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chomiji ([personal profile] chomiji) wrote in [personal profile] sholio 2017-05-14 04:45 pm (UTC)


I love it for pretty much all the reasons you do, and I loved it that Gamora and Nebula got to whale away full-on with Dangerous Hardware, and no one made a peep about it. When Gamora picks up that effin' ship's cannon that Nebula knocked off her ship when she tried to pursue her sister into the cavern, I squealed with sheer delight. Because male characters do this shit all the time in these movies, and she just *did* it, no big explanations or anything.

And Yondu, yes! The daddy quote, and then Peter with the Cat Stevens tune as he mourns both his father figures. And the found family: like Lilo and Stitch's family — broken (not so much with the little) but good.

I enjoyed the snot out of it, from Baby Groot dancing to ELO at the start to the silly codas. When Gunn does these things, it's like he's making fan-comics of his own works.

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