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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote 2017-04-29 01:11 am (UTC)

I was so surprised when a) it didn't happen and b) I was happy about that.


It's also interesting to me that the people who have ended up so different, so fundamentally at-the-core different, are the two people who had changes that began at a point in their lives when they were malleable. It was the presence or absence of other people at such crucial times that made them radically different. You can argue that May and Coulson are still the same, just under the surface, but Ward and Fitz really, really aren't.

Oh, that's a brilliant point, and I think you're right. Coulson and May are coming back more easily and slipping back into their old identities, and Mack really hasn't changed a whole lot from the canon version, but Fitz and Ward are COMPLETELY different. Good catch.

Someone on Tumblr also made an interesting point, that with both Fitz and Ward, the big difference between their Framework and canon selves hinged upon the biggest influence on their early lives being a female vs. a male role model, mentor, and primary shaper-of-identity -- Fitz's mother vs. his father, and Victoria Hand vs. Garrett. It's hard to say whether that's intentional, especially since Aida is the architect of all the changes in the Framework, but it is an interesting parallel.

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