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Doctor Who-ish thing

Two Three brief, spoilery thoughts about End of Time, Part I, which we just watched:

1. Does every episode with the Master have to have a completely ludicrous plot? I'm enjoying this greatly for pure cracked-out fun, but the plot ... *cries*. This is making Last of the Time Lords (which I had big problems with, writing-wise) look like Shakespeare.

2. Crazy, feral, blond John Simm? OMG I LOOOOOVE IIIIIIIT. :D :D :D

3. It's Nina! From Being Human! I am loving that actress more and more; she has the most adorable way of delivering her snarky lines.

We haven't seen part 2 yet, so please don't spoil me! We didn't watch the previews (as I'm downloading it now) so I'm totally unspoiled and want to stay that way.
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I told [ profile] nialla42 I saw this episode and saw Nina turn into a cactus and thought, "George is in a for a big surprise!"

I didn't really enjoy the crack. I kept saying, "Wait, that makes no sense!" I have a high tolerance for nonsense where DW is concerned, but this exceeded my tolerance. I love John Simm, but every time he ate, I kept thinking, "He must not have seen the script before he signed on for this."

We're waiting for BBCA to show part 2 tonight, so I'm not reading anything about that yet.