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HEEEEE I saw this last week, opening weekend, because I enjoyed the first one quite a bit (it's better the second time) and heard good things about this one, and then I've been meaning to write a post because YES LOVED IT <33333333333333

The found family trope hit so ridiculously hard. Including having a baby on board because OMG baby Groot -- it wasn't just that he was adorable, it was the crew with him, so annoyed and frustrated and also completely protective and tossing him around to safe arms during crashes and just. A crazy badass-loser mercenary family with a little baby, come on, just kill me now.

Gamora & Nebula pushed all my sibling buttons, I could do with so much more of that but loved all we got. And actually in part because of that I was able to enjoy Peter/Gamora quite a bit, because it didn't feel so token, and also for both of them it really felt like the romantic love is just the tip of the iceberg of the family love between them.

Peter is so very lovable in his wanting to love, even if, having been a big Parks & Rec fan, I am still vaguely wigged out by finding Chris Pratt attractive? And the scene that Ego tells him what he did to his mother and Peter just unloads his entire clip ahahahah that was amazing, hilariously terrible and badass and just, beautiful.

And Mantis and Drax were actually quite sweet (the vid you're talking about, was it this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0thpEyEwi80 I've been meaning to watch it...)

Also they used my favorite Fleetwood Mac song in the climax, which earned many bonus points for me right there.

...and that was featuring Hasselhoff OF COURSE IT WAS (I kind of loved how both Hasselhoff and Kurt Russell are believable as Chris Pratt's dad...)

...also also, I know I've mentioned it before (did I show you some of it, even?) but...you really owe it to yourself to watch Gintama. Because I was going on about how I loved the movie for how it could go between not passing up any opportunity for a stupid joke and then the next minute invoke genuine hardcore feels, and the siblings just rolled their eyes and said DUH and you also love Gintama. Because nothing does that trope like Gintama does. (and found family and adoptive parenthood is the central Gintama relationship; Gintoki and his two teen kids are the heart and soul of the series.)

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