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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote2017-01-24 10:49 pm

Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

My shows are back! \o/

... Both on the same night now, too, which is going to be a bit weird. I would prefer to have them spread out instead. But they are BACK!

Flash 3x10:

EEEEEEEE SHOW. As usual the episode logistics are perhaps better not thought about, especially re: the museum, but it was all I wanted from a Flash episode: cute and funny and fun, and bringing the friendship feels like whoa.

I wish they'd been showing us more of HR being lonely and vulnerable all along. I'd have liked him so much better in earlier episodes if we'd seen him more often being human, rather than mainly seeing the facade he puts up. He's been growing on me slowly, but I liked him better in this episode than I have all season. (Except maybe in 3x05, and for similar reasons.) We got to see a bunch of different facets of his character, from annoying the team/invading their personal space to being funny to being helpful to being sad, and it all worked. More of that, please! Everything with him and Cisco was so darling. Also loved the flash-forward of HR with the rifle and the mystery surrounding that.

One thing that's unique about HR -- I was thinking about this the other day, and realized that, while you get female characters like this from time to time, I can't think of another action/ensemble show with a male character who has neither fighting skills nor science skills, whose main role on the team is just to hang out with the group and contribute to team morale or throw out ideas. It's hard to describe it exactly, but I just feel like his character type is a traditionally female character type and I'm not sure if I've ever seen a male version, except for an occasional annoying animal sidekick Scrappy Doo type, which he really isn't.

Seriously though - Barry, you're a darling, but WHY are you looking for science advice from a SCIENCE FICTION WRITER?! Not that HR's version of timeline science is going to be any more helpful than anyone else's since literally no one knows how it works and the rules change all the time anyway, but that made me laugh and facepalm. It also made me wonder, again, whether there's more to HR than it appears. "As it was explained to me" ... I wouldn't be surprised if he was a Flash who lost his speed. Of course, we STILL know so little about HR that he could be literally anyone or anything.

But that's another interesting thing about HR, the way that he IS legitimately very smart, probably as smart as Harry or E-1 Wells, but not in a science/math kind of way, more of a "picking up random facts" kind of way. I mean, if he's not actually a speedster or scientist in disguise or something, he was able to explain timeline physics well enough for other people to understand it while working merely from memory of having heard about it and/or read about it, with no actual science background. Which is really brilliant, and a particular kind of brilliance you rarely see in TV characters.

This episode went a long way towards selling me on HR in a way that the rest of the season hasn't.

Other stuff - I am absolutely loving Julian's storyline this season, and Caitlin's; both of them are pushing lots of iddy buttons. The housewarming was so lovely and perfectly ficcy-feeling. And I'm really looking forward to next week, on the assumption that we are FINALLY gonna get some frikkin' details about HR's past, and there will probably be many teamfeels to go with that. :D

Legends of Tomorrow 2x09:

That episode was ... I don't even know what that episode was, but it had me grinning ridiculously for 45 minutes (except for the last minute or so, because that is probably one of the more horrifying endings that I've ever seen on a show that wasn't pure grimdark, good lord, RIP!!!).

But ... RIP. RIP I MISSED YOUR FACE SO MUUUUUUUUCH. "Gideon, how long will the repairs take?" "Fifteen years." "Well, that won't do." And Arthur Darvill's American accent and general film student slackerness, oh my heavens.

"Amaya and I were trying to sleep." "Uh, not together." Thank you show for setting sail to the SS Mick/Ray/Amaya.

Sara is still the very best. Also ... I didn't really ship Sara with any of the guys? But there was a little part of me that was already weak for Sara/Rip? And this episode ... gah. >____>

THE ENTIRE GEORGE LUCAS PLOT, THOUGH. It was ridiculous and brilliant and cracky and probably the most hilarious, inspired, completely OTT thing I've seen in ages. I adore the serious underpinnings (that creative work can inspire people and literally change the world) and yet it all ended up with everyone being crushed in a trash compactor at the end of a 10-minute reenactment of the plot of A New Hope while everyone yells at George Lucas to believe in himself so they can get their superpowers back and escape. I just. can't even. I think this is one of my top favorite episodes. Definitely my fave this season.

Also, lesse ... the show was giving especially good costume this week. Everyone in tank tops! The 60s clothes (really more like 70s clothes to my eye, but whatevs) were awesome. Or maybe I should say groovy.

That mood whiplash at the end though. OMFGGGGGG RIP. I MEAN. You really couldn't ask for a better setup for hurt/comfort tags, it's pretty much id central, but RIP. D:

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