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I hadn't figured out why this week's Flash bothered me so much till you said that: it was filler. Only thing that came out of it was the name of a scientist to be introduced next week and a chance for the actors to wear some new hairpieces :(

No guesses on who Savitar is. I don't think it's Ronnie. I thought the man was black, from the glimpse we got, but can't see why on rewatch. Also got the feeling that whoever it was scares Caitlin more than anything. That anger management guy they interviewed for Firestorm comes to mind, but no idea how. Probably someone new.

SHIELD IS AWESOME RIGHT NOW. (flail flail I want to see Victoria Hand 'raising' Ward. I'll be trawling the Ao3 tags until someone writes it.) I don't think they're going to save Ward AND Trip AND Hope and god knows who else; I suspect they'll fi the plot so that after Aida only one person can get out / someone will sacrifice themselves to give others time to escape / etc, and that'll be the excuse for not saving them all. Ward already did the stay-behind sacrifice so I don't think they'll do that again, but if it's Trip again all our hearts will shatter. If Mack stays with Hope... I hadn't thought of that :'(

*hugs* Snapper's an awful person with solid morals. Well written character, but 100% deserves the hate. I used to think he was going to grow into the sort of Tough Mentor boss, but this week he was just petty.

Funny thing? I loved Lyra/Winn up till this episode, and now I'm grumpy about Lyra. I get that before she was playing a role to make Winn help her steal, but I liked that Lyra better. Her temper tantrum here was really infantile. I could see the threesome, but right now it feels like 'Winn and James teaching Lyra to be less animalistic' which... not a dynamic I like.

Karamel is AMAZING those two are ADORABLE my heart is MELTING I cannot even. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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