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This week's Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

Flash 3x11:

Okay, that episode was ALMOST everything I wanted. Not quite because I was really hoping for a peek at Earth-19 and/or some HR flashbacks. And we didn't get that. But otherwise it was so much fun! Friendship feels! Cisco being the Big Damn Hero! Iris being one scary reporter-lady with a possible death wish. I liked both the A and the (completely ridiculous) B plots this week! (omg though, seriously, Barry and Joe trying to stop Iris from doing dangerous things when they have the world's most dangerous jobs themselves -- HYPOCRITE MUCH, GUYS?? At least the whole point was that they were wrong and Iris has every right to do reporter-ish badassery and be fulfilled in her career and stuff.)

I adored Gypsy* and I am TOTALLY on board with her and Cisco as a ship; it's got all the aspects I like about Cisco/Golden Glider. Loved the interdimensional fight sequence. Ahaha, poor CatCo people. I want to know what the volcano planet was!

*I feel weird about calling her that, though. I know it's what she's called in the comics, but I wish they'd given her a first name in the episode or something else to call her canonically.

HR is slowly but steadily growing on me. I really liked him this week; it was a relief to FINALLY get something other than surface emotions from him, some indication of what goes on in his head. I've kinda gone back and forth on whether he hides his thoughts and feelings like Harry does, except his defense is mild-mannered niceness instead of aggressive sarcasm, or whether he just really is that shallow -- and I STILL CAN'T TELL, but at least this episode we got some indications that he really does care about the team and worry about their welfare, and furthermore that he's not as obtuse as he seems and he really does pay attention to what's going on around him ("You don't even like me ...").

The whole thing with Cisco basically relating emotionally to all the Harrison Wellses as one person was fascinating -- I mean, I know he knows they aren't, but I really got the impression this episode that on an emotional level, he can't really sort them out, and god no wonder everything that happened with Eobard messed him up so bad. For him, it was a lot like having an abusive parent (who literally tried to kill him), who then CAME BACK and yet wasn't actually the same person ... anyway, this episode I felt like he's starting to come to terms with the good memories he has of Eobard-Wells as his mentor and let go of the awful stuff, which was something he really couldn't do yet in season two.

So. This episode. FEELS.

ETA: I almost forgot how much fun Julian was in this episode! He's totally going to die, I can feel it. But he's such a delightfully snarky, well-intentioned pain-in-the-ass.

Legends of Tomorrow 2x10:

AHAHAHA, this show is such amazing crack and I love it. I feel like the show's been really "on" since it came back from hiatus; I've loved both the new episodes.

I was not expecting to enjoy the Legion of Doom as much as I do. They'll probably be much less fun now that they've worked out their interpersonal problems, but ... this episode, though. Snarky, bickering bad guys are the best.

"Plus we have an additional advantage over [team Legend]."
"Enlighten me."
"They're idiots."

I don't think all the therapy in the world is going to be enough for Rip after this.

Black Flash is utterly terrifying. Holy crap that was creepy. This, and their discoveries about Eobard and the spear, also gave me some thoughts on where Flash might be going this season, which follow in the third section.

I really love everything about Lily: the actress, her whole geeky-schoolgirl vibe, the works. She's adorable! I wish she'd stick around as a permanent team member; it makes me think the team really needs a woman on the science/tech-geek side as well as the fighting side. They like to shake up the team roster every season, so for next season I'm hoping for a lady scientist somewhere in the cast.

So basically, loved this episode, was thoroughly entertained, but I don't have that much to say about it.

Future speculation on Flash (no actual future spoilers) based on events on LoT:

So now we know Eobard wants to undo Eddie's death (or so we assume) and restore himself to the timeline. Also, Black Flash is around *shudder*, who is the Death of speedsters in the comics.

Having Black Flash show up elsewhere in the Arrowverse this season makes me think he'll probably turn up on Flash as well, which in turn makes me think that Savitar's prophesy about someone dying is going to refer to one of the speedsters. I don't think they are actually gonna kill anyone, at least not permanently, but I am now registering my speculation that unless the death is Wally (I REALLY HOPE NOT), Barry is going to (apparently) bite it at the end of the season.

As for Eobard ... I'm thinking that Eddie's death might actually get undone, at least for awhile. Iris and Barry are happy and living together -- what better way to screw that up than to have Eddie show back up? Especially if Barry is temporarily dead? Barry "dies" at the end of the season, Eddie turns out to be alive, Iris and Eddie get close by the time 4x01 happens and then Barry comes back ... okay, it's a vast amount of speculation, but it is a plausible thing this show might do.

If Eobard uses the spear to undo Eddie's death and it sticks, as opposed to Team Legend "fixing" it, this might also give us Eowells as the Big Bad in season four. OH GOD. (I'm not sure how I feel about that, honestly, but I do think that having a malevolent Wells around at the same time as at least one friendly one leads to all kinds of potential for creepy identity shenanigans.)

I guess it is also possible that Barry gets rid of Eobard at the end of season three by throwing him into the Speed Force and he becomes Savitar. In which case, good plan, Barry!

No real thoughts on where LoT is going, though I hope Rip made a backup of the backup, and with the spear in play, they now have EVEN MORE ways to bring Snart back.

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