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Trying to find a Doctor Who fanfic

HALP. There's a Who fanfic that I want to recommend to a friend who is watching for the first time and just got to the end of Donna's arc. It's total Donna headcanon for me, and I remember the story very vividly ... except what it was called or who wrote it. *facepalm*

This is a Series 4 fix-it in which Donna doesn't get her memories back, but she finds that her old life is too small to contain her, so she starts doing more and more adventurous things -- at first it's just little things around her town, but she branches out more and more, and she starts helping people, and the final scene in the fic (which I remember very vividly) is Donna with a backpack, on a road in Nepal or somewhere like that, contacting her loved ones to say that she doesn't know when she'll be back in touch because she's moving on to the next adventure now. (Perhaps not quite in so many words, but that's the gist of it.)

I imagine there's more than one story along these lines, but this one really sticks in my head because it was so short and powerful and really captured the feeling of Doctor Who at its best -- the sense of wonder and limitless possibility.

Does this ring any bells with anyone?

ETA: Also, as [ profile] black_raven135 pointed out in comments - does anyone know if there is a Doctor Who ficfinders community? I'm not in the fandom enough to know.

FOUND! (By the author) It is The Road Taken by [personal profile] rheanna. And it is wonderful. :)
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Thank you for the link. I just read it and I'm in tears now. In a good way I mean ;)