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I am just poking my head up from massive, massive book edits. Even proofreading a 130K book takes forever. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF. It should be out early next week, though.

So, a catchup post on various recent TV-related stuff.

First of all, a vid rec: Fringe - Walter - 1985 by [personal profile] jmtorres. I never, ever would've thought of using 1985 for Walter, but it's such a hilarious and perfect song choice for him. Now I have Fringe feels.

This week's Flash: was certainly an episode of TV that happened. Spoilers )

This week's Agents of SHIELD: continues to be my favorite thing on TV right now, and I STILL can't believe I'm saying that about THIS SHOW. Spoilers )

This week's Supergirl: made me have conflicted thoughts about my least favorite character(s). Spoilers )
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Wow, Supergirl is certainly a massive nostalgia trip.

The first comics I remember reading as a small child -- the comics that first got me hooked on comics, basically -- were my mom's old Superboy/Legion of Super-Heroes/etc. comics from the 1950s. I tend to go more for Marvel than DC in general, but I still like the LSH and have several of the collected volumes around here. And, oh, this feels right, plus the special effects are good enough that it makes everything really come alive. The result is a direct punch to the nostalgia centers of my brain. The Fortress of Solitude, omgggggg. I will definitely be watching more of this. :D


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