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the hyacinth girl ([personal profile] kore) wrote in [personal profile] sholio 2017-04-29 04:49 pm (UTC)

This is just so totally my fucking catnip. They are trapped in a hostile reality! But it's the same as their own! But not quite! And they have to figure out how to deal with the people they do/don't know! I could watch a whole season of this, seriously.

And I really loved that the final emphasis wasn't on how "real" anyone was (and wasn't that also in the LMD arc?) -- Jemma felt empathy for Hope and then Trip and the Patriot (whom I actually liked, that was weird) and you had Phil going "Maybe the solution to our problem is to fix theirs" and I was just like YESSS because I also love that setup, heh. Actually I wanted to see MORE of Trip, that actor is just so good and I missed him so much. But even if they were "just" snippets of code, they could still feel and act, they were like people, which is very sf. (This arc plus the LMD story is very Philip K. Dick, actually.)

Ming-Na is awesome because it was like you could actually see a little bit of May coming back, right near the end, and Phil too -- when he said "Snap out of it, May!" so familiarly and her face changed, I loved it. (I don't like this show! I ragequit it years ago! WTF?)

Chloe Bennett also really sold the scene with Daisy and Ward, how hesitant she was about saying she didn't understand him until she met this Ward -- it doesn't retcon him, which I like, but it did let you see how he could have been a good person without letting him off the hook. It was all just great.

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