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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote 2017-05-14 08:41 pm (UTC)

Ooh! That's a really good point about Gamora and Nebula and the Dangerous Hardware fight. (Oh man, I loved her picking up the spaceship cannon; it was so completely, hilariously OTT in all the best ways.) I loved that their relationship got so much development and that Gamora had an entire - very emotionally satisfying! - plotline that didn't have anything to do with Peter at all. I still can't believe this movie delivered on female characters better than most of the other movies in the franchise.

And I loved so much that this movie did such a great job of pushing found/adoptive family as the absolute equal of birth family. The Gamora-Nebula storyline echoes that theme too, come to think of it, because they're not related by blood to each other or to Thanos (at least I don't think so?), but they are sisters, full sisters in every way, and that's the emotional crux that their relationship rests on.

"He may be your father, but he wasn't your daddy" breaks my heart all over again every time I think of it (in the best ways).

like Lilo and Stitch's family — broken (not so much with the little) but good.

Yes, exactly!

Augh, I just loved this movie so much. :D I want to go watch it again! Totally buying it when it's out on DVD.

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