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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote2017-05-24 03:12 pm


I clicked in a special weather statement and discovered THIS ATROCITY:

... Snow at higher elevations of the interior through Friday...

Snow will develop at elevations above 1000 feet late tonight and Thursday. Snow will melt after it hits the ground in most areas, but above 2000 feet of elevation snow could stick... with 2 to 4 inches of accumulation. This accumulating snow is expected to impact the summits of the Elliott, Dalton and Steese highways and the Richardson Highway through the Alaska Range.

It's almost the end of MAAAAYYYYYYY ...

Well, the summer I worked in Denali Park, it very memorably dumped several inches of snow around June 6 or so, and my husband likes to talk about the year it snowed in his hometown (Glennallen) on the Fourth of July parade, so I shouldn't complain too much or I'll probably regret it. I'm glad I haven't put my garden in yet, though.
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Ack, so early for snow! /says she who has seen snow one time ever.
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Ack, snow?

And I've been grousing about the 60s/50sF temp drop.....
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I snowed here in June once too, and last year we had more snow in April (!) than in February. I am not over it.
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We're supposed to get snow on the mountains around Anchorage tonight or tomorrow....
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At least it's not "a year without summer" type of thing?
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Ah, the north.
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Whaaaatttt. Holy geez.

When I was researching for a fic I wrote last year where Sam and Bucky go the place in the Alps where Bucky fell, I spent hours poring over records of weather trying to find out what the latest date was when it'd snowed. I ended up with my weather nerd friend doing a deep dive, because I've heard of places having snow up till June, but never seen it myself. I never did find anything past very late April, but I decided May was still believable--I guess it is! Truth is stranger than fiction! But damn, that's depressing.

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The first time my husband and I went camping in Yellowstone, it snowed on us on the night of the Summer Solstice.