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winter_elf ([personal profile] winter_elf) wrote in [personal profile] sholio 2017-05-15 03:12 am (UTC)

I really liked the first movie. And I really liked this one. I've already seen it twice. It's hard to say which I like more. In the first movie, I was cringing at the thought of CGI characters and was VERY surprised that my favorite characters in #1 were Rocket and Groot. (and I really loved them this time too!)

The tropes are different, slightly, but I did grow to like Yondu more in this one. In the first, there were hints that they really expanded in the 2nd movie.

And on that - I usually really, really, really hate the 'kill the character at the end' thing. So much hate. But I didn't this time - maybe because they spent the movie SHOWING how Yondu thought of Peter and what he thought of his mistakes and what happened to his crew. And Then they spent time with the AFTER, the funeral, the talking, the making sense of it all, the redemption. Usually it's death, whooops, end of movie.

I also really liked that during Ego's supervillian 'tell all the plans', when he lets slip the bit about killing Peters mom... There's NO HESITATION in Peter shooting his ass IMMEDIATELY. No thought, no, wait, asking why. Just pulled his guns and shot. I cheered.

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