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Doctor Who: End of Time II

Okay, now I've seen the whole thing! Reaction: kind of mixed.

Plot ... so bad! And what's sad is I know DW can do kickass plots, but this ... wasn't. It wasn't even the kind of plot where you're on board with it until something stupid happens, because the whole thing made so little sense that I kinda just had to stomp on the analytical part of my brain until it stopped screaming so that I could settle back and enjoy the ride. Occasionally I had to give it an extra kick when a particularly egregious bit of illogic would pop up. (Why is the radiation venting into the control chamber as a safety measure? *KICK*) The melodrama of the emotional scenes didn't really do much for me because everything that was supposed to be making us gasp or cry was so terribly contrived. Brilliant TV, it was not. Still, it was fun, held my attention and kept me entertained.

John Simm is an awesome actor. :D I never was fond of the Master prior to seeing LoM - it's kinda funny how having positive associations with the actor changes how you see the character. I was delighted that he went out a hero. I'm sure he'll be back in some form eventually, though.

All the cameos at the end rocked my socks. (Mickey! Martha! Jack! everybody! eeee! And George from BH - hee!)

The only spoiler I knew ahead of time was ... well, the biggie. I'll miss Tennant, but as skeptical as I was when I saw photos of the new guy ... I kinda like him.

ETA: Spoilers for the 5th series trailer have appeared in the comments - sorry, I'm just now getting back to LJ and seeing them! Please proceed with extreme caution if you do not wish to be spoiled. There's nothing other than what was in the BBC trailer plus unfounded speculation, however. *g*

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I have yet to watch but I've been delighted to hear so many people say they like the new guy. He's got such a hard act to follow! My DL is still 7 hours from completing...still so excited to see it though.
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Yeah, I do like the new guy! I was pretty skeptical, but seeing him in action, he does have that Doctor-ish quality, and I'm looking forward to season five.

I hope you enjoy it when your download is done! :)

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You're reaction was much better than mine, which can be summed up in two words: "Wow... really?"

I did squee majorly at seeing George from BH as well.
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LOL! Plot-wise, it was really a total mess. I just had to turn my brain OFF and enjoy the funny parts and the excitement and seeing Nina (with green cactus spines!) and George and John Simm and all the cameos. Because ... yeah. Otherwise I'd just be all "WTF. O_o" throughout.

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I'm rewriting the plot inside my head to make sense. Because... yeah. ^^;

Anyway, after seeing the last few episodes of the Tenth Doctor running around all alone going I AM THE ANGSTY GOD OF TIME on people's asses, I think it was kind of good for him to regenerate. Whether he wanted to or not. ^^

I'm excited about Eleven! I hadn't seen any pictures of him beforehand but... o_O I half expected him to end his "I'm a girl? No - I'm not a girl!" with "I'm a boy!", because... SO YOUNG. XD But he knows how to laugh in the face of danger, and that gives him a lot of Doctor points in my book.

(Hi! I stalk your journal. ^^;)
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Hi! :D I should probably just go friend you; I've seen you around [ profile] naye's journal plenty of times. I was looking around earlier for anyone else who'd posted about the DW finale and couldn't find any, which really surprised me because I know a lot of my flist watches it!

"I'm a girl." That cracked me up so hard! I think I'm really looking forward to having a Doctor who is just happy; we had Nine who was so fundamentally broken, and then Ten who was kind of a depressed psychopath towards the end ... I really want to see a Doctor who just runs around enjoying time travel for a while!

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I do hang around [ profile] naye's journal! I mostly squee about One Piece these days, or the fannish insanity of being in Japan, but I did post about the DW finale. :D

(I stalk you because you write delicious h/c gen, which is totally my crack of choice, even though I'm not really fannish over SGA anymore...)

I really really hope we'll get a happy Doctor this time! Ten could be happy once in a while - sometimes he seemed to be really enjoying himself - but in the end he couldn't keep himself together. Especially not after Donna (I still feel sad about that, although I was happy to see her again now, and that the Doctor referred to her as "my best friend" :)... But now he can be free of all that emotional baggage, and it would be so much fun to see a Doctor who enjoys himself!

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I came close to posting my thoughts yesterday but tbh I needed time to process - time without distraction (much as I love having hubby home, his presence does cut into my writing time and the constant chatter of Discovery Turbo/UK History/programmes about war/tanks/ships/cars/plane crashes etc in the background is a major distraction! :lol:)

I will have a good old detailed blether on my LJ later today I think...
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you summed up my feelings over this x-mas/new years special rather well.

Here's hoping the new doctor who makes much more sense. :)
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Well, it'll have Steven Moffat in charge, and he's actually a very good writer (some of the series' sharpest episodes are his), so - there's hope? *g*
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There is hope, plus it's not like there is much real competition for good sci-fi/adventure at the moment. :( I think at the moment it's Doctor Who and SGU and even at it's worst I think Doctor Who is better than SGU.
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Wait what?

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I am not a Who person, but tell me all about George's cameo, please!
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Re: Wait what?

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Oops, I think I worded that badly - it's not George the character, it's Russell Tovey playing a different character! Though he's just as adorable. He has a bit part as a young soldier who Jack Harness ( flirts with in a futuristic bar. (It's also kind of a cool scene in that you have two openly gay actors both playing queer characters. I though that was neat. :D) His character also had a bigger part in one of the previous Doctor Who specials - he saves the day in that one, actually - though I didn't know him as George then!
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Re: Wait what?

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Awww, I was wondering for a moment if they'd gone for a surprise crossover *g*. But thank you for the explanation!
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Re: Wait what?

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No! Sadly. But that would be kind of awesome.

Being Human comes back soon squeeeeeeeee
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Re: Wait what?

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You've seen [ profile] troyswann's Being Human/Torchwood crossovers, right?

Being Human comes back soon squeeeeeeeee

I will be hijacking the TV in the ward lounge on the 10th, oh yes.
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I haven't read them, no! I've been awash in fic from Yuletide and the various SGA holiday ficathons, though I saw the fic notices and thought they looked good (and I was meaning to check out that one Hanukkah story based on your rec, too). I'm glad you reminded me, though, 'cause now that I'm running out of ficathon stuff to read, I need more!

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yes, it was sort of interminable. At about twenty past seven *g* I looked at the clock and thought, there's another half hour??? *ponder* Oh, no! realising that we were now going to be subjected to introspection, deliberation and reflection, laid on with a palette knife, on the state of the Tenth Doctor’s intrinsic loneliness as a fallen angel.
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LOL. Yeah, they pretty much obliterated every drop of actual emotion in the final interminable goodbye scenes with bombastic melodrama. My husband compared it to an opera - and not in a good way. :D

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Oh the plot was a pile of tosh but I totally didn't care because a) David was awesome, b) it was 10th's final fling and c) there was - finally! - a good dollop of 10th whump!! :D

I wasn't massively taken with what we saw of 11th in the ep BUT... there was a kickass trailer for 11th's season that aired after Doctor Who Confidential and I must admit it looked pretty good - AND, amongst other things (including, obviously, the Daleks) the Weeping Angels were in there! :D

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ETA: OMG! I've just rewatched the trailer (it's up on the BBC's Doctor Who website) and have confirmed my suspicions from the brief viewing of it last night - there's definitely a clip of Alex Kingston in there! So.... River Song?
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Yipee! River Song?! :) Still not sure if I'll be watching though. This new bloke is just so *young* :)

Oh yes, and the whump. Crashing through that glass. One of the best-acted whump scenes I've seen.

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Image (

That... is very definitely Alex Kingston. And I can't see them bringing back such a high-profile and recognisable actress in another role, can you? Plus it would go some way to explaining River's history with the Doctor (although it also throws up some annoying inconsistencies which would need dealing with - such as if she met him for the first time as 11th, how would she not know immediately on seeing 10th that this was a regeneration she had not met before? Although, I suppose she may have thought it was a future regeneration...) which, given that Moffat created her, is probably something he would be keen to revisit.

Oh and the whump... oh my, the whump! :D The Doctor all battered and cut, slamming into the floor and struggling to get up... and when he finally manages to get as far as a sitting position, unable to do much more than sit there with his shoulders slumped and his head hanging down. *swoons* :D
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See, unfortunately, this is my only problem with Moffat's Who - not River Song herself (I liked her fine), but his penchant for romance. Nearly all his eps have involved romantic elements, and I expect it'll be a much bigger part of the show under him than it was under RTD.

But he's a really sharp scriptwriter and does great horror (and the Angels, yes!), so I'm curious to see what he comes up with!

Edit: Also, I went and edited a spoiler warning into the original post, because some people may not have seen the trailer and may not wish to know this (though I've seen the trailer, and I'm not particularly concerned about spoilers as I'm not really fannish for Who, so I don't mind *g* - but I normally don't watch trailers because of spoilers).
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Oops. Thanks for that hon - I did wonder about spoiler but wasn't sure whether it applied to trailers.

Good point about Moffat's penchant for romance... and there was some kissage in the trailer, wasn't there? (Though I still hold that Smith is an ugly munter - sorry, but he is! :lol:)
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I loved his reaction to his own chin - "Blimey!" *g*

The Doctor is supposed to be a little odd-looking, though! And I like the floppy hair. :D The still pictures I'd seen of him, I just got the "weird-looking" and nothing much else, but seeing him in action, I think he's kinda cute.

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I liked him a lot better in the trailer than in his scene at the end of EoT Part II. The hair didn't look quite so ridiculous in the trailer! :lol:
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[personal profile] frith_in_thorns 2010-01-02 12:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I tend not to do too much thinking while watching Doctor Who - I just enjoy the acting :) And I did cry, because I get drawn into those sorts of scenes quite heavily. Also, John Simm is always awesome.

I'm looking forward to Matt Smith - he's a good actor. I've seen him in the BBC adaptations of Pullman's Sally Lockhart books, and he was really good there. And I love Moffat's scripts. To the amusement of my family, I did shriek at the weeping angels... ;)
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John Simm really impressed me in this, because what he was given to work with was, frankly, kind of ludicrous, and yet he really sold it, from the manic bits to the tearjerker bits. (Also, the blond-with-stubble is a very good look for him. :D)

I haven't seen Matt Smith in anything else - but from the bit at the end, and then the trailer, he seems to have the right qualities for the Doctor's manic weirdness. It'll be interesting to see how it works out. I'll miss Tennant, but like [ profile] shayera was saying above, the angsty thing is wearing pretty thin for me, and lately Ten's been all angst all the time. I'm looking forward to seeing a more cheerful Doctor, and maybe get back to the crazy-adventures-in-space-and-time that are what I want from the series ...
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That's why Donna was my favourite companion -- there wasn't the lovelorn angst which Rose and (especially) Martha had, letting them get on with the crazy-fun-adventures more. But I really did not at all like River Song, so I wish she wasn't coming back (as said above - I've heard nothing myself on this). But then, there are actors I'd far less like to watch angst than Tennant ;)

The major WTF moment in that episode was, for me, Martha having married Mickey. I thought she was marrying that doctor guy? In fact I'm rather upset that this seems to have been changed!
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Were Martha and Mickey actually married? I'd just assumed they were partners fighting crime. Did it say? Now I need to go back and rewatch that part again. :D
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Yep, Mickey said something to the effect of Martha being a lot of trouble, and Martha replied that he shouldn't have married her, then...
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*blinks* Um, wow, yeah, I completely missed what he said there. That is totally out of left field! *blinks some more* How ... odd. I wonder if TW season four is going to shed any light on that.
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They did seem to be a married couple. I am trying desperately to make this into some kind of AU, because it's just not right. Martha was so happy with her pediatrician love! Augh! Cheap way to tie off storylines!
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Ahhhh I have no idea what I think! Still processing! Though seeing George cracked me up (my bro called him as the guy from the Titanic X-mas special, where me and the bro's gf were just going, "George!! What are you doing here?!" And that they're both openly gay actors playing queer characters pleased me, even if it's only for a moment...)

So don't know what to think about next season. Moffat is a very gifted writer and he can definitely put together a plot better than RTD...but I am really concerned about certain of his hang-ups re: women and romance. And I don't know what to think about the new Doctor...well, will see!
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And that they're both openly gay actors playing queer characters pleased me, even if it's only for a moment...

Ha, yeah - I had basically the same reaction. :D And I'd completely forgotten he was in the Christmas special 'til looking him up on IMDB.

And yeah, I also touched on the Moffat + romance thing in a comment above. Moffat seems to go for romance a great deal more than I'd like ... but he also does really tight and tense plots, so I'm hoping it all balances out overall! And I think a more carefree, less angsty Doctor (which this one looks like he's going to be) will help a lot with that.

Have you seen the trailer for next series?
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I really disliked the whole thing. The only good parts about it were the Doctor/Master and Doctor/Wilf interactions.

And really, I could have done without the meaningless cameos - a few of them were more WTF than anything. I mean Martha married Mickey? And Jack, after CoE, can be fixed by setting him up with a quick shag? And a lottery ticket is what Donna gets? WTF?! Also ... seriously, loooongest most booooring death scene ever. When someone strolls around for interminable scenes ticking people off his Christmas list it's not exactly dramatic, you know? *sighs*

I'm not fond of their casting for Eleven, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to slash him - he still looks like a kid to me. But still, I have high hopes for Moffat. It can only get better.

(And just to clarify - I was never someone who hated what RTD did with New Who. I actually liked most of it rather a lot. But not this.)
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Well, like I said, I had to stomp pretty hard on my brain's attempts to pick that mess apart. Really, there was no way to salvage that plot - it was so nonsensical that there was no way you could just take a few elements and change them and it'd make sense; the whole thing was ludicrous from go to whoa.

Even though I did really enjoy all the cameos at the end, all the more so since they were unexpected, I agree with you on the total WTF of the Doctor's "goodbyes" - all he does is wander around staring tragically, avoiding social interaction and occasionally giving them weird and unlikely presents? In the moments when he could have given the people he (allegedly) cares about comfort and hope, he opts for tragic and slightly creepy staring instead. (Really, how much more tragic would it have been if he'd smiled at Donna's grandfather and told him that he - the Doctor - was going to be fine, rather than exuding "I am tragically dying because I saved your life" out every pore? Also, what's the point of making a big deal over the mysterious "We will meet one more time" thing when he actually means five minutes later in the same episode?! Oh damn, there's that pesky logic again ... *KICK*)

I explained it away to myself because the Doctor is an alien and his idea of social interaction is weird at the best of times, let alone when he's not at his best - in the early episodes of New Who, they used to play up his alienness and the fact that he doesn't "get" a lot about human social interaction - though it's really just bad writing, and I know that. :D

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of the series under Moffat. I didn't think much of Eleven in still photos, but I like him in action. (I was kinda the same way with Eccleston - my initial reaction to the casting shots was "THAT is DOCTOR WHO?!" but then I really loved his take on the character.)