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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote2012-09-29 07:58 pm

Doctor Who 7x05

My reaction to the latest episode of Doctor Who is kind of mixed.

It was very moving, and the Angels are still impressively creepy given how thoroughly the show has explored their mythology by now. The scene on the roof was just amazing. Startling and powerful and intense -- basically it was some pretty great television, possibly one of my favorite moments in the show.

But I wish it had ended there. For me, the coda in the graveyard weakened the emotion rather than intensifying it. It was really just a replay of the exact same emotions and choices that we'd JUST had from the characters 5 minutes earlier. And ... there was something that made me uncomfortable about seeing Amy make the same choice twice in a row. The first time, choosing to fling herself into the unknown along with Rory, on the slim hope that they'd survive and be together ... it was a glorious sacrifice. Having her do it again in rapid succession, though, kinda squicked me, because as much as I love Amy and Rory's relationship, I've always had a problem with the cultural ideal that your One True Love trumps everything else in your life. The first sacrifice on the roof and the repetition of River's "Marriage means changing the future" line didn't strike me in a squickworthy way -- it was just a really neat, love-trumps-death sort of moment. But the second time, in the graveyard, with Amy making the same choice AGAIN, and this time more consciously choosing a life in the past with Rory over traveling through time and space, over her relationships with the Doctor and her daughter ... aaarghSQUICK. And it was completely unnecessary, because Amy had just made that sacrifice (with much more emotion and much less melodrama) a couple minutes earlier in the same episode.

I'm not saying I think it was necessarily a bad decision, or unjustified under the circumstances, or one that she didn't have a right to make, or anything like that. But I wish that the last we'd seen had been the two of them falling from the roof, and then the Doctor finding their gravestone with their ages, so we knew they'd lived out their life in the past together.

(Of course, if that had been the actual ending, I'd probably be complaining about how there should have been more after they jumped off the roof. Never satisfied, me ...)

Anyway, despite my problems at the end, I found it a satisfying ending for the characters, sad but hopeful. I think it's tied with Martha's departure as my favorite Companion farewell in New Who. (Of course, given that I really hated both Rose and Donna's send-offs, perhaps that's not saying a whole lot. But I've liked 2 of 4!)

Also, the baby Angels ... hee heee~! So cute and terrible! (I was halfway expecting that the Doctor and Amy would come down to the basement and discover that Rory had managed to make friends with all the little Angels. But I guess Weeping Angels, like Daleks, are just "born bad." Trying not to analyze that too closely.)