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You guuuyyyysssss, dis4daria on Tumblr made fanart for two of my Guardians of the Galaxy fics, and it is ADORABLE and AMAZING and breaks my heart and put it back together again, and I can't stop gazing at it.


(Her baby Yondu -- yes, I wrote a fic with a small child version of Yondu in it, HUSH -- is the cutest thing I have ever seen. THE ENORMOUS RED EYES!)
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So the fact that I now have a GotG icon probably tells you all you need to know about how I reacted to the movie. I did not go in expecting to love it. I actually was lukewarm on the first one (which, by the way, I am totally buying so I can rewatch it now, because Netflix does not have it streaming, the jerks).



I also think the trailer for this movie (the first teaser trailer, the Fox on the Run one) might be one of the best trailers I've ever seen, because it a) took me from "meh" to really wanting to see this movie, and b) did not actually spoil ANYTHING! I went into this completely unspoiled -- in fact, far less spoiled than I thought I was after seeing the trailer -- and I'm really glad. If watching things nonspoiled is your thing, I think you will enjoy having that experience.

Which means you will not want to click on the cut tag, because ALL THE SPOILERS are here.

All the spoilers )
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My shows are back! \o/

... Both on the same night now, too, which is going to be a bit weird. I would prefer to have them spread out instead. But they are BACK!

Flash 3x10:

Spoilers for Flash )

Legends of Tomorrow 2x09:

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow )


Apr. 1st, 2016 02:27 pm
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They've cast their Colleen Wing for the Netflix Defenders shows! (For Star Wars fans, it's the same actress who played Jessika Pava, the female X-Wing pilot.) Which means that, while we may not have Night Wing Investigations yet, we are definitely going to have both Misty AND Colleen in the Marvel TV 'verse, and my inner 10-year-old will now expire quietly of squee in the corner.
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1. I read an Agents of SHIELD-related interview this morning with Jeph Loeb (the head of Marvel TV) in which he said he's "optimistic" for an Agent Carter renewal. \o/ Obviously that's not the same as an actual renewal announcement (we probably won't know one way or another 'til May), but it seems like a good sign that the head honcho is on board with a new season of the show, which means that even if ABC decides not to pick it up, it also has a pretty good shot at getting a new lease on life at Netflix, Hulu, or something like that. Right???

2. Homestuck is back! And into the endgame updates, apparently. It's going to be really weird not having this comic around anymore. Not that I remember anything that was going on when it stopped updating last July, besides "apocalypse". But it's great to see the characters again.

3. I can't remember if I've posted about this here, but one of my new favorite things is the webcomic Stand Still, Stay Silent. It's basically the zombie apocalypse meets Scandinavian mythology. (Not Norse gods and things of that nature, but trolls and spirit animals and such, through a post-apocalypse filter.) Despite the depressing premise (and very high body count in the first chapter), it's character-focused and very sweet and funny, though it also has moments of gore, body horror, and general creepiness. The art is absolutely gorgeous and it updates 5 days a week.

4. I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday, and I wasn't going to buy anything except a hot chocolate, I SWEAR, but they had this shelf of Japanese import stuff, and, uh, I saw a really adorable little Bulma figure (grown-up Bulma, with the short hair). And there was also a Vegeta, and she couldn't just be alone, right ...? I haven't bought DBZ stuff in forever (almost a decade and a half), but now they're on the shelf above my desk, and they're tiny and adorable and both scowling, it's great.

5. Signups are still open at SSR Confidential 'til the end of the week! We have 17 people so far (and I still need to write mine, so that'll be 18 when I get that done). I'm really delighted with the variety of character and pairing options that people have selected; it looks like there will be something for everyone.
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And I watched the first episode tonight. (My comments as I go through these episodes will contain spoilers for the whole series, including season two.)

Don't expect anything particularly insightful, just random natterings.

Comments and squee after rewatching 1x01 )
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Okay, finally a proper post about the new episodes ... well, no, not a proper post at all; a flaily post laden with belabored bullet points and fueled by two large glasses of merlot. There were going to be a bunch of screencaps as well, but I ran out of steam (and wine). I'll save the pretty for a future post.

All the spoilers obviously )
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I really meant to do a post about this earlier; how has it been more than a week since the stockings went live already?

I was thoroughly delighted with my stocking this year; it was great and you are all invited over to check out my stuff. :D I got fic, art, wallpapers, icons, recs, and holiday greetings; it's all absolutely wonderful and I had so much fun going through it. THANK YOU! ♥

Here's what I wrote!

Longer fics:

Stars to Guide You Home (Star Wars Episode VII, Rey, gen, 3600 wds)
Rey gets migraines. Back in the desert she used to just put up with them.

Reap the Whirlwind (Jessica Jones, Jessica/Trish, 1200 wds)
Jessica's running, again. But this time Trish won't let her.

Typical Day at the Office (White Collar, Neal & Peter, gen, 1800 wds)
Neal gets thrown through a plate-glass window.

Midnight Visitor (White Collar; Peter & Elizabeth & Neal; 1900 wds)
Missing scene for 2x08, after Peter is poisoned.

Shorter ficlets:

Peggy and Jarvis - Jarvis fixing her up after a mission gone wrong (Agent Carter)
Peggy and Angie Christmas fic (Agent Carter)
Rodney taking apart Ronon's blaster (Stargate Atlantis)
Neal picking Peter's pocket (White Collar)
Steve, Bucky, and Natasha get a house together (MCU, set after AoU)


Nov. 6th, 2015 11:00 am
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Just a run-by post before heading out the door -- I am doing two back-to-back craft/pop culture shows with [ profile] ellenmillion today through Sunday (SO MUCH ORNAMENT PAINTING) -- but I realized that today is my 10-year Livejournal anniversary!

I got this journal on Nov. 6, 2005. When I first noticed last summer that this was going to be the 10th year, I meant to do something special for it. Then I got busy, and busier, and spent most of October being ill, and all of a sudden it's the 6th and ... I have to be staffing a table in a couple of hours. >_>

But still, I figured I needed to pop in and say a little something about it. This wasn't the first Livejournal I got; the other, my real-name journal, was the one I considered my main one for a long time. This one was just for posting fanfic. But over the years I realized that nearly everyone I actually wanted to talk to was here -- all I did with the other one anyway was post Alaska photos and project updates, which I am now doing here -- and the handful of people from the other journal that I wanted to stay in touch with (and didn't think would look down on me for my fan activities) I told about this one, so I really only update the other a couple times a year, and there's nothing I post there that I don't post here.

The reason why I got this journal in 2005 was because I was starting to do fandom stuff again, after a dry spell. I wrote a TON of anime fanfic in the early 2000s, then got out of it in the 2003/2004 time frame. I moved to a new city, I was starting a new job and buying a house, I was super busy ALL the time, and I'd also managed to convince myself that in order to be a ~serious writer~, I needed to knock off this fanfic crap. (Pretty much ALL the pro writers I knew at the time believed that; I didn't know anybody who openly did both.) Then, with the original-writing thing going nowhere, I started falling back into it, a little bit at a time, and I got this journal just to have a place to put that kind of thing if there turned out to be anything to post. This journal was called "friendshipper" then, and my very first post here was basically "I have no idea what I'm going to do with this journal". (And sounds so ridiculously young to me now; omg, self.) I think the only fandom person I knew who was on LJ then was [ profile] xparrot, having met her via

.... aaaaand then I got back into Stargate (an old love, that I fell away from for several years), and got bit by the fanfic bug again in 2006. In retrospect I'm glad I fell into a big fandom right away, because it meant my journal started getting active pretty quickly -- people friended me, and I friended them, and I started learning proper LJ social etiquette and talking to people a lot. And over the next few years this journal became my main online hangout and social hub. Many, if not most, of my closest friends now are friends I made through LJ -- and DW, which I'm really not considering a separate thing here, since it was a social offshoot of LJ in the first place, and my flist/circle were almost 100% the same people in the beginning. (It's since differentiated quite a bit.) It hasn't all been roses, and there have been ups and downs, but I have had SO MUCH FUN here, and I know I wouldn't be the same person today without it. I wouldn't have met most of the people I cherish now, or have had a lot of the opportunities I've had.

So thank you for being here, and most especially for STILL being here, even as the fandom/blogging/social media world is shuffling off to Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook and even weirder places. I am in all of those places too, but LJ/DW is still where my hat is hung. I'm very glad you're all still here to talk to. ♥
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... about Engrenages season five is that I'm becoming thoroughly enamored of the way that Fred Bianconi (Tintin) lounges around on things.

I'm pretty sure one reason why is just to get everybody's heads into the same shot, because he's taller than the rest of the cast. Still, there is just something about that loose-limbed way he's always draping himself over filing cabinets or sitting on tables ...

Visual aids under the cut - generally nonspoilery (though taken from the low-quality season five Youtube videos, which is the only way I've been able to watch that part of the show).

Picspam under the cut )
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I figured that, if I'm going to be nattering about Engrenages (and since some people have expressed interest in it now), I should probably write a more detailed primer/intro post.

So -- Engrenages (Spiral in the UK/US) is a French crime drama, a little like Law & Order in that it follows parallel story tracks in each episode, the cops on one side and the lawyers on the other. Sometimes the storylines are entirely (or mostly) separate; sometimes they converge. On a side note, one of the things that's really fascinating to me about the show is how differently the French criminal justice system works from the American one, which is patterned generally after England's. Here, we maintain as strict a separation as possible between the investigative and the legal side; there, judges and prosecutors are actively involved in investigating cases, and visit crime scenes, consult with the investigating officers while the case is ongoing, and so forth.

At least, well, according to the show. It is television after all.

The first four seasons are streaming on Hulu; the fourth season is also on Netflix. The fifth and current season seems to be on Youtube, at least for now.

As I mentioned in my other post, the show is dark, brutal, often very depressing, and unflinching in what it will actually show onscreen (such as an autopsy on a week-old corpse or a suspect eating his own feces to hide evidence). I've gravitated hard to the cop side of the show, because while admittedly this is where most of the really disgusting stuff happens, I also realized that about 90% of what was making me ragey about the show, including multiple (at least three, that I can think of) fake rape storylines and a ton of social climbing and backstabbing subplots, was all happening on the lawyer side, so by skipping those scenes, I enjoy the show a lot better. I still like the characters on the lawyer and judge side -- well, they aren't all precisely likable, but even the unlikable ones are interesting -- but the biggest thing that drew me to the cops is that, even though they spend a lot of time being genuinely awful to each other, they like and care about each other, and have each other's backs most of the time.

So for me, the show is pretty much all about these three bozos:

Team Laure

One of the things I like about it in particular is that Laure, the main female character, is the boss; she's a police captain, and the guys are lieutenants under her. And this is never a problem for any of them, which is especially cool given how incredibly macho the entire police-station atmosphere is -- one of the first things we see Laure doing in the first episode is chewing out a member of her team who got sick during an autopsy. There's also a ton of sexism around; this is another thing the show is fairly unflinching about. But "her" guys genuinely like and respect her, and don't mind taking orders from her, even though she is in some ways a very difficult person to work for. I am all over that dynamic.

As the series goes along, the cop team gets fleshed out a bit more, with more named, recurring police characters. I have a certain fondness for Amina, the one on the left here, if only because it's nice to have another woman on the team:

Les flics

Under the cut, a little more about the main three. No major spoilers; a few minor ones.

More about Team Laure - with pictures )

ETA: A couple of additional Engrenages links: a Guardian article on the show and Laure's character that I enjoyed reading, and this short rec post for the show that I stumbled across while imagesearching pictures, which gives you ALL the characters instead of my highly biased version above. (As noted, I do like the others! I'm just terribly partial to the cops.)
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I am crushing so hard on the Agent Carter show right now, you guys. I think it helps a lot that it's only a self-contained 8 episodes, so there's a complete story arc and I can kind of just tuck it into my brain and give it some happy space there. I really hope there's a season two, but at the same time I almost feel like a season two would be a mixed blessing, because it gave me so much of I wanted already, and I would hate another season to leave it in a much worse place. (But I could have another season of their FACES! I am torn.) Let's face it, I will be sad if it's cancelled, but I'm also very happy with the 8 episodes we got.

I've been thinking about the aspects of the show that appeal to me, and while there are many reasons why I like it so much, I think part of it is that ... let me see, there is literally NO way to phrase this without sounding (for me) uncomfortably buzzwordy, but it's woman-centric and non-male-gazey not just in a way that most superhero stuff isn't, but even most genre shows starring female characters aren't. I think the big thing I kept feeling watching the show is This show feels like it's written FOR ME. I feel like I, me, my demographic is the target audience of this -- and I don't mean just "women generally" but "women like me"; this show appeals to me in a way that, say, Sex in the City type shows which are also aimed at a female demographic simply don't. I feel like I can relate to women like Peggy and Angie in a way I can't to women in most sci-fi stuff -- I love the female geniuses and leather-clad action heroes with impeccable makeup and so forth, but I don't really feel like "hey, that's me!" And while I don't have any particular problem empathizing with characters who are not like me, I can't remember the last time I've identified with a woman in sci-fi media as hard as I do with Peggy. I love many, many fictional characters, but there is a sort of coming-home comfort to this show (in spite of all the terrible stuff that happens on it) that just makes me feel like this is a sci-fi action show where PEOPLE LIKE ME are welcome and wanted.

That's not even a feeling I go around craving in particular. I literally don't care about that stuff most of the time! I just like what I like, and since I'm a female fan of sci-fi and superhero stuff, a ton of what I like is technically aimed at boys. But in all my many years of loving superheroes, and particularly throughout however many movies and shows I've enjoyed in the MCU, this is the first time I've really felt like somebody made a superhero thing FOR ME, and I had no idea how good that feeling is.

This obviously is not the only reason I like the show or even the main reason(s). It's more like something that snuck up on me and became a substrate underlying everything else I like about the show, if that makes any sense.

And now the spoilery stuff - illustrated with screencaps! Many spoilers for all episodes herein. )
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This season is over and there may or may not be a season six (*snif*) ...

... but [ profile] collarcorner is still around! I know regulars to my journal already know about it, but there are also a few new people coming around lately, so: [ profile] collarcorner is a gen prompt community, with new posts every month. Here is the current month's post, where prompts for fic, vid, art, etc. are welcome. I've just been added as one of the co-mods over there, and I'm going to try to be more active over there in the upcoming year (and do my best to bring some of you over there with me, too!).

You do not need an LJ account to participate at [ profile] collarcorner. Anonymous comment posting is open, and fills can be posted at AO3,, as comments (anon or otherwise), or anywhere else. Also, you do not need to fill in order to prompt. Most of the current prompts are related to the current season, but they don't have to be! If you have been craving a particular trope or plotline, feel free to go leave a prompt, and maybe someone will fill it for you! The only requirement is that it needs to be gen (background canon pairings okay - see the rules).

Another comm where I'd love to see more activity is [ profile] whitecollar_rec. I'm going to try to start posting recs over there regularly -- so if you aren't watching it, now would be a good time to join! :) Also, most people tend to rec new fics (which is always great, of course!) but recs for older fics/vids/art/etc would also be lovely. There are so many fics from past seasons that have quietly faded into obscurity, but are still very enjoyable to read. If there is nothing recent that makes you jump up and down to rec it, you are encouraged to go through your bookmarks and favorites to find an old beloved fic to rec!

And finally, I kinda got busy and neglected the Diana Squeefest. (Bad [personal profile] sholio.) I will try to do a roundup of fills soon. The fest is not closed, so if you'd like to post some prompts or fill some of the existing prompts, go for it!
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I floated the idea of doing a Diana fest back in August and then got too busy with the semester. It seemed like it would be a good way to deal with the winter blahs and kick off January, though!

So, presenting: The Diana Squeefest!

Everything Diana-related is encouraged: prompts, fic, picspams, recs, meta, or just comments about how awesome she is!

Especially welcomed: Prompts and fills on the theme of sending Diana undercover in better roles than she tends to get on the show. (This was the idea that we'd originally kicked around back in August; it seemed too limiting to stick to just that, so anything is welcomed, but prompts/fills on that topic would be especially lovely!)

A couple of house rules:
- Feel free to post fic etc in comments or linked from your journal, as you prefer
- Gen or f/f only, please (other pairings fine in background)
- All comments may contain SPOILERS for all aired episodes.

Finally, please feel free to signal-boost this, using the gorgeous banner very kindly created by [ profile] kanarek13!
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I watched the new episode of White Collar and I really loved it. :D Below the cut are a bunch of pictures from all five seasons plus a few mild spoilers for 5x01 (nothing major -- or, at least, nothing specific). Further introduction to this post is also under the cut because it's mildly spoilery.

Lots of cheerful pictures thisaway! (and some light 5x01 spoilers) )

Awwwwww <3

Sep. 15th, 2013 08:55 pm
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[ profile] aqwt101 posted some screencaps of Neal raising his hand in the conference room that were so adorable I asked her if I could share them.

Caps from 1x10 - under the cut mostly to avoid spamming the non-White Collar people )

ETA: Also, a White Collar fic rec! I already rec'd this over at [ profile] whitecollar_rec, but Shared Breath by Sandra S is lovely old-school h/c, all about the shared peril and the worry and .... eeeeeee. :) Just wanted to spread the joy!
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For your viewing enjoyment, a White Collar fanart I ran across on Tumblr. SO CUTE. (No spoilers.)

I also have a White Collar-related legal question for the flist. I may, um, be thinking about writing tags for 4x16, and there's something I'm wondering about. This is quite spoilery for the end of Season Four, so the question itself is under the cut.

The question is this: )
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No new White Collar tonight. WOE. So I come bearing pretty pictures to ease the pain. This is all Peter and Neal under the cut (well, Matt and Tim in some cases). I have another collection of group shots and pictures of everyone else, which I'll post shortly (after I go be a responsible grownup for a while *g*). There are a few from season four, but they're not particularly spoilery. The most recent picture is from 4x14.

Pictures thisaway! )


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