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X-parrot ([personal profile] xparrot) wrote in [personal profile] sholio 2017-05-17 09:02 am (UTC)

Gintama is on Crunchyroll, all...um...328 episodes and counting? (and when you reach the end of that you will be so anxious for more!) So yeah, when you have a little space in your fangirl soul it is waiting for you~~~

And GOTG - ahhh I want to rewatch the first movie and then see this one again! I really wasn't expecting it to be a favorite, either, but man they hit the found family trope so perfectly, and with everybody too (though the baby murder tree, come ONNNNNN...and then he's going to be a teenage tree, was that setting up GOTG3 yes please?!)(also love how they're all starting to understand "I am Groot" hee. Would be even better if they all learned to speak it, can you imagine, they all go on a job and all any of them are saying is "I am Groot"...)

One of the apparently infinitely many things I love about this movie is that there is not even a HINT that Peter - or Mantis for that matter - should try to love Ego or reconcile with him or make up with him once the true horror comes out. Obviously it's not a completely easy thing since both of them have various reasons for being bound to him, but the narrative sympathy comes down very strongly on the side of the abused kids, and I liked that. <3

The movie did a pretty effective contrast here, between Ego who is a truly horrible parent because he is entirely selfish and only cares about his children as extensions of himself, and Yondu who was in a lot of ways a terrible and abusive parent but who did genuinely care - even to the point of sacrificing himself for his child. It did a pretty good job of selling me on it, even though I really didn't like Yondu in the first movie (Just saw your long post on Tumblr about this...I like the 'rough parent who fucks up' type but it went a little past the abuse line for me. But then Yondu is an alien space pirate so, different standards? And knowing the backstory and that eating Peter really was just a joke...even if Peter didn't know it, oh man poor Peter...went a long way for me.)

(...also it makes me happy that GotG fandom can balance Peter and Yondu and like both of them and not vilify either even if they hurt each other, that is a pleasant surprise to hear! Definitely not the norm in my main fandom :P)

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