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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote 2017-05-14 09:32 am (UTC)

I LOVED THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! <333333 Post your thoughts! I want to talk about them! :D

("Born Sexy Yesterday", YES, that is totally the vid, thank you!! *edits it in* I recommend it; it's well done and very creepy, though it may affect your ability to enjoy that trope going forward - but it does provide some excellent thoughts on subverting it. As this movie does beautifully!)

... omg, this movie is TOTALLY the Gintama of Western epic sci-fi movies. :DDDDD I have actually NOT seen any of the show except what you've shown me (which was selected episodes from the first 10 or so) but I do intend to watch it - does Crunchyroll have it, do you know? - and YES, it is such a similar kind of tone! Only of course the movie compresses it into about two and a half hours (I am still impressed at how much they actually got into that two and a half hours, though ...).

it wasn't just that he was adorable, it was the crew with him, so annoyed and frustrated and also completely protective and tossing him around to safe arms during crashes and just. A crazy badass-loser mercenary family with a little baby, come on, just kill me now.

YES. THAT. SO MUCH. I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything like that in a similar sci-fi movie context! I guess it's the sort of thing you can really only get in a sequel ... but yes, it is brilliant and the movie developed it so well, especially since they never lost track of him or failed to include him doing something cute/bizarre/dangerous in scenes where he would plausibly be. I am all about the mercenary family and their baby murder tree, thank you Marvel for this gift. <333333

Gamora & Nebula pushed all my sibling buttons, I could do with so much more of that but loved all we got. And actually in part because of that I was able to enjoy Peter/Gamora quite a bit, because it didn't feel so token, and also for both of them it really felt like the romantic love is just the tip of the iceberg of the family love between them.

THIIIIS. I think one reason why this movie worked so much better for me than the first one (though honestly I think I WILL love the first one more on rewatch, now that I am already invested in the characters) is because the first movie was really about the getting-the-team-together aspect, and the Peter/Gamora relationship ended up being the emotional fulcrum of the climax. While the sequel develops compelling, strong platonic relationships for every character, so Peter/Gamora is only one of many relationships (and not even the most important one for either of them in their critical scenes at the end of the movie) and I think that is TOTALLY why I ended up being sold on it so much harder in the sequel than the original. I'm completely down with it now, because I want all the love for both of them! I want Gamora to learn to dance and to smile, and Peter to have someone to cuddle with. <3 But I'm also glad that the biggest emotional scenes for both of them in the climax of this movie were totally about Peter and his adoptive dad, and Gamora and her sister.

And the scene that Ego tells him what he did to his mother and Peter just unloads his entire clip ahahahah that was amazing, hilariously terrible and badass and just, beautiful.

IKR??? I love that he doesn't even hesitate. Ego almost has him, and then he learns the truth about his mom, and it's just a complete, horrible, total FUCK YOU. <3 (One of the apparently infinitely many things I love about this movie is that there is not even a HINT that Peter - or Mantis for that matter - should try to love Ego or reconcile with him or make up with him once the true horror comes out. Obviously it's not a completely easy thing since both of them have various reasons for being bound to him, but the narrative sympathy comes down very strongly on the side of the abused kids, and I liked that. <3)

I really think this is one of my favorite movies in the whole MCU franchise, which I did not see coming at all!

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