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I think my problem with future Barry on this week's episode was that we've seen how Barry reacts to losing people who are important to him, and I didn't find that consistent with becoming a sulking hermit. I could buy him doing something grand and stupid and dying from it. I could buy him getting grim and more Punisher style vicious (which would definitely alienate his allies). I could also see him taking off to wander the multiverse. He'd say that was just for a while, until he got his head together, but it wouldn't be.

Of course, options one and three would make tracking him down to talk to him pretty difficult.

Snapper Carr has the ethics part of journalism down, but when I see him, I can't figure out how he'd ever get a reluctant person to talk to him or how he'd manage to steer an interview to get a better response from the person he's talking to. There's some evidence that he manipulates Kara, so maybe we're not seeing all of him, but... If he showed up to interview me, I'd probably slam the door on him. He's probably good at the writing/researching part, though.

I had an easier time with Cat Grant because I never actually felt like CatCo was a genuine news organization. I couldn't actually figure out what on earth the people who worked there actually did, though.

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