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Thank you for writing for me! :) I will admit that I'm generally a fluff aficionado and kind of a wuss when it comes to gore and sad/tragic endings, but I've offered a number of "trick" prompts for things I think I'd enjoy. Hopefully my prompts will give you a good feel for the kind of thing I like.

In every one of these fandoms, I love every requested character and would be very happy with any of them that you wish to write. I don't have a unique prompt for every possible character or pairing, but feel free to mix'n'match however you want. Most of my prompts can be used for any individual character or group of characters in that fandom.

Fandoms: Agent Carter, MCU, Stranger Things

Likes/dislikes and general prompts/suggestions )

Fandom-specific requests and prompts )
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Hello! Thank you so much for making something for me! <3

General likes and dislikes )

Individual fandom requests:

Agent Carter )

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Guardians of the Galaxy) )

Supergirl )
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Dear Author,

Thank you for writing for me! My requests tend to be long, but that's just to give you some ideas to work with. If you have a completely different idea, go for it! In general, I am very easy to please.

General likes: hurt/comfort, friendship, banter, quiet bonding moments, characters sacrificing for each other, developing friendships/relationships, established relationships, futurefic, presumed dead.

General dislikes: character death, character bashing, hopeless endings.

Since I ship/friendship Jack, Peggy, and Daniel in all combinations, I am fine if you make a gen request shippy or a shippy request gen. The one thing I would like to request is that, if you choose the slavery AU option, please keep that one gen. Otherwise, I'm good with any of it.

Mixing and matching different AUs is also something I'm totally fine with.

I adore h/c, but if you're not into it and would rather write something else, I also enjoy plenty of fic without it, so no worries there! In this particular case, I'm good with any of these characters in any h/c roles (maybe with a sliiiight preference for Jack being the one to receive h/c, but I really am good with any scenario).
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First of all, thank you so much for creating something for me! :D I tend to write long letters with a lot of options, but that's just to give you ideas. I know it's probably nervewracking to discover that you're making something for the mod who ALSO has a very long request letter, but please do not feel bound to follow my suggestions. I have very few DNWs, so I'm sure I will love whatever you make me.

For vids, see my signup details. You can also look at my vids tag to see what my typical aesthetic and musical choices are like, but don't feel bound by that.

General fic likes: friendship, casefic, action, fluff, cuddling, banter, awkward developing relationships, established relationships, hurt/comfort, quiet domestic moments (e.g. playing board games, going out for drinks), getting trapped somewhere together (either the super angsty kind where a building has collapsed on them or they're stranded in a cabin, or the funny/cracky kind where they're on surveillance duty together or forced to spend the night in jail because of a mission gone wrong), AUs

General fic dislikes: character death, character bashing, tragic/hopeless endings

Some h/c tropes I like in case you find it inspiring )

My signup details in case it's useful to have them here too )
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Thank you so much for writing for me! I am generally very easy to please, and I am equally excited about all of these fandoms, so I'm sure I will love whatever you make for me!

General likes: hurt/comfort, plotty fic, fluffy fic, angst with a happy ending, action, quiet moments of domesticity, gen, banter, competence, cuddling, presumed dead but really alive, characters saving each other.

General dislikes: Crossovers, character death, unhappy endings.

Individual requests under the cut. Fandoms: The Cinder Spires (Jim Butcher), Never Trust a Dead Man (Vivian Vande Velde), Vorkosigan Saga (Lois McMaster Bujold), Benjamin January Mysteries (Barbara Hambly).

Requests )

In conclusion, please don't worry about sticking too close to any of my requests if you have a different idea. I'm requesting these fandoms and these characters because I love them, and my reading tastes are fairly broad as long as it's not just "rocks fall, everyone dies", so if you write a story that speaks to you, I'll probably love it too!
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Thank you for writing for me! I'm pretty easygoing and I'm sure I will like whatever you write me.

General likes and dislikes )

Request details )
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Thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me! I know it's probably intimidating to get the mod as your assignment, but I really am very easy to please. I know I will love whatever you make me!

General likes: casefic, action, h/c, friendship, cuddling, curtainfic, domesticity, quiet downtime between cases, futurefic, AUs, missing scenes. I love alllll the hurt/comfort tropes, but I'm also totally fine with none at all if it's not your thing.

General dislikes: character bashing, crossovers, PWP (as noted in details below, I don't mind explicit content in fic, but it's not really something I go for). If you are going to write fic set after the season two finale, please don't kill Jack! (Unless it's temporary; I'm also thoroughly fond of "presumed dead" as a trope.)

Specific requests from my signup )
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ETA 4-2-16: Having watched Daredevil season two, I added a paragraph about that to my letter, in case we matched on that one and you haven't started writing yet! All the original request still applies, but there's some new stuff. New request addition contains season two spoilers! (It's at the very bottom of my request, so easily skippable.)

Hello, writer! I hope you enjoy writing for me, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you write!

General fic likes: Casefic, adventure, h/c (as tropey as you like), slice of life, fluff, cuddling, cool alien/spy tech, daring rescues, friendship, banter, characters worrying about each other, characters hanging out together, AUs. I am equally happy with long angsty casefic epics and with 1000 words of plotless fluff in which the characters play board games.

General dislikes: Crossovers, deathfic, unhappy endings, hurt with no comfort.

For this exchange in particular, I would prefer not to mix TV/movie and comics canon, although shows/movies/comics that canonically cross over are fine. (That is, having the TV version of Jessica Jones turn up in a TV-Daredevil fic is fine, as they exist in the same universe; what I'm trying to avoid here is having, say, Magneto show up.) Unless there's some sort of dimension-crossover device involved, in which case, go nuts. I just want them to be from separate dimensions instead of all existing in the same one, if that makes sense.

Specific fandom requests:

Agent Carter (request contains season two spoilers) )

Daredevil (TV) )


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