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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote2016-12-01 10:55 pm

Legends of Tomorrow 2x07

... and the Invasion crossover generally.

THAT WAS SUCH A PILE OF HAPPY FEELS. I don't think I've stopped smiling since the episode finished. I do not even care that the plot didn't make one single ounce of sense.

The earlier Invasion eps were fun, but the Legends one ... THAT was EVERYTHING I wanted from a comic book show mega-crossover. Cross-show bonding and group hugs and everybody doing their bits with their own special skills to save the day and ... just ...


Okay, so, still cheerfully flailing at:

- Felicity and Cisco geeking out together over spaceships and traveling in time and SAVING THE DAY WITH BADASSERY ('we've been saved by the geeks' lol)
- Cisco realizing how easy it is to screw up the timeline and making up with Barry and risking teleporting himself into the cold void of space and basically just ♥ CISCO ♥
(also, if he can make breaching/cross-dimensional comm devices now, I am just gonna headcanon that he vibes over to Earth-2 to give one to Harry and Jesse as soon as the afterparty is over and things get back to normal)
- Mick flying the Waverider and giving ~inspirational leader speeches~
- Sara flying the Waverider to catch a HUGE FUCKING BOMB in her tractor beam omggggg
- Barry trying to give himself up to save the planet because of course he does and 'you and what army' and :DDDDD
- Kara being HER DARLING SELF ALL OVER THE PLACE and also finding sneaky ways to dispose of inconvenient government spooks without hurting them
(although someone should really tell her about A.R.G.U.S before she makes TOO many suggestions along those lines)
(also I wished she and several others had gotten to do a bit more, but things were pretty crowded with this many characters in the ep, plus her support staff/subplot-generating team are on another planet)
- The new President is A+, let's keep her
- GROUP. HUG. XD (Barry: "Group hug! :D" Kara: ":D :D!" Oliver: "fml...")

So, yeah, that was utterly delightful and I am awash in feels.

I had been really looking forward to next week's Flash ep because it's the Christmas one and those seem to always be a) adorable, and b) the episodes in which shady Wellsian shenanigans occur (i.e. we might get some more clues about HR), but I think very few things are likely to top this one as a season highlight.

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