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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote2011-09-20 03:02 pm
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To keep or not to keep

I'm cleaning up and backing up the hard drive on my main working computer today (it's a laptop, so this is always a ritual before taking it on a trip with me) and I'm contemplating my ever-growing folder of completed music videos. I tend to save everything, but I'm starting to wonder about the wisdom of taking up an ever-growing corner of my hard drive with old files for vids I completed years ago. I make my vids in iMovie, and the files are pretty large (generally 3-5 Gb each), plus all the clips that I saved too.

To toss or not to toss? The only reason I can think of for keeping them is that it would enable me to go back later and save/export them in a different format if I wanted to. It would also make it easier to remaster them with better footage, should I ever want to do that, but at this point the only ones that I have any vague desire to remaster are the really old ones, which I did in Premiere, and don't still have the files for anyway.

I'm reluctant to throw them away, and yet, the finished & exported versions are the important thing (the final MP4, WMVs, etc), and I'm definitely keeping those.


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