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Would anyone like to leave some Agent Carter prompts for the SSR Confidential writers/artists/vidders? I just put up a prompt/inspiration post.

Prompt post on DreamwidthPrompt post on LJ

Anon commenting is turned on, but not required, though if you're participating in the exchange, it would be appreciated if you tried to avoid giving away TOO many clues about what you're working on.

You don’t have to be signed up for the exchange to leave prompts, and you can also use these for general inspiration – you don’t have to use them exclusively for SSR Confidential fanworks.

(And yes, I really should have done something like this a lot earlier if I was going to, but better late than never, right??)
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In my July fic prompt call, [personal profile] muccamukk gave me a brilliant (and diabolical) prompt for established Peggy/Jack/Daniel in which one of them loses their memory and forgets everything since early season one. I went with Peggy, and I usually offer to write 100 words when I do these, but I am now 20K into this thing and it just won't quit. Anyway, I've posted a few brief teaser snippets on Tumblr: first snippet, second snippet, third snippet. In case this is relevant to anyone's interests. :D

I've posted a few things on AO3 lately that I forgot to crosspost/link here:

Too Close for Comfort (Agent Carter)
Peggy + Jack gen bed-sharing fic.

Worth a Thousand Words (White Collar)
Short fic from a Tumblr prompt in which Neal has laryngitis.

Riding the Rails (White Collar)
This was a Fandom Stocking AU in which Peter is the con and Neal is the FBI agent, but now there's another little installment with con!Peter on the tracking anklet. (For a prompt by [ profile] lov_pb, I think?)

I also wrote a couple of ficlets for this commentfic meme:

Christmases, Peggy/Jack/Daniel, for the prompt Any poly grouping: okay but WHOSE FAMILY gets [culturally significant family holiday] when?
Ant-Man ficlet for the prompt Scott Lang takes his daughter trick-or-treating

And this one is not mine, just a rec, but I ran across this adorable fanart of my Agent Carter babies a little while back, and right now I have it open in a tab because it makes me happy. (There is so little fanart of them!)
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Baby's first gifset.

I finally broke down and paid for a year's subscription to the full version of Photoshop. Ever since I upgraded to a new computer that can't run my old CS2, I've been getting by with Elements, but I'm doing more covers and other pro stuff now that needs the full-featured program. So naturally I'm using it in a responsible, professional kind of way ... to make animated gifs of television characters.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out, although I should have cropped the third one so you can see more of Jack's hand. That one was the first gif in the set that I made, though, and I did a ton of editing to it, so I don't think it bothers me enough to start over from scratch making a new one. (Foolishly, I didn't save any of the intermediate, pre-cropping stages.)

One thing I've noticed making Agent Carter vids, and it's also true of gifs, is that the first season is so desaturated compared to the second season, almost sepia-toned. You have to really lighten and saturate it to get it to match ...
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And with this, my seventh AC vid, Agent Carter has passed SGA to become my most-vidded fandom. (Though honestly, White Collar probably would have been, if I hadn't been having technical issues during most of the time I was watching it that made vidding prohibitively difficult. I planned a lot of vids in the later seasons that I never actually made.)

Song: Try Everything
Artist: Shakira (from the Zootopia soundtrack)
Fandom: Agent Carter
Summary: Seasons 1 & 2, Peggy + ensemble. I wanna try even though I could fail. They all get knocked down, but they keep getting up again.

Downloads: 87 Mb DivX (zipped) | 125 Mb MP4 (zipped)
(Smaller download options at the Vimeo link.)

Embed and lyrics under the cut.

Embed and lyrics )
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So apparently this is what happens when you deprive me of Internet for a week and a half. POSTAPALOOZA!

Since I've been thinking about Peggy & co's future lately, let's talk about the MCU future timeline and how it relates to the Agent Carter characters as they age.

To some extent my AC fic is basically taking place in a headcanon AU of my own devising. I haven't watched enough of Agents of SHIELD to avoid canon slip-ups if I deal with SHIELD's future too much, and I don't really want to deal with certain parts of it (like, we know Hank and Janet were active on the superhero scene by the 1960s or the 1970s at the latest, which means they had fully functional shrinking suits -- and for me, the AC 'verse isn't really a superhero 'verse; it's a Cold War spy 'verse). So basically, my fic is taking place in a one-step-away-from-canon 'verse that never quite engages with superheroes if I can avoid it; not that they definitively don't have that future (one of the things I like about AC, actually, is the doomed-tragic aspect of knowing how most of them end up), but rather that I just don't really want to put larger-than-life Marvel superheroes and AC characters into the same fic. They don't really fit together.

But I'm interested in the idea of figuring out how to work characters like a young Alexander Pierce or Obadiah Stane into the future AC 'verse. I was considering the idea that partnering with Stane might have had something to do with Howard really going off the rails. We know that in the 1940s he backed away from making weapons, after the Midnight Oil incident; he's haunted by guilt for the people who died in the weapon's field test. So how did he get from there, to large-scale weapons manufacturing a few decades later? But I'm not sure if Stane actually had that much influence at the company early on. Plus, I don't really want to take all culpability away from Howard; though I do like him, it's much too tidy to say that Stane was largely responsible for the way Stark Industries ended up going. Howard's slide to the darkside isn't something he gets to wash his hands of. Stane might have helped tug him that way, though.

And then there's Pierce. One of my various non-canon-based bits of future speculation is that Jack goes into politics later on -- that he ends up as a Senator or something, not necessarily for the rest of his career, but for awhile. So it's actually very plausible that he might've run into Pierce early in Pierce's career with the State Department. Plus, once Pierce became involved with SHIELD's oversight and management, then Peggy would have known him and worked with him ... though I'm still considering when they might have actually met. (I don't think we know exactly when the hostage crisis involving his family canonically took place, do we?) If we take Pierce as roughly the age of the actor playing him, Redford was born in 1936 according to imdb, so Pierce could've been getting his start in politics as early as the late 1950s.

(Unpleasant thought: Peggy or Jack actually mentored him.)
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This one has been in the works since last year. Right after the end of last season, I heard this song on the radio and thought, "Wow. That HAS to be a Peggy vid." The problem was that I couldn't figure out what to do with the third stanza. The Captain America movie and the first season of Agent Carter fit the first and second stanzas, but then there was all this extra song on the end. And then we got another season and everything clicked.

Title: Night Changes
Artist: One Direction
Fandom: Agent Carter
Footage: Seasons 1&2, plus movies
Summary: We're only getting older, baby. Peggy moving on with her life after Steve: finding the place where she belongs, and the people that she belongs with.

Download: 142 Mb MP4 | 116 Mb DivX
(Smaller download options at the Vimeo link)
On Tumblr: here at sholiofic

Embed and lyrics under the cut )
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So I didn't really plan it this way, but most of the meta I've been posting lately has been in the form of replies to other people's reblogs on Tumblr. Here's a rundown of my recent additions:

Whether Daniel was an officer or an enlisted man.
A fairly extensive exchange about Whitney Frost's relationships with Manfredi and Chadwick, segueing into talking about Whitney vs. Dottie.
Thoughts on Jack in the "dinner orders" scene in 2x10.
Handicapped modifications for amputee WWII-veteran drivers. This one is SO COOL - I had no idea that modifying vehicles for disabled drivers was a thing that early. (I mean, individuals figuring out how to do it, yes, but not customized kits/mods from the dealers.)
Rambling about Jack's motivations in sending Peggy to L.A., Jack making friends with Daniel, etc.

Feel free to strike up a conversation on any of these in the comments!

One thing in particular that I was thinking about last night is that the fandom seems to have latched onto the idea of Daniel having been an officer in the Army, but he really doesn't read that way to me. Admittedly my experience with the military is adjacent rather than from the inside (various relatives in the Army, no personal experience myself) but between that and reading, my impression is that the social climate for officers vs. enlisted is very different, and Daniel really does not read to me as having been on the officer side of that divide. Jack, on the other hand, almost had to have been a case of a college kid being dropped straight into a lieutenant's commission with no field experience. Daniel, though ... I don't see it. It's possible he could've worked his way up to sergeant and gotten a field commission to lieutenant; I don't really headcanon it that way, but it's definitely not impossible. And there's no canon either way, so clearly anybody else's headcanon on this one is as good as mine. But, idk, it's not how I see him.
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There is a post over at CollarCorner on the next few months' themes and activities, including the possibility of a small, low-pressure, gen White Collar fanworks exchange.

Also, the Vacation prompt at [community profile] starwarsflashmeme is extended for another week ('til Saturday) since SOMEONE (me) forgot to post a new prompt this weekend.

I seem to be mostly talking about fan stuff on Tumblr these days, which isn't something I MEANT to happen, but then interesting pieces of meta come along and I reblog them with notes and, well, yeah. My recent tumblr-reblog meta:

- A gifset and meta on how everyone's reactions to the "suicide mission" in 2x10 are little capsule versions of their personalities
- Daniel's moderating influence on Peggy, and Jack as a cynical balance to their shared idealism

I also stumbled across a tumblr-organized Agent Carter ficathon (not an exchange) with the theme Summer Nights. OF COURSE I signed up, because apparently I now have a Pavlovian reaction to anything with "Agent Carter" and some variation on exchange/ficathon/challenge in the name. >__> Luckily it's only 1000 words and it's not for someone else or anonymous (at least I don't think so), so I can write whatever I want. And just recently I had been wondering if anyone used the word "ficathon" anymore. It's actually very old-school, even though it's on Tumblr! There is a fairly distinctive current style to most fanworks events (run through AO3 exchange-style, anonymous period, fic & art both allowed, etc); either that, or everything is bingo cards. And although I enjoy both of those, it's nice to run across one that's set up differently.

I'd been thinking lately that Agent Carter fandom feels very scattered, compared to LJ-based fandoms; it's harder to find out about the events that are going on, or find all the places where people hang out. But actually, thinking about it and reflecting on past fandoms of mine, I don't think that's true. I think it FELT less scattered when fandom was mostly on LJ if you could manage to get hooked into the "where things were happening" places and get to know people who tended to post about events going on around the fandom. But not everyone was able to do that, and not all fandoms had that, and even so, they tended to localize into little pockets of activity centered around a particular ship or shared interest. Like, when I first got into SGA fandom on LJ, it was the gen crowd that I was hanging around with, and while I had a vague idea that things were happening elsewhere in the fandom, I really had no clue about either the het or slash parts of the fandom; aside from a few nexuses like sga_flashfic or the Big Bangs, which involved people from all corners of the fandom, there just wasn't THAT much overlap. Or A:tLA fandom, where the corner of the fandom that I got to know was a small and fairly well-connected one on DW, but I had the vague sense that there was a LOT going on elsewhere, it just wasn't here.

The existence of comms and newsletters did help centralize things, or at least made it easier not to miss events until after they happened. Newsletters don't seem to have made the jump to tumblr and I kinda hope someone will reinvent them someday, though I am certainly not going to be the sucker who has to comb through all the tags to find things. Or maybe they won't; maybe tumblr tags and the fact that most fanfic ends up on AO3 means that newsletters aren't necessary as they once were, just like people don't tend to have dedicated rec sites or directory sites anymore.
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I finished my Agent Carter season one rewatch -- I was originally planning to post about the episodes as I watched them, but as I've said before, I'm terrible with follow-through on that kind of thing. Also, it took me like a month to watch all eight episodes, and it was taking even longer to watch new episodes because I kept feeling like I should write a post about the last one. I only seem to have two settings on TV shows: "binge-watch" and "snail".

Anyway, I'm still blown away at how good this show is. It's such a perfect, perfect little piece of television ... though of course the usual caveats apply: perfect for me. I know other people have criticisms and various ways the show let them down, and those are entirely valid for you! Of course nothing is really perfect, or can be all things to all people.

But rewatching season one after watching season two makes me love season one all the harder (and I loved it pretty hard to begin with), because the character stuff is so good. The character development for everybody, and the growth of all the different character relationships, unspools so well and so seamlessly from the first episode of season one to the last episode of season two. There's just so much thought that went into it. It's fascinating to remember watching this season the first time, because season two went ahead and gave me all the stuff I thought I had at the end of season one. I remember being so excited that everyone was starting to come together and get teamy and become friends by the end of season one, but now after watching season two, it makes me go, "Wow, it's really just the seeds of it so far, isn't it?" Everything I wanted at the end of season one, I got. (Well, okay, not quite everything, but so much more of what I wanted than I ever dared hope for, as well as a bunch of truly lovely things that I didn't even know I wanted!)

There is not a single episode in either season that I can't just start playing on a random scene and have it make me happy.

But I also think some of the things that make this show "my show" are reasons why it didn't do better on network TV. Not just the central and integral female POV, but also that doesn't have the fast pace and dazzle that is the modern TV action-show aesthetic. It's a show that unfolds slowly, with a lot of talking, a lot of low-key character stuff, and very few big fight scenes. It's not all quippy one-liners, gunfights and car chases, and sexy young people having relationship drama.

I really think part of the problem is that the show had an audience, but the audience never really found it -- they would be people who like period stuff, people who like spy stuff, people who like dramas. The audience who liked Mad Men or The Americans are the people who should have been watching this, but I think ABC just never managed to get the show in front of those people, because they're not really into superhero stuff and it was marketed more as a superhero show.

Plus, ABC's lackluster promotion of the show is pretty obvious. It's STILL not streaming on any of the fee-per-month services, that I know of, and the season one DVDs were an Amazon exclusive, so not available in stores. Netflix doesn't even have the DVDs! You can buy the episodes individually from places like iTunes and Amazon, which is great for hardcore fans (... me), but you're never going to pick up casual viewers that way, and that's what a show needs to do well.

But it has a very enthusiastic audience (the "save the show and bring it to Netflix" petition is already over 80,000 signatures!). Ambivalent though I am about the changes the show might make in a possible season three (especially after all of this; I can't think of a single show off the top of my head that got better after being dropped by its network and picked up elsewhere, and a number of shows that got markedly worse) I would of course be over the moon if it actually did get picked up somewhere, on Netflix or a cable network or something.

noooooo :(

May. 12th, 2016 03:55 pm
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Agent Carter is officially cancelled.

I'm sad, but ... surprisingly not as sad as I thought I'd be. The thing is, I didn't believe we'd get a season two. And because of that, the second season felt like a gift. I didn't expect to get it, and then it came along and was so gloriously, perfectly just what I wanted, and left all of the characters exactly where I hoped they'd be. (Well, except for that CLIFFHANGER, but even the cliffhanger is a wonderful jumping-off point for fic.)

If the show had to end somewhere, I don't think it could've been a better place -- well, okay, not having an eternal cliffhanger would have been nice, but I came out of the season so much more inspired to write stuff than if it'd tied everything up neatly, so for fanficcing purposes, it's great. (I was also very gratified to find out that the fandom didn't assume the worst in fanfic with the cliffhanger ... I was braced for something like Carnivale, which ended very similarly but literally ALL the fic, what little exists, assumes the worst-case scenario. AC fandom hasn't done that and hopefully will continue to explore all the post-canon hurt/comfort possibilities.)

So, yeah, I wanted a season three so bad. But it's ours now, guys. They can never kill anybody off or take the show or any of the characters in a direction so terrible that it taints everything that came before. And I have multiple LONG post-season-two fics I want to write, and more vids I plan to make. I'm not even that worried about the fandom contracting, as fandoms always do in the post-canon period, because the fandom wasn't that big to begin with; it's not like something like SGA where half the fun was being in a big, active fandom, so losing that was sad. Here, the fandom has always been small but hardcore, and hopefully we can pull a Firefly, where the fandom is still going strong long after the tiny amount of canon is over.

I can't do this tonight or tomorrow because I have houseguests, but as soon as possible (this weekend hopefully?) I'm going to do another ficlet-prompt session (or two), because canon may be over -- unless it gets a new lease of life on Netflix or Hulu, which would be LOVELY, but I'm not holding out too much hope -- but that just means we can take it in whatever direction we want, and I'm going to be there for that ride.
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Today I stumbled upon [ profile] shieldsynopsis, which has snarky recaps of Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD episodes (from Reddit, I gather) -- think Television Without Pity, but graphical. I'm dyyyiiinnnnggggg. (Though the recapper is rather unfair to Daniel, imho. Poor Daniel.)

Some examples:



A few more under the cut )
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And I watched the first episode tonight. (My comments as I go through these episodes will contain spoilers for the whole series, including season two.)

Don't expect anything particularly insightful, just random natterings.

Comments and squee after rewatching 1x01 )
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Fandom: Agent Carter
Song: Queen of Hearts
Artist: Juice Newton
Pairing: Carter/Sousa/Thompson
Summary: The joker ain't the only fool who'll do anything for you. They're really pretty good at catching the bad guys ... on those rare occasions when they aren't fighting each other. (Clips from seasons one and two.)

Download: 127 Mb MP4 | 100 Mb DivX (smaller download options at the Vimeo link)
Other crossposts: Tumblr link

Embed and lyrics under the cut )
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... about Agent Carter. Yes, I'm sure you're surprised.

It was something that occurred to me watching a vid for Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. She's one of my favorites, in large part because I've always adored badass normal* characters in scifi/fantasy/superhero canons. I love the powered ones also, but I frequently have a special soft spot for characters who go up against fantastically powerful enemies armed with nothing but guns (or swords or whatever the local tech is). They're often my favorites or at least my "noooo, please don't kill them" special-baby co-favorites in whatever canon they appear.

*obligatory TV Tropes warning

And Agent Carter is LITERALLY ALL badass normals. That's what they are. It's Team Badass Normal vs. supervillains.

I know it's not the only show out there like that (Agents of SHIELD is largely that way too) but ... it is just another way in which this show feels like it's Written For Me (tm).
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Note #1: I first encountered this song in a lovely Star Wars: The Force Awakens vid by [personal profile] such_heights. You should go watch it; it's great!

Note #2: You know how 90% of what I write is a riff on the exact same theme, finding home and family? This is basically that, in vid form.

Title: Shut Up and Dance
Artist: Walk the Moon
Fandom: Agent Carter
Spoilers: Seasons one and two
Summary: Peggy finds her people, and her place in the world. Agent Carter team vid.
(This vid contains a couple of talking clips in the middle, in case that's something that bothers you.)

Download: MP4 (148 Mb) | DivX (103 Mb) (smaller downloads available at the Vimeo link)
Other crossposts: Tumblr link

Embedded vid and lyrics under the cut )
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So, at the end of the first season last year, I talked a little about maybe running a fic exchange ... and then never did anything about it.

[personal profile] sheron and I talked a little more about it in email over the last couple of weeks before the finale. I was hesitating to commit to anything because I didn't know if the show would leave me wanting to ... but it did, it did, it really did. :D

Sheron suggested a Big Bang. I am leaning somewhat more towards an exchange because I think it would be a lot easier to get people to participate if the bar to entry was 1000 words rather than 5-10K, and it is really a tiny fandom. Also, I've never run an exchange on AO3 and I think it would be fun to try. (I may regret this deeply.) However, it might also be possible to try both, maybe staggering them so they're not both going at once. As far as I know, the only other exchanges that exist in the fandom at all are Peggy/Daniel-based and are fairly small.


- Anyone want to talk to me about the relative merits of a fic exchange vs a Big Bang, or a good strategy for doing both without burning people out?

- Anyone have suggestions for an appropriate name for a fic exchange? I would like something with a 1940s kind of feel. There are at least two other events I know of, in different fandoms, that are called Spring Fling, or else I'd use that one (though I still might, if I can't think of anything better). Spring Social? Agent Carter Mixer? What are some 1940s-ish social events you can think of?


Mar. 4th, 2016 08:18 pm
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This month's theme at [ profile] collarcorner is Stranded. If you're still into White Collar, go leave some prompts and help us find new and interesting ways to strand Peter and Neal, et al. :D

Also, this week is prompt amnesty at [community profile] starwarsflashmeme - all posted prompts are available for writing. This will continue for another week; the amnesty period ends on March 12.

And back to Agent Carter: I posted some thoughts on Thompson and Sousa on Tumblr (spoilery for season two). I'm feeling lazy about cross-posting, but feel free to leave comments here if you have thoughts, since Tumblr is what it is. Also, my Miracle & Wonder fanvid is now posted on tumblr if you are interested in liking or reblogging.

(It is weird having this many fandoms going at once. Agent Carter is definitely where my mind is right now, but for so many years I really would only have those fan feelings for one thing at a time; I would pick up a new fandom and put the old one down. These days, I seem to have stopped putting them down. Help!)

Now back to inking Kismet pages ...
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Title: Miracle and Wonder
Fandom: Agent Carter
Song: The Boy in the Bubble
Artist: Paul Simon
Spoilers: all of seasons one and two; first Captain American movie
Summary: These are the days of miracle and wonder. Peggy and the SSR, doing what they do.

Downloads: 720px MP4 (78 Mb) | 1280px MP4 (129 Mb) | 1280px DivX (107 Mb)
(There are smaller download options at the Vimeo link.)

Embed and lyrics under the cut )
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... well, not just ONE, but I was specifically thinking about something that [personal profile] xparrot said to me about White Collar, once upon a time.

Spoilers for the finale, of course, and oblique ones for White Collar )


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