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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote 2017-05-17 09:33 am (UTC)

Ha, yeah, I kind of ... ran at the mouth a little bit on that topic. XD I think it's fascinating that the fandom, for the most part, seems to really love both of them -- because yeah, it's an extreme rarity in just about every fandom I've been in to have two characters who spend most of canon at odds, especially when one of them IS genuinely abusive in various ways, and yet, to have the fandom not really take sides. It's wonderfully refreshing, especially after Flash/Supergirl fandom, which turns into an absolute shitshow of character hate at the drop of a hat. >_>

I admit that I have fallen head over heels for Yondu in the wake of the second movie (and did genuinely like him in the first one) but I'm also trying to be clear-eyed about his flaws and all the various ways he did legitimately fail Peter as a parent. I do kinda feel like part of the problem is that up until age 8, Peter was a loved and sheltered kid in an ordinary Midwest family. If he had been, say, an orphan who had lived on the street before ending up with Yondu's gang, it would've been a really different experience for him. Yondu probably would have been much better at parenting/mentoring a child who was more like him, a tough little street rat or ex-slave, as opposed to a child who had known nothing except love and compassion his entire short life, suddenly finding himself surrounded by people who had never known anything of the sort.

And yet, Yondu obviously managed to scrape together enough affection and genuine mentoring ability that Peter did turn out okay (even if he spends the first movie and most of the second resenting Yondu for obvious reasons). I just really have a huge thing for "stuck with each other, making it work against all odds" relationships, and I think Peter and Yondu do eventually turn out to be that. The fact that they come from such incredibly different backgrounds and really should not have worked out in any way, and yet, by the end of the second movie, Yondu has come around enough that he and Peter are able to find some sort of middle ground where they can acknowledge that they really do love each other just does all kinds of squishy things to me.

Why is it always the fandoms I never see coming that sneak up and smack me in the id, anyway?! XD The first movie really wasn't one of my favorites in the MCU, but now ... oh man. Watching them back to back really made me appreciate SO MANY of the things they're doing in these movies, and also how invested James Gunn (the director/writer) actually is in these characters. I keep noticing neat, subtle little character touches that carry over between the movies, like how Gamora's complete bafflement about dancing slowly transitions to the point, by the end of the first movie, where she'll gently sway to Peter's music, and then in the second one, she'll actually dance a little bit and put her arm around him. At this rate, in another three or four movies, they might actually kiss. XD Or not ... I love that two movies in, you can actually still read them as mainly platonic except for a little bit of attraction on Peter's side, and none of the other characters have a romantic relationship at all. There are something like 7 or 8 main characters now, all of whom have important individual relationships with at least one other character, NONE of which (besides Peter and Gamora kinda-sorta) are romantic in the slightest. It's amazing.

... and now back to plotting my epic-length post-movie casefic/fixit/hurt-comfort extravaganza. XD Because another WiP is totally a thing I need right now.

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