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So the fact that I now have a GotG icon probably tells you all you need to know about how I reacted to the movie. I did not go in expecting to love it. I actually was lukewarm on the first one (which, by the way, I am totally buying so I can rewatch it now, because Netflix does not have it streaming, the jerks).



I also think the trailer for this movie (the first teaser trailer, the Fox on the Run one) might be one of the best trailers I've ever seen, because it a) took me from "meh" to really wanting to see this movie, and b) did not actually spoil ANYTHING! I went into this completely unspoiled -- in fact, far less spoiled than I thought I was after seeing the trailer -- and I'm really glad. If watching things nonspoiled is your thing, I think you will enjoy having that experience.

Which means you will not want to click on the cut tag, because ALL THE SPOILERS are here.

All the spoilers )
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We saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night (more on that in a new post shortly) and I came out of the movie with a burning desire to write a tag, which hasn't happened to me in awhile! Obviously this is about as spoilery as it is possible to get.

Title: Brighter Than the Sun
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Word Count: 1700
Pairing: Gen friendship feels
Summary: This is the problem with aliens. One of the problems, anyway. For my h/c bingo square "family." No particular warnings aside from HUGE SPOILERS; some more notes under the cut.

Brighter Than the Sun )
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Because I obviously need more bingo cards, I got one for [community profile] tic_tac_woe, the marvelously named apocalypse mini-bingo challenge.

Reality is a dream Human error/accidents Sentient hostile planet
Psychic storms WILD CARD Doomsday device
Buried by garbage Flooding/erosion of land mass Super volcanoes

I can't help thinking this one works remarkably well for superhero fandoms.
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Would anyone like to leave some Agent Carter prompts for the SSR Confidential writers/artists/vidders? I just put up a prompt/inspiration post.

Prompt post on DreamwidthPrompt post on LJ

Anon commenting is turned on, but not required, though if you're participating in the exchange, it would be appreciated if you tried to avoid giving away TOO many clues about what you're working on.

You don’t have to be signed up for the exchange to leave prompts, and you can also use these for general inspiration – you don’t have to use them exclusively for SSR Confidential fanworks.

(And yes, I really should have done something like this a lot earlier if I was going to, but better late than never, right??)
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I am just poking my head up from massive, massive book edits. Even proofreading a 130K book takes forever. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF. It should be out early next week, though.

So, a catchup post on various recent TV-related stuff.

First of all, a vid rec: Fringe - Walter - 1985 by [personal profile] jmtorres. I never, ever would've thought of using 1985 for Walter, but it's such a hilarious and perfect song choice for him. Now I have Fringe feels.

This week's Flash: was certainly an episode of TV that happened. Spoilers )

This week's Agents of SHIELD: continues to be my favorite thing on TV right now, and I STILL can't believe I'm saying that about THIS SHOW. Spoilers )

This week's Supergirl: made me have conflicted thoughts about my least favorite character(s). Spoilers )
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Dear Author,

Thank you for writing for me! My requests tend to be long, but that's just to give you some ideas to work with. If you have a completely different idea, go for it! In general, I am very easy to please.

General likes: hurt/comfort, friendship, banter, quiet bonding moments, characters sacrificing for each other, developing friendships/relationships, established relationships, futurefic, presumed dead.

General dislikes: character death, character bashing, hopeless endings.

Since I ship/friendship Jack, Peggy, and Daniel in all combinations, I am fine if you make a gen request shippy or a shippy request gen. The one thing I would like to request is that, if you choose the slavery AU option, please keep that one gen. Otherwise, I'm good with any of it.

Mixing and matching different AUs is also something I'm totally fine with.

I adore h/c, but if you're not into it and would rather write something else, I also enjoy plenty of fic without it, so no worries there! In this particular case, I'm good with any of these characters in any h/c roles (maybe with a sliiiight preference for Jack being the one to receive h/c, but I really am good with any scenario).
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I'm trying to do my signup for MCU AU Fest, and aaaaaugh, how am I supposed to narrow it down from all the many possibilities? Also, for the record, I now have about a dozen brand new plot bunnies, because that is TOTALLY a thing I need.
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Title: Solsbury Hill
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Show: The Flash
Character: Earth-2 Harrison "Harry" Wells
Seasons/Spoilers: Season 2 & 3, through 3x14
Summary: You can keep my things, they've come to take me home. Harry and his Flash(es) and Team Flash.
Tumblr: here

So, just to be confusing, there are two versions of this. Initially I made the vid in my usual style, with minimal edits to the clips, then decided to redo it with clip color edits and some f/x to have a more contemporary look. The f/x one is the main one available below, but I'm offering both in case you'd rather watch the more lightly edited version.

Downloads: MP4 (zipped, 126 Mb) | DivX (zipped, 100 Mb)

No f/x version: MP4 (zipped, 126 Mb) | Streaming on Youtube

Subtitles (unzip and put in directory with vid): regular version | no f/x version
(These are exactly the same except for the filename; it just needs to match the vid.)

Embed and lyrics under the cut )
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Aaaaa! I've learned how to do subtitles on vids!!

I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but I always thought there would be a steep learning curve and/or you'd need special software. Come to find out, you can make .srt files in a text editor; you just have to put in the timestamps for each line of subtitle manually. (I'm using this method.) It really doesn't take long for a 3-minute vid, and I've fallen down the rabbit hole of tweaking the start and end of each subtitle. OH LOOK, A BRAND NEW VIDDING TIMESINK. XD

These subtitles are not embedded in the vid (I think you do actually need special software for that), but if the .srt file is in the folder with the vid and it's opened in VLC, it ought to work - it works great for me!

Right now I'm making subs for the Flash vid I'm currently working on, but now that I know how to do it, are there any of my old vids that anyone would like subtitles for and/or fandoms that you'd like to request subtitles in? In theory I can now make them for literally any vid, not just my own; it's just that I need to be able to open it in a vid player that will give me second-accurate timestamps since I need to look up the start and end for each subtitle line to get the timing right.
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From LJ's 18th-anniversary graphic generator thingie:

LJ-infographic copy

Well, I'm certainly a chatty little monkey, aren't I? XD
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... Agents of SHIELD made me like Grant F**king Ward. what even
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New community: [community profile] fanifesto, for fandom manifestos (fandom/ship/character/etc). In case it is relevant to your interests! There's nothing there yet, but it's very new.

I'm torn between the urge to rec some of the things that I'm into, and the awareness that most of the things I'm into are actually not that good, objectively speaking. XD
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Something kind of random I was thinking about today is how the Vietnam War has almost completely disappeared from pop culture/awareness. I started thinking about it when I was flipping through a table of books at B&N, and picked up a book of war stories I was fully expecting to be WWII (because everything is right now), and opened it up and was briefly thrown to discover it was Vietnam.

And that's relatively rare now! When I was a kid in the late 70s/80s, it was ubiquitous, unavoidable. Most of the war movies were Vietnam. Just about every action-hero character in movies and TV and books had a Vietnam-veteran background to explain how they got their commando skills or acquired a bunch of exotic enemies or ended up living in an out-of-the-way place avoiding the world or whatever.

Which is not at all surprising, because of how thoroughly everyone in my parents' generation (the Baby Boomers) was shaped by the war. This is what makes it so weird and fascinating to me that we never talk about it anymore, because EVERY American male who was a young adult in the 1960s either served in the war or has a unique-to-him story about how he avoided it. There wasn't a single person in the adult generation that I knew growing up who hadn't had their life turned in a particular direction by the war, either through serving in it or avoiding it, through losing the boy they meant to marry or being forced to move to a different place or just having their worldview altered. It drove a whole generation; it's why I grew up in Alaska, and why my parents met in the first place. And 10-15 years after the war, there was a constant awareness of it; I grew up with the background awareness of Vietnam as a THING. And now that's simply not there.

Meanwhile WWII has experienced a resurgence. In the last 5-10 years it's EVERYWHERE, in a way I never remember when I was a kid -- not coincidentally, I imagine, as the generation who actually fought in the war dies off, leaving us to see it through a convenient pair of rose-colored glasses rather than remembering the horror firsthand.

And of course the war that's now used as a convenient backstory for characters in half the books and movies out there is Afghanistan.

I don't really see Vietnam coming back in the same way WWII did, just like WWI didn't. If the pattern held true, then WWI should've been the "nostalgia" war in the media a generation ago, and it wasn't -- probably for the same reason that Vietnam started to fade away, or be erased, once it was no longer close enough in time to overshadow everything. We don't like things that are messy and awful, that can't be reduced to a good-guy/bad-guy narrative (and especially in Vietnam's case, there's also the creeping suspicion that we might actually have been the bad guys). I don't really think the way we view WWII is any more accurate, but it's a whole lot easier to wrap up in a "just war" narrative and package it conveniently for entertainment.

And that narrative vacuum where Vietnam used to be is really interesting to me.
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This month's round at [ profile] collarcorner (White Collar gen prompt community) is the return of the lightning round, i.e. short prompts and short fills (though of course fills can also be long; art and other non-fic fills are entirely welcome). This was popular last year, so it's back for a second year! We are also coming up on our 50th round, so there's a discussion post for how to celebrate. At this point it looks like a fic exchange is the main idea that's been suggested.

There is also an important poll I just put up: A question about the future of the community. I'm asking for input on whether the comm should stay on LJ, move to DW, or mirror between the two. If you don't have an LJ account, you can leave your opinion in the comments.

One thing I'd be interested in finding out is whether the community might pick up new members on DW, to offset the members it's sure to lose if it moves. Right now the community is active enough to keep going (actually, it's very impressively active for a never-terribly-large gen community in a small fandom for a show that went off the air two years ago; White Collar fandom seems to have a lot of staying power) but it can't afford to lose very many people and still be large enough to support itself, and it seems likely we'll lose people no matter what we do, so I'm trying to think of ways to offset that.
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I have no specific plans to go anywhere, but if you want to follow me elsewhere, or in case my LJ journal should suddenly go "poof" - I cannot lie, I expect all of English-language LJ is probably going "poof" sometime in the next five to ten years, if not sooner - I'm also [personal profile] sholio on DW, and [ profile] sholiofic (fic-only journal) & [ profile] laylainalaska (everything else) on Tumblr. I'm also [ profile] sholio on AO3, and nearly all of my fic is there except the SGA stuff - which has a masterlist on my website here. At this point, most of those links point to either LJ or, but just in case they DO vanish suddenly, I have everything I've ever written on my hard drive (and associated backups), so it's just a matter of kicking my lazy butt in gear and getting it all archived somewhere else.

In the meantime, if you've relocated to DW, feel free to say hi over there and remind me I need to follow you and/or grant you access. :>

I also came across a link to [community profile] 2017revival for new DW arrivals, and a post linking LJ names to DW names for those who use different names in different places, in case either of those are useful!
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I signed up for a card at [community profile] genprompt_bingo. I'm really happy with the card I got; it looks like a lot of fun!

Under the cut )
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Phew. I've finished a bunch of archive updating for my webcomic Kismet. The site that used to host my backup archive (where all the short comics were) went down a couple of years ago, and I'm just now getting all of those back up on my website. I also got the website perma-archive updated to mirror the Tumblr site where it regularly updates. (It was almost 100 pages behind. Oops.)

It is very weird to go back to hand-coding HTML in a text editor after getting used to updating pages like a grown-up in a Wordpress/social media interface. I never have gotten the Kismet site into any sort of content manager. On the other hand, I've been maintaining the site for so long -- since about 1999, through a number of style changes, but still with a fundamentally similar underlying site scheme -- that the updating goes pretty quick once I get back into the swing of remembering which bits of code to modify on each comic page and which folders to upload into.

So, in short, if you have wanted to check out my webcomic, or didn't even know I had one, now is a good time because everything is FINALLY back online! Kismet is a space opera comic that, at the present time, consists of two books (one of which is complete; the other is currently updating) and a number of short side comics.

Book 1: Hunter's Moon (2002-2006)

Advantage to starting here: This is the recommended starting point; it was the beginning for me, and therefore, you can jump in and start reading without missing any context.
Disadvantage: The art and storytelling are both pretty rough in the beginning. The second book is also a lot more diverse, with a cast that's largely female/PoC.

Book 2: Sun-Cutter (2009-present)
Archive and current updates can also be found at

Advantage to starting here: The art is much better. It's also largely separate from the Hunter's Moon storyline, featuring a different set of characters, and doesn't start to tie back into the events of HM until about 70 or 80 pages in, so it can be read as its own thing if you prefer. The female characters get to shine a lot more, and there are fewer of what I might charitably refer to as "dubious writing choices."
Disadvantage: It does eventually spoil a bunch of things about Hunter's Moon. Also, some things will probably make more sense if you've read HM first.

The Short Comics

Advantage to starting here: You can get some samples without having to commit to a 300-page graphic novel. They don't go past the beginning of Hunter's Moon, so you won't be spoiled for anything in the main comic storyline if you read them.
Disadvantage: The art styles of the short comics are all over the map and not typical of the main comic's style at all. They're also fairly disjointed and jump around through 90 years of timeline. They're meant to supplement the main storyline rather than replacing it.

Just ask me if you have any questions!
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I asked people on Tumblr last night to send me an AU and I'd give them some thoughts on that AU, which all ended up being Agent Carter. I got more than I could write, but here are the ones I did:

Vintage car mechanic AU
Librarian AU (with follow-up suggestions)
Art heist AU
Pet Shop of Horrors AU
Wild West AU
Star Wars AU (with follow-up expanding on Daniel's role in this 'verse)
College student AU
College faculty AU
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First of all, thank you so much for creating something for me! :D I tend to write long letters with a lot of options, but that's just to give you ideas. I know it's probably nervewracking to discover that you're making something for the mod who ALSO has a very long request letter, but please do not feel bound to follow my suggestions. I have very few DNWs, so I'm sure I will love whatever you make me.

For vids, see my signup details. You can also look at my vids tag to see what my typical aesthetic and musical choices are like, but don't feel bound by that.

General fic likes: friendship, casefic, action, fluff, cuddling, banter, awkward developing relationships, established relationships, hurt/comfort, quiet domestic moments (e.g. playing board games, going out for drinks), getting trapped somewhere together (either the super angsty kind where a building has collapsed on them or they're stranded in a cabin, or the funny/cracky kind where they're on surveillance duty together or forced to spend the night in jail because of a mission gone wrong), AUs

General fic dislikes: character death, character bashing, tragic/hopeless endings

Some h/c tropes I like in case you find it inspiring )

My signup details in case it's useful to have them here too )


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