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Doctor Who 6x11

We got caught up on the last few episodes of DW tonight. And all I can say is OH THANK HEAVENS THEY DIDN'T DIE. :D :D :D :D

I'd known for awhile that some sort of Companion shakeup was coming -- specifically I knew that Arthur Darvill was leaving, and suspected that Karen Gillan might be. I just didn't really know when. Or how. And this ... okay, there are some things about Moffat's tenure on DW that I'm not quite on board with, but this really worked for me. It reminded me a lot of Martha's departure, her decision to stop being in the Doctor's orbit, go out there and have a life that didn't revolve around him -- to be an equal and an independent person rather than a Companion. I liked that a lot. And I liked this a lot, for similar reasons.

I think I talked back in season five about how I had a hard uphill road in liking Amy (though I did come around eventually) because I was frustrated by how her world not only revolved around the Doctor, but she had no life at all apart from trying to get back to the Doctor whenever she wasn't with him. And I really liked that this episode ended up with Amy, basically, growing up -- not being stuck all her life as the girl who waits, but internalizing that he isn't the center of the universe, and then moving on, going off and having a life somewhere else. She'll always treasure her time with him, always care about him, but that's not going to be her whole life. She has other things to do now.

I expect that Amy and Rory will continue to recur occasionally, as RTD-era Companions did, and I'm looking forward to that, but right now I'm just SO relieved that they didn't end up separated or dead or otherwise horribly broken. They're married, happy, and moving on (together) to whatever comes next for them. And I'm delighted about that.

(Or the show could throw me for a loop and they could come back and be Companions again next week. Who knows. Still, right now I'm on a happy relief high, and I'm really looking forward to finding out who/what the next Companion(s) might be!)


Also, husband had a positively brilliant guess as to who kills the Doctor: the Doctor does. And he's wearing the spacesuit to prevent a paradox. I ... am in awe, because that absolutely sounds like the kind of twist that the show would do. I have no idea why or how, but after the final scene with the Overgoat (sorry, too much Echo Bazaar) minotaur, it really does seem as if they might be setting us up for something like that.

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