father? I love Rory to pieces and I really don't want him gone!!! I still hope that it's a rumour.