Dec. 10th, 2014

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- My fandom stocking is up! I love Fandom Stocking so much; it's such a delightful, no-pressure fest. (And they're still taking signups, if you're interested!) I've been having so much trouble writing lately that this is clearly not going to be one of those years when I try to put something in the stocking of everyone I know, but since I haven't really been doing holiday fic exchanges the last few years, this is where most of my fic-gifting efforts take place.


- Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith is really fun, especially if you're more into the community-building aspect of post-apocalypse scenarios than the destruction aspects (which I am). There's a large ensemble cast and an overall hopeful, "most people are basically good at heart" vibe. One of the things I liked about the book is that for the most part, even the really unpleasant people in the group (the bigots, the snobs) are still fundamentally decent and willing to come through in a crisis; it's not a case of ~everyone who doesn't get along with the main characters is EEEEEVIL~, which I really appreciated. There's also a general sense that, while the book (being YA) is primarily focused on the teenagers, the adults have a really interesting backstory that I want to know more about! I'm looking forward to the sequel.

- Dresden Files: War Cry - Graphic novel which came in my Amazon order yesterday, and turned out to be an unexpected delight because I somehow missed that it's written by Jim Butcher and is therefore actual canon (it takes place between Dead Beat and Proven Guilty). And as well as featuring the Wardens, so we get to see the comics versions of Luccio and Ramirez, it's FULL OF THOMAS. Thomas and Harry snarking at each other, saving each other's lives, etc ... in case that's, you know, an enticement for anyone. :> You get quite a lot of Thomas's POV in this, too, which is something that's lacking in the novels since they're all in Harry's viewpoint. The cover art for War Cry #5 (the graphic novel is a collection of 5 single issues) is also Relevant To My Interests. Sadly this is not an actual scene from the comic. But it is still nifty.

In general I kinda can't get over how much Butcher obviously loves writing Harry and Thomas, and how fanficcy his side stories with those two tend to be. (Still not over the birthday story. NEVER OVER THE BIRTHDAY STORY.) War Cry also includes a scene where Cut for spoiler, which is also span-texted out )

Something I was also thinking about, Dresden Files-related, is that the part of the series from approximately Blood Rites to just before Turn Coat is where my heart is anchored in that series. I don't know if it's just because that was the general time period when I started reading so I imprinted on it, and it's not that there haven't been plenty of things I've enjoyed in the books since then, but that's "my" Dresden Files, and it was really nice to have another story from that era.
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On with the rewatch!

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Invisible Man 1x05 - Impetus

Spoilers under cut )
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I FINALLY posted a new chapter of the Sam and Bucky fall out of a plane into the Canadian wilderness fic. That only took ... four months. /o\ However, I'm writing again! It feels so good! I've been really, really blocked the last month or so -- not that I've written nothing, but I've definitely been stuck in a downward November apathy spiral. My energy levels seem to be coming back up now, though, and I'm hoping to be more productive over the last 3(!!) weeks of the year. And I'm going to try to finish this fic by the end of the year; having reviewed the h/c bingo rules (because of wanting to claim the partial fic I posted, as it was written for a bingo square) I realized that stories have to be complete to count, so I need to finish it for one of the bingos I'm working on!

Speaking of my bingo card, I'm only one square away from a straight-line bingo in a couple of directions, and only two squares away in EVERY direction. Still 11 squares to write if I want a blackout, though ... plus finishing up the "falling" square.

I ran across this fun link via [personal profile] leesa_perrie: Time Lord Name Generator. I got:
You are the Renegade Time Lord known as: The Outcast. Your original Gallifreyan name is Valkothaparquanauarinar, or Valkoth for short. Back on Gallifrey, you led a dull and uninteresting life, working as an Archivist, Third Class – but now, you travel Time and Space in search of adventure! Your Type 62 TARDIS is currently stuck in disguise as a large boulder, and your latest travelling companion is a tough, resourceful, 68-year old grandmother who isn't letting old age stop her seeing the universe.

This sounds rather awesomely appropriate to me, except I would like to be called The Archivist rather than The Outcast; that's much better. :)

Meanwhile, I am so very behind on Christmas stuff. Help! Alert! BEARS! CHRISTMAS BEARS! I finally got all the shopping done (I think); tomorrow I plan to get everything wrapped and packed in boxes. It's at times like this that I consider offloading some family members. (I jest. I love my family. But why must they all live in different states half a continent away?!) I also really wanted to decorate this year and haven't done that yet either. BEARS!!!

New White Collar tomorrow night! Only two episodes to go ... forever. Flist, hold me!


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