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2017-08-12 10:07 am

Vid: Guardians of the Galaxy - Holy (remastered)

This is one of the two GotG vids I made back in May/June, now remastered with HD footage! In addition to replacing all the clips with better-quality ones, I also swapped out a few of them and recut a couple parts of the vid, so it's a little different now than it was. (The old one is still on Youtube if you want to compare. Original DW entry here.)

Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2
Song: Holy
Artist: Frightened Rabbit
Summary: He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy. Parenthood, family, and divinity, by way of Peter Quill.

On AO3:
Tumblr: here

Download: MP4 - 72 Mb (zipped) | DivX - 110 Mb (zipped)
Subtitles: Download zipped SRT file

Embed and lyrics under the cut.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Holy - remastered )
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2017-06-14 04:28 pm

Guardians of the Galaxy vid: What You Wanted

I wanted to make a video to showcase how pretty these movies are. I think one reason why I've been wallowing around in these movies lately (and in space-opera-type sci-fi, generally) is because it's such a lovely, hopeful feeling to imagine this wide galaxy full of wonder and beauty, filled with gorgeous, foreign places and alien people just living their lives, out there beyond the skies of Earth. So I wanted to make a vid about that, and also about the feels, of course.

Low-quality footage will be replaced with better when I have the Vol. 2 DVD.

Title: What You Wanted
Music: OneRepublic
Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2
Summary: It's a big, beautiful galaxy full of loss and loneliness and love.

Download: Non-huge MP4 (32 Mb zipped) | Huge MP4 (152 Mb zipped) | DivX (122 Mb zipped)
(There's not actually THAT much visible difference between the small and huge ones.)

Subtitles: Download zipped .srt file

Tumblr: here

Embed and lyrics under the cut.

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2017-05-15 09:33 pm

Vid: Guardians of the Galaxy - Holy

EDIT 8-12-2017: If you came here via an old link, this vid has now been remastered with high-quality footage. View or download the new vid here!

So this was one of those vid ideas that takes hold and won't let go until it's made. Cam footage will be remastered in higher resolution when the DVDs are available.

Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2
Song: Holy
Artist: Frightened Rabbit
Spoilers?: SO MANY. OH SO MANY.
Summary: Parenthood is about much more than DNA, and the broken places make us human. Focused on Peter and his various relationships with his family.

On AO3:
Tumblr: here

Download: MP4 - 132 Mb (zipped) | DivX - 102 Mb (zipped)
Subtitles: Download zipped SRT file

Embed and lyrics under the cut.

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2017-04-18 02:53 pm

Vid: The Flash - Harry Wells - Solsbury Hill

Title: Solsbury Hill
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Show: The Flash
Character: Earth-2 Harrison "Harry" Wells
Seasons/Spoilers: Season 2 & 3, through 3x14
Summary: You can keep my things, they've come to take me home. Harry and his Flash(es) and Team Flash.
Tumblr: here

So, just to be confusing, there are two versions of this. Initially I made the vid in my usual style, with minimal edits to the clips, then decided to redo it with clip color edits and some f/x to have a more contemporary look. The f/x one is the main one available below, but I'm offering both in case you'd rather watch the more lightly edited version.

Downloads: MP4 (zipped, 126 Mb) | DivX (zipped, 100 Mb)

No f/x version: MP4 (zipped, 126 Mb) | Streaming on Youtube

Subtitles (unzip and put in directory with vid): regular version | no f/x version
(These are exactly the same except for the filename; it just needs to match the vid.)

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2017-03-08 09:53 pm

Legends of Tomorrow vid: Gideon - Hymn to Her

Gideon vid! Well, a vid about Gideon and Rip. (Look, you try vidding a character who consists of a disembodied voice and a floating computer-animated head, whose body is a spaceship.) The latest episode left me drowning in a puddle of Gideon feels, so here are those feels in vid form.

Title: Hymn to Her
Artist: The Pretenders
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Spoilers: to 2x13 (the latest episode)
Summary: She will always carry on. Gideon, the Waverider, and Rip Hunter: the story of a ship and her captain.

Tumblr: available here

Download: MP4 - 100 Mb, zipped | DivX - 80 Mb, zipped

Embed and lyrics under the cut.

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2016-11-17 11:04 am

Flash vid: Long Live

Title: Long Live
Artist: Taylor Swift
Show: The Flash
Clips/spoilers: up to 3x05
Summary: I had the time of my life, fighting dragons with you. Team vid.

If you haven't actually seen the show at all, I don't think it'll be that spoilery (I didn't include anything that's terribly and obviously spoilery out of context, I don't think).

Downloads: MP4 zipped (108 Mb) | DivX zipped (160 Mb)

Embed and lyrics under cut.

Long Live )
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2016-08-23 04:50 pm

Agent Carter vid: Try Everything

And with this, my seventh AC vid, Agent Carter has passed SGA to become my most-vidded fandom. (Though honestly, White Collar probably would have been, if I hadn't been having technical issues during most of the time I was watching it that made vidding prohibitively difficult. I planned a lot of vids in the later seasons that I never actually made.)

Song: Try Everything
Artist: Shakira (from the Zootopia soundtrack)
Fandom: Agent Carter
Summary: Seasons 1 & 2, Peggy + ensemble. I wanna try even though I could fail. They all get knocked down, but they keep getting up again.

Downloads: 87 Mb DivX (zipped) | 125 Mb MP4 (zipped)
(Smaller download options at the Vimeo link.)

Embed and lyrics under the cut.

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2016-07-11 07:28 pm

Agent Carter vid: Night Changes

This one has been in the works since last year. Right after the end of last season, I heard this song on the radio and thought, "Wow. That HAS to be a Peggy vid." The problem was that I couldn't figure out what to do with the third stanza. The Captain America movie and the first season of Agent Carter fit the first and second stanzas, but then there was all this extra song on the end. And then we got another season and everything clicked.

Title: Night Changes
Artist: One Direction
Fandom: Agent Carter
Footage: Seasons 1&2, plus movies
Summary: We're only getting older, baby. Peggy moving on with her life after Steve: finding the place where she belongs, and the people that she belongs with.

Download: 142 Mb MP4 | 116 Mb DivX
(Smaller download options at the Vimeo link)
On Tumblr: here at sholiofic

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2016-03-22 01:14 pm

Agent Carter vid: Queen of Hearts (Carter/Sousa/Thompson)

Fandom: Agent Carter
Song: Queen of Hearts
Artist: Juice Newton
Pairing: Carter/Sousa/Thompson
Summary: The joker ain't the only fool who'll do anything for you. They're really pretty good at catching the bad guys ... on those rare occasions when they aren't fighting each other. (Clips from seasons one and two.)

Download: 127 Mb MP4 | 100 Mb DivX (smaller download options at the Vimeo link)
Other crossposts: Tumblr link

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2016-03-07 04:58 pm

Agent Carter vid: Shut Up and Dance

Note #1: I first encountered this song in a lovely Star Wars: The Force Awakens vid by [personal profile] such_heights. You should go watch it; it's great!

Note #2: You know how 90% of what I write is a riff on the exact same theme, finding home and family? This is basically that, in vid form.

Title: Shut Up and Dance
Artist: Walk the Moon
Fandom: Agent Carter
Spoilers: Seasons one and two
Summary: Peggy finds her people, and her place in the world. Agent Carter team vid.
(This vid contains a couple of talking clips in the middle, in case that's something that bothers you.)

Download: MP4 (148 Mb) | DivX (103 Mb) (smaller downloads available at the Vimeo link)
Other crossposts: Tumblr link

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2016-03-04 02:14 am

Agent Carter vid: Miracle and Wonder

Title: Miracle and Wonder
Fandom: Agent Carter
Song: The Boy in the Bubble
Artist: Paul Simon
Spoilers: all of seasons one and two; first Captain American movie
Summary: These are the days of miracle and wonder. Peggy and the SSR, doing what they do.

Downloads: 720px MP4 (78 Mb) | 1280px MP4 (129 Mb) | 1280px DivX (107 Mb)
(There are smaller download options at the Vimeo link.)

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2016-02-17 10:45 pm

Festivid: Lethal Weapon - Odds Are

So, yes, this is the vid I made for Festivids - signed and downloadable versions are finally up! [personal profile] muccamukk suggested the ideal song, which made the whole thing click. I've had an idea in the back of my head of doing a found-family-themed vid for these movies for awhile, ever since I rewatched all the movies with my mom a few years ago, and this provided the perfect opportunity.

Title: Odds Are (We'll Be All Right)
Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Fandom: Lethal Weapon movies
Summary: Martin Riggs and the Murtaughs; or, how a miserable, suicidal hermit found a family. Also featuring lots of explosions, because Riggs. (Okay, they aren't ALL his fault.)
Content notes: brief scenes of suicidal ideation near start of vid

Download: MP4 (87 Mb) | DivX (30 Mb)
Original Festivids post: here

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2016-02-09 11:03 pm

Agent Carter vid: Another Tonight Remaster

Here's the remastered version of my "hello season two!" music video. The old files will be deleted, so these are the ones to use now. Vastly improved video and audio! I also replaced a couple of repetitive or otherwise not-quite-what-I-wanted clips with new ones (and Leesa, there is a clip of your fave Bernard now!).

Song: There Will Never Be Another Tonight
Artist: Bryan Adams
Vidder: Sholio
Fandom: Agent Carter Season 2 (footage from 2x01 and 2x02)
Summary: Make a little magic, raise some hell. They're back, and making trouble in LA!

Download: MP4 (110 Mb) | DIVX (88 Mb)

Embed and lyrics under the cut )
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2016-01-20 09:32 pm

Agent Carter vid: Hello season 2!

My show is back! ... and here's a happy vid to celebrate. (Not exactly what I was planning on doing today, but, well ...) Footage from the first two episodes of season two; there are spoilers, obviously, but I've tried to avoid the really major ones, so there's not a whole lot in this vid that you couldn't already infer from previews and advance articles.

If you came here via an old link, there is now a remastered and MUCH nicer version of this video!

Go watch that one instead!

(The below links no longer work.)

Song: There Will Never Be Another Tonight
Artist: Bryan Adams
Vidder: Sholio
Fandom: Agent Carter Season 2
Summary: Make a little magic, raise some hell. They're back, and making trouble in LA!

Download: MP4 (88 Mb) | DIVX (30 Mb)

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2015-12-27 01:18 pm

Songvid: Landsailor (Star Wars original trilogy)

Title: Landsailor
Artist: Vienna Teng with Glen Phillips
Fandom: Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
Summary: Landsailor, sail on time. A pilot needs a ship and a crew, and sometimes the people you meet can change you forever. Han Solo + team.

This contains no clips or spoilers from the new movie; it's all Episode IV-VI only. Please let me know of any technical (downloading, playback, etc) issues you encounter.

Download: MP4 (85 Mb) or DivX (40 Mb)

Embedded video and song lyrics under the cut )

Some people on my flist haven't seen the new movie yet, so please avoid spoilers in comments -- thank you!
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2015-02-25 05:54 pm

Agent Carter vid: One More Day

So ... remember that vid I mentioned I was making? I guess I went ahead and made it. :D

It's from TV-rip MP4s, so the picture quality is not that great, but this isn't really a grand artistic masterpiece kind of vid; this is more like "I want to take a million clips of their faces and wallow".

Title: One More Day
Fandom: MCU: Agent Carter
Song/artist: "Krafty" by New Order
Spoilers: All episodes (1x01-1x08)
Summary: The Peggy/team/ensemble vid of my heart.

Download: Zipped MP4 (36 Mb)

Youtube embed and lyrics under cut )
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2012-12-29 01:21 pm

Once Upon a Time vid

This vid is basically me learning Final Cut. :D Please let me know of any playback or download issues you encounter.

Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Song: Call Me Maybe
Artist: Carly Rae Jepson
Clips/Spoilers: through 2x09 (but mostly from season one)
Warnings/Triggers: none known
Character/Pairing: Ensemble; most canon pairings plus some non-canon ones (f/m and f/f), with the heaviest emphasis on Mary/David (Snow/Charming) and Belle/Rumpelstiltskin
Download: 47 Mb MP4 (zipped)

Embedded under cut )
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2012-01-01 10:19 am

White Collar vid: Fire Escape

First fanvid of 2012!

I started working on this vid back in June/July when I was originally watching the series, and made about 90% of it before my DVDs arrived. Then, DVDs in hand, I thought, "I should totally remaster this with shiny, high-resolution, logo-free footage!"

Which I completely failed to do (and don't even have the DVDs at the moment, since I loaned them to my mom and they are now making the rounds of the family DVD circuit). Instead I got sidetracked onto other projects. But I was too far along on the vid to want to just abandon it, so I went ahead and finished it from the AVI footage that I'd been using originally. I figured a finished vid with slightly poorer image quality was a whole lot better than 90% of a vid that would sit forever on my hard drive.

Title: Fire Escape
Artist: Fastball
Fandom: White Collar
Characters: Neal and Peter
Clips from: 1x01-3x10
Summary: "I can be myself, how about you?" Neal is the element of uncertainty and change in Peter's life. But neither of them would have it any other way.
Download: 57 Mb MP4 (zipped)

Embedded under cut )
sholio: Neal from White Collar looking down (WhiteCollar-Neal sidelight)
2011-10-21 12:14 am

White Collar vid: Dustland Fairytale (Neal/Kate)

Song: Dustland Fairytale
Artist: The Killers
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: Neal/Kate
Spoilers: All of seasons one and two
Summary: The story of Neal, Kate and Adler.
Download: 54 Mb MP4 (zipped)

Embedded under cut )
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2011-09-20 03:02 pm
Entry tags:

To keep or not to keep

I'm cleaning up and backing up the hard drive on my main working computer today (it's a laptop, so this is always a ritual before taking it on a trip with me) and I'm contemplating my ever-growing folder of completed music videos. I tend to save everything, but I'm starting to wonder about the wisdom of taking up an ever-growing corner of my hard drive with old files for vids I completed years ago. I make my vids in iMovie, and the files are pretty large (generally 3-5 Gb each), plus all the clips that I saved too.

To toss or not to toss? The only reason I can think of for keeping them is that it would enable me to go back later and save/export them in a different format if I wanted to. It would also make it easier to remaster them with better footage, should I ever want to do that, but at this point the only ones that I have any vague desire to remaster are the really old ones, which I did in Premiere, and don't still have the files for anyway.

I'm reluctant to throw them away, and yet, the finished & exported versions are the important thing (the final MP4, WMVs, etc), and I'm definitely keeping those.


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