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From LJ's 18th-anniversary graphic generator thingie:

LJ-infographic copy

Well, I'm certainly a chatty little monkey, aren't I? XD
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I haven't been back to LJ since the new TOS were implemented. I'm sure there area few people wondering where I am and what happened to me but I can't bring myself to agree to the TOS. When my LJ expires in a few months, that will be the end of it for me.

I've lost so freaking much in the last six months--and losing LJ is almost as bad as losing a family member. I'm really struggling right now. :-(
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If you are concerned about specific people not knowing that you are over here now - give me their names and I PM them and let them know where to find you?
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That is very kind of you, thank you. I tried to post such a request to my own DW account this morning, but for some reason the post wouldn't load.
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Thank you--I really appreciate that. I might tap you to beta read something (if I ever get it finished that is). I know I owe you an email--just being very slow to respond to anything right now. :/