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2017-04-28 12:20 am

Catching up on TV feels

I am just poking my head up from massive, massive book edits. Even proofreading a 130K book takes forever. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF. It should be out early next week, though.

So, a catchup post on various recent TV-related stuff.

First of all, a vid rec: Fringe - Walter - 1985 by [personal profile] jmtorres. I never, ever would've thought of using 1985 for Walter, but it's such a hilarious and perfect song choice for him. Now I have Fringe feels.

This week's Flash: was certainly an episode of TV that happened. Spoilers )

This week's Agents of SHIELD: continues to be my favorite thing on TV right now, and I STILL can't believe I'm saying that about THIS SHOW. Spoilers )

This week's Supergirl: made me have conflicted thoughts about my least favorite character(s). Spoilers )
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2017-04-18 02:53 pm

Vid: The Flash - Harry Wells - Solsbury Hill

Title: Solsbury Hill
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Show: The Flash
Character: Earth-2 Harrison "Harry" Wells
Seasons/Spoilers: Season 2 & 3, through 3x14
Summary: You can keep my things, they've come to take me home. Harry and his Flash(es) and Team Flash.
Tumblr: here

So, just to be confusing, there are two versions of this. Initially I made the vid in my usual style, with minimal edits to the clips, then decided to redo it with clip color edits and some f/x to have a more contemporary look. The f/x one is the main one available below, but I'm offering both in case you'd rather watch the more lightly edited version.

Downloads: MP4 (zipped, 126 Mb) | DivX (zipped, 100 Mb)

No f/x version: MP4 (zipped, 126 Mb) | Streaming on Youtube

Subtitles (unzip and put in directory with vid): regular version | no f/x version
(These are exactly the same except for the filename; it just needs to match the vid.)

Embed and lyrics under the cut )
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2017-03-14 10:25 pm

DC TV tonight

A few random thoughts on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow this week ...

Flash 3x16 )

Legends of Tomorrow 2x14 )
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2017-03-07 06:58 pm

This week's Flash

Mainly complaining this time, because good friggin' grief. XD

Flash 3x15 )
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2017-02-08 07:05 pm

So I found some Flash promo pictures from the next episode

For a spoilerphobe, I am really terrible at actually staying unspoiled for things.

However, I regret nothing. Pictures and spoilers follow.

Under the cut )
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2017-02-07 08:22 pm


... so apparently the next episode of Flash is not for two weeks and I'm going to diiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Spoilers for the next Flash episode, based on promos and such:

Under the cut )

A stray comment about this week's episode:

Spoilers )
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2017-02-01 05:39 pm

This week's Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

Flash 3x11:

Flash spoilers )

Legends of Tomorrow 2x10:

LoT spoilers )

Future speculation on Flash (no actual future spoilers) based on events on LoT:

Speculations )
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2017-01-24 10:49 pm

Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

My shows are back! \o/

... Both on the same night now, too, which is going to be a bit weird. I would prefer to have them spread out instead. But they are BACK!

Flash 3x10:

Spoilers for Flash )

Legends of Tomorrow 2x09:

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow )
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2017-01-17 11:26 pm

Fandomly things

Well, this is a fest that sounds like exactly my kind of thing and probably relevant to some of your interests as well: Cuddles for Comfort 2017. (Tumblr post for reblogging purposes.) There are no signups and it's not an exchange. You just write cuddlefic - gen, ship, or any point in between - and post it to the collection.

Speaking of cuddles, hugs, and similar things: the current status of the hug fest I mentioned awhile back is - waiting until I have time to run it. I suggested it when I did because I was going to be down for a week or so due to surgery; I do think postponing it was the right decision (I certainly wrote a lot more for Fandom Stocking than I would've been able to if I'd been running a commentfic fest at the same time) but now all of that is over and done, I'm in the "scrambling to catch up" phase of my professional life. So the hug fest is on hold until I have both time and inclination to put together something like that. Watch this space for details, and write cuddle fic in the meantime. :D

SSR Confidential, the Agent Carter fic exchange, will definitely run again in 2017. I'm planning a similar schedule to last year (signups in March, fic due in June). I'll post an updated schedule and rules to [community profile] ssrconfidential/ [ profile] ssrconfidential probably sometime in early February.

Things I'm currently signed up for: I picked up a pinch hit for Chocolate Box (deadline Feb. 7) and I'm also signed up for a Harrison Wells ficathon thing that's due next week for Flash fandom, which is turning out to be SO HARD TO WRITE, omg.

Flash is the hardest fandom to write in, s2g. I was complaining at [ profile] sheron about this earlier, and I think it has to do with several factors, one of which is that the whole experience of writing for the show feels to me a lot more like writing for old-school shounen anime fandoms than for most of the more down-to-earth live-action western fandoms I've been working in lately, and I've moved out of that headspace almost completely. Not to mention that the amount of continuity and continual plot/cast change between episodes makes it very difficult to find a place to make a fic fit, especially a plotty one. (I suspect I would probably be having this problem in Agent Carter, too, if it weren't a closed canon - I think the only reason why I've been able to write as much for it as I have is because there aren't new episodes. Almost everything I've written for it has been set between seasons, not during seasons, for that exact reason.) So Flash has that problem combined with, as Sheron pointed out, the problem that the characters are largely static - with a few exceptions*, they don't really change, in the same way characters on an episodic TV show usually don't ... except it's not an episodic show, and plotwise, the status quo changes constantly. It's just a really hard combination of factors to pull off fic for.

*Such as Harry. I think this is what makes Harry's arc stand out so much, because he really does change a lot as a character, and then he leaves the show once his arc is complete. As opposed to, say, Barry or Joe or Iris, who are basically the same people in mid-season three that they were at the start of season one.

(SO excited for Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to come back next week, though. *bounces* I really missed having a show to look forward to every week.)
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2016-12-16 03:58 am

December posting meme: Harrison Wells and the multiverse

... so I kinda fell off the schedule just a tiny bit. Ahem.

[personal profile] musesfool said: Harrison Wells and the multiverse!

Soooooo I TRIED to make a sensible, thinky post, but instead it turned into an explosion of random feels. sorry not sorry

First off, I love what the DC TV shows are doing with the multiverse, and I sincerely hope they don't plan on having some sort of Crisis on Infinite Earths-style event to put an end to it. Which they probably do, because DC. But in the meantime, it's just so much fun. Among other things, it means they can have shows operate under completely different rules (like Supergirl vs. the Flash/Arrow/etc shows) and still exist in the same 'verse with the possibility of crossovers.

And we get to see the actors play multiple versions of the same characters, which is always a treat. I have always enjoyed canons that give us canonical AUs, and in these shows, as in a few others (e.g. Fringe, Stargate) it's baked into the whole concept.

And, well. ♥ HARRISON ♥

Spoilers of various sorts )
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2016-12-06 07:50 pm

Totally wrong Flash predictions

Well, seeing how I'm zero for whatever on my predictions for Flash this season, now that I've watched the mid-season finale I may as well make some more probably-very-wrong predictions for the back half of the season. Who knows, if I keep taking wild swings, one of them might land eventually ...

These involve spoilers for the mid-season finale and also for the one thing I know about future episodes, which was mentioned in past entries.

(I'll probably do this for Legends of Tomorrow after their mid-season finale too, because why not??)

Spoilers under the cut )
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2016-12-01 03:52 pm

Update to that Flash casting spoiler

Now compounded with another future casting spoiler.

Under the cut )
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2016-11-30 11:10 pm


A possible Flash casting/character spoiler for a future episode (after the mid-season break) + speculation.

lurking under the cut )
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2016-11-28 05:27 pm


Tonight begins the big crossover with all of DC's shows. By now I'm caught up on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, and I've seen enough of Arrow via Flash crossover eps to at least know who the characters are and what's generally going on with them, but I haven't seen any Supergirl at all. I was going to at least watch the first episode before watching the crossover ep, but, well, that didn't happen. Somehow I will endure. (I'm not actually THAT worried about spoilers with these shows from watching them out of order, at least in part because they spoil each other rampantly with all the crossover characters anyway.)

Speaking of which, I finally got around to watching the Arrow half of the 2-parter with Shayera/Kendra and Carter, and I have only one small thing to say: kinda spoilery but not much )

Legends of Tomorrow: hmmmmm. Spoilers )
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2016-11-17 09:36 pm

Speculating on Flash

I rewatched the first two episodes of Flash season 3 with [ profile] ellenmillion today, over fish tacos from a local takeout place, and that was super fun. Looking forward to doing more episodes next week. :D

Meanwhile, I'm having Thoughts about where the season is going. It's fun to be up to date on a currently-running show with lots of plot threads to speculate about! Under the cut is some plot speculation, with spoilers for Flash up to 3x06.

Spoiler cut )
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2016-11-17 11:04 am

Flash vid: Long Live

Title: Long Live
Artist: Taylor Swift
Show: The Flash
Clips/spoilers: up to 3x05
Summary: I had the time of my life, fighting dragons with you. Team vid.

If you haven't actually seen the show at all, I don't think it'll be that spoilery (I didn't include anything that's terribly and obviously spoilery out of context, I don't think).

Downloads: MP4 zipped (108 Mb) | DivX zipped (160 Mb)

Embed and lyrics under cut.

Long Live )
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2016-11-14 11:46 pm

Flash icons - Harry Wells

Everything is still Flash around here. I wanted a Harry icon and I couldn't find any that I liked, so I made some.


12 Harry icons under the cut )
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2016-11-14 02:33 am

A few Flash fic recs

I haven't read a whole lot in this fandom so far, but here are a few fics I've found and enjoyed. Most take place in season two, and all are gen.

First of all, I recommend [ profile] icarus_chained. I've also enjoyed a lot of their LoT and MCU fic, and they write great Flash fic as well -- introspective character stuff, usually with h/c. I'm still working my way through their Flash stories, but here are my favorites so far:

Circling the Wagons - 2x22 tag, with tired collapsing and protective dads and platonic bed-sharing. Apparently this is a fandom in which I just want basically all the cuddling and family-bonding warmth.

Once More Unto - Cisco's thoughts on Harry. Sweet character study. Set at some indeterminate point in late season two when they're all about to die for the umpteenth time.

Other fics:

Mirror, Mirror - early season two Iris POV, including Iris bonding with Linda Park, and her outside POV on Harry.

Retreat - late-season-two era team does a team-bonding retreat out in the countryside. Very cute and fluffy.

Turnover - Harry teaches Barry to run faster by trying to improve his basic running form instead of using gimmicks as the show does. Adorable team bonding ensues. (Nitpicker's note: some recurring grammatical errors.)

The Blanket Fort - Jesse is feeling lonely on Earth-1, so Cisco helps her make a blanket fort. Just as adorable as it sounds, especially when Harry and Caitlin get involved.
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2016-11-14 01:00 am

Still enjoying The Flash a lot

The Flash is totally my happy place right now. It's utterly ridiculous, but it's just such a gloriously sweet show, and a breath of fresh air in a landscape of grimdark superhero and action shows. The characters are such darling little rays of sunshine. They hug! They talk out their feelings! They hang out in each other's space and cohabit and have family holidays together! The main character is an emotional over-sharer who plays peacemaker with his friends and adores being a superhero in a bouncy-puppy kind of way. The only member of the group who doesn't start out as a sweet-natured, huggy ray of sunshine is a grim, gun-toting lone wolf who BECOMES a ray of sunshine (a snarky ray of sunshine, and somewhat against his will) after the rest of these darlings adopt him.

It's just the sweetest show, it really is. There are group hugs, characters having Friendship Talks, and some of the healthiest parent-child relationships I can remember seeing recently on TV. (For anyone who bounced off season one BECAUSE of the parent-child relationships, that gets a lot better later, and so does the romantic angst once they stop trying to do a love triangle with endless pining.)

I had a lot of trouble getting into season one, so for me, the show takes off in season two. If you also bounced off early season one, as I did, I can suggest alternate episodes to start with!