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Have now seen Doctor Who 5x01 & 5x02

... so, huh. I saw a lot of squee around my flist but my response was decidedly ... not.

The writing is good. I'm just not getting much sense of a personality off these people! Eleven, to me, feels like a composite of Ten and some of the Eighties doctors; he doesn't stand out as his own person, with his own style. I was much more enthusiastic for him after seeing the preview than I am after watching two episodes of the show! And Amelia ... I'm equally unimpressed; Rose and Martha and Donna were such vivid companions, so there from their very first appearance, but again, I'm not getting that from Amy - I have no feeling for her as a person. I don't understand her; I don't know what she was doing all alone in that house by herself as a child, and while I like the idea of her as a small-town girl who knows everyone in her little town and wants to see the world, I don't get that at all from how she reacts to things - I just don't get her. Again, she feels like a composite of some of the previous companions, but not her own person (yet?). Like I said to my husband after watching, the whole thing felt very generic to me - like it's drawing on elements of the earlier incarnations, but the result is very Doctor-Who-by-the-numbers rather than standing out as each of the previous seasons has done. I don't think I'm going to be dl'ing any more. Maybe at the end of the season, if my whole flist erupts in OMFG! and LOOK WHAT THEY DID!, I'll give it another try.

(The one thing I did love was Queen Elizabeth 10. bwahaha, "I'm the Queen mate, I RULE!" With the guns! Oh, she was awesome. I hope we haven't seen the last of her. I'd take her over either of the actual main characters.)

ETA: I think half the problem (again, IMHO and all of that) is that I feel like we're retreading so much territory with these characters, whereas each previous season of NewWho has struck out somewhere different. Matt Smith is so similar to Tennant in demographic and general style; even his clothing style is not that different. And we've already had the "young working-class Companion, builds her whole world around the Doctor, fiance/boyfriend waiting at home" thing with Rose; Amy just feels like a sort of Rose/Ace/Peri/anyCompanion blend to me. Can't we have something different, for pete's sake? This is the fourth companion in a row from the UK in the early 21st century - it would have been nice to branch out a bit. There are other time periods out there, damn it.

ETA2: When I first saw Amy on the previews, I actually thought that they were going to revisit the character Zoe, in the same way that they revisited Sarah Jane, K-9 and other past characters in earlier seasons; the actress looked so similar to me, especially around the eyes. I was very startled to see her in the policewoman uniform in the first episode and realize it was going to be a completely different character!

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