sherylyn: (Default)
sherylyn ([personal profile] sherylyn) wrote in [personal profile] sholio 2017-05-14 08:36 pm (UTC)

Oh my gosh, YES on all of this and the comments,too!! LOL!! I *loved* the 1st one, and I loved it even more after watching it more than once, but this one is just beyond exquisite in allll these ways.

And also, teeny little tidbit, but I am now SO expecting that Nebula going "I'll do it myself" is going to be the lead-in to how GotG will come into "Infinity Wars."

I haven't read much of the "professional" critics' reviews or whatever, but everyone in our theater was laughing and clapping and quietly cheering all the way through. I firmly believe that sometimes, critics aren't looking at what makes films *enjoyable* and if that's the case, then they clearly missed the boat on this one!! <3

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