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Random Rivers of London question

I finally got around to reading The Furthest Station, which I had pre-ordered and has been sitting on my Kindle ever since my pre-order came in, and I am now wondering - did anyone else who bought the Kindle version of this get what appears to be an ARC version? It's full of typos (I normally notice a typo or two in any published book, because I just have the kind of brain that notices them, but this one was more on the level of the kind of thing I expect from competently written but unbeta'd fanfic - several noticeable typos or misused words per chapter) and there were also what appear to be notes to the "translator" scattered throughout (translator from UK to US English, that is). ETA: Never mind about that last one, as it's apparently intentional; see comments!

I didn't really mind, and it didn't make for a poor reading experience - I enjoyed the book; I'm not going to demand a refund or anything - but I am curious if I'm the only one who had this experience. I skimmed the Amazon reviews to see if anyone mentioned it, but didn't notice anyone else bringing up anything like that.
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The German Amazon is still refusing to sell the ebook (or a paper copy) here, and says it only comes out in September. So I couldn't read it yet. Normally I can get both US and UK books and pick whatever is cheapest/first, but not with this one. I'm feeling vaguely betrayed and disgruntled.
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I honestly considered pirating because this just sucks, but I tend to feel guilty about that with books, more so than with TV series. Maybe they'll at least proofread it in the extra time?
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I don't know about the typos but the "notes to the translator" are a literary device. I'd imagine Aaronovitch or his publishers are hoping the novella might be a gateway for new readers to the series, and the person Peter is writing to is the American FBI agent from "Whispers Under Ground."
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It's just this novella, I think? There's a little bit somewhere where Peter says that he's writing this to Kim as a head's up kind of report, though I can't quite remember where now!