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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote2011-04-24 11:37 pm
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DW 6x01

So we watched the new episode of Doctor Who!

FUN FUN FUN. I love River Song so much that even capslock cannot express it, so I'm just stuck with hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥. AND ALSO RORY; oh Rory, how are you so adorable, and he gets most of the good lines too. ("And in fairness, the universe did blow up...") It was really interesting seeing Matt Smith's Doctor again with my earlier conversation with [personal profile] xparrot fresh in my head (regarding immortals/Immortals and Matt Smith's young/old persona) because yeah, I can see it a lot more clearly than I did before, especially in that chilling and awesome scene where he refuses to go to the rendezvous until they tell him what's going on because he was not born yesterday, and, also, he's 900 years old AND YOU DON'T F*** WITH THE TIME LORD. He's still not my favorite of the Doctors, but I like him a lot more than I thought I would at first.

I was not terribly impressed with Amy's "The Doctor is dead, why bother trying anymore" glooom, which reminded me why I wasn't all that crazy about early-season-five Amy: the way the Doctor is the center of her whole universe and she teeters on the brink of folding like a wet napkin without him. But then she made up for it by being all calm and brave and awesome in the White House bathroom scene. (Because, seriously, if I had just seen what she just saw? I am going to be a flailing ball of PANIC at that point.)

Moffat still does some of the very best horror out there -- my favorite kind of horror, that's not really gory and in-your-face, but, instead, DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES creepy-scary. How do you fight a monster when you can't remember it exists as soon as you turn away from it? And yet, it's funny too; I'm still laughing every time they're all "Nope, there's nothing out there!" even though you feel so sorry for the poor things too ...


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