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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote2015-09-07 11:04 pm

Finished Series Eight

We finished up the Doctor Who episodes on Netflix tonight ... and I have a couple of things to say.

Well, one thing mostly: THAT WAS A REALLY DEPRESSING SEASON. D: D: D:

Narratively, I liked the end with the Doctor and Clara both pretending they have everything they wanted for the other's sake while actually they got NONE OF IT and are miserable and grieving. Emotionally, though, GAAAAHHHHH.

Also, a couple of the episodes were ... just ... bad. Like "Forests of the Night" or the blowing-up-the-moon episode. They had enjoyable parts, but they made no sense! NOTHING makes any sense! It's sort of like ... I can see where they were going, but the script needed a few more revisions, and maybe, if a science advisor is too much to hope for, then 10 minutes on Wikipedia perhaps.

Still, I had a lot of fun, and I continue to adore this Doctor and the whole aesthetic of the TARDIS and front credits this season. And because he's so much more abrasive and morally ambiguous (in some ways) than recent incarnations, there were some moments of straight-up beauty and sacrifice that were all the better for being unexpected, like the Doctor taking on the victim's attributes in order to draw the killer to him in the space-train episode, or his "Did you think I cared so little that betraying me would make any difference?" to Clara after the volcano fake-out (which was also great).

However, I'm not so much looking forward to the next season in delight, as thinking that another full year will be juuuuuust about enough time to get over this one. XD
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[personal profile] schneefink 2015-09-08 08:43 am (UTC)(link)
MOON SPIDERS. They didn't blow up the moon, the moon hatched a moon dragon. No, it made no sense at all, but I was so delighted by the ridiculous awesomeness of moon spiders and a moon dragon that I didn't care.

Next season starts soon, I'm looking forward to it :)
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[personal profile] schneefink 2015-09-08 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Tbh I was mostly annoyed that nobody wondered why there were spider webs on the moon. Weird science yes, but people don't need to be stupid about it. Just give me internal consistency!

Season 8 had a lot of completely ridiculous plots but neat character stuff, and after a while I really enjoyed that.
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[personal profile] selenak 2015-09-08 09:21 am (UTC)(link)
Make sure to watch the Christmas Special, which deals with the Doctor and Clara situation and will make you feel better. 😊