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This month's theme at [livejournal.com profile] collarcorner is Stranded. If you're still into White Collar, go leave some prompts and help us find new and interesting ways to strand Peter and Neal, et al. :D

Also, this week is prompt amnesty at [community profile] starwarsflashmeme - all posted prompts are available for writing. This will continue for another week; the amnesty period ends on March 12.

And back to Agent Carter: I posted some thoughts on Thompson and Sousa on Tumblr (spoilery for season two). I'm feeling lazy about cross-posting, but feel free to leave comments here if you have thoughts, since Tumblr is what it is. Also, my Miracle & Wonder fanvid is now posted on tumblr if you are interested in liking or reblogging.

(It is weird having this many fandoms going at once. Agent Carter is definitely where my mind is right now, but for so many years I really would only have those fan feelings for one thing at a time; I would pick up a new fandom and put the old one down. These days, I seem to have stopped putting them down. Help!)

Now back to inking Kismet pages ...
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The new prompt at [community profile] starwarsflashmeme is Escape:

Escaping from a backwards desert planet? From a lifetime's conditioning in the First Order? From a cell, or a repressive social role, or a crashing spaceship?

Fic, art, etc. fills are all welcome. A new prompt will go up each Friday evening. Here are last week's fills (and someone let me know they were working on another one; I'll add it when it's up).

On a different topic, I watched the second episode of Second Chance, the new show with Tim DeKay. (I would've watched the first one, but Fox didn't have it up.) TIM, THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU. Actually, it's not as bad as I was expecting -- it's actually not bad at all, but it's kind of formulaic. I don't think I'd keep watching if not for TDK, but since he is in it and the show isn't half bad, I will probably catch another couple of episodes and see how it develops. I have watched worse things for actors I liked.

A couple of not-really-spoilery thoughts: )
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I made a thing!

[community profile] starwarsflashmeme is a new flashfic community based on [community profile] mcuflashmeme (which is also new; you should check it out!). Invented by [personal profile] dira, flashmemes are a blend of kinkmemes and old-style flashfic communities -- each week there will be a new prompt, and everyone has a week to post commentfic of any length in the comments to the entry, in response to the prompt. Your fic can also be posted on tumblr, AO3, etc, and linked from the comments. Art fills, or other media, are also great.

The first week's prompt is Strange New World.

Come! Write! Enjoy! :D!

And feel free to link to it and spread the word.
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Aside from the things in the previous post, everything else is Star Wars right now. I've fallen back into it hard.

Cut for nattering about Star Wars - lots of talk about the new movie, but no significant spoilers )
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Title: Landsailor
Artist: Vienna Teng with Glen Phillips
Fandom: Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
Summary: Landsailor, sail on time. A pilot needs a ship and a crew, and sometimes the people you meet can change you forever. Han Solo + team.

This contains no clips or spoilers from the new movie; it's all Episode IV-VI only. Please let me know of any technical (downloading, playback, etc) issues you encounter.

Download: MP4 (85 Mb) or DivX (40 Mb)
Streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMZaSns0DEg

Embedded video and song lyrics under the cut )

Some people on my flist haven't seen the new movie yet, so please avoid spoilers in comments -- thank you!
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So, that thing I said yesterday about waiting 'til the crowds die down? That lasted maybe 12 hours tops. And I am SO GLAD I saw it unspoiled.

Star Wars spoilers galore )

Fan things

Dec. 18th, 2015 04:29 pm
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So, okay, FINE, I broke down and watched the trailer for the new Star Trek movie ... and it looks AMAZING. Dammit. XD I just happen to have an enormous weakness for the particular trope they appear to be doing in this one, as anyone who's ever read one of my fanfics can probably tell. I didn't see the last one (and everything I heard about it sounded terrible) but this one, uh. Yes. I'm there for it.

... and I haven't seen Star Wars yet! I'm dying to see it, but I think we might let the crowds die down a bit first. So interesting to be getting both a new Star Wars and a new Star Trek within just a few months of each other!

It's always hard to tease out which are formative influences and which are things I liked because I already liked those narrative tropes, but both of these things were big for me when I was a kid. I think Star Trek a little more than Star Wars, because I saw it much younger -- Trek is one of the first things I remember ever seeing on TV (long before we had a TV at home; I only ever got to see TV at my cousins' and at family friends' houses for quite awhile due to lack of electricity at home), and my sister and I used to play "Star Trek" exploring-an-alien-planet games and draw fan comics at a very young age, whereas I don't think I saw the Star Wars movies until I was an older child. I remember very clearly watching Star Trek III at my cousins' house and being so shocked and horrified that they blew up the Enterprise; I reacted to it more strongly than I ever would have to an individual character's death! THEY CAN'T DO THAT! I was so indignant about it. (My mom had to reassure me that it would be okay. Which of course it was.) Whereas I don't have similarly vivid memories of the first time I saw any of the Star Wars movies.

On the other hand, my imagination was caught harder by Star Wars than Star Trek, as far as the kind of things that it made me want to imagine and to write -- I think I was (and still am) more into gritty, slightly dystopian futures than bright, optimistic ones. And the Star Wars character dynamics, the whole awkwardly-becoming-friends thing, hit me hard. If I had known fanfic was a thing, I would probably have written a million tags/missing scenes for the lost-on-Hoth sequence at the beginning of Empire Strikes Back.

They were both strong influences, though, along with about a million space-adventure and fantasy-adventure kids' cartoons from the '80s. (This 80s cartoon intro montage I stumbled across the other day was not only a fun blast from the past, but also a sort of a window onto my formative space-opera tastes.)

I also realized today that it's ONE MONTH 'TIL NEW AGENT CARTER EPISODES. Not that I'm looking forward to it or anything.


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