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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote2011-08-19 12:48 am

State of the H/C bingo card

Green are the squares I've finished. Pale green are the ones I've started a story for, but I'm not sure if I'm going to finish any of them. I really want to write something for that blood loss square, though, because that is so totally right up my alley as far as my specific kinks are concerned ... The story I'm currently writing for it is a little missing scene for that WC fic I posted recently, "Courier", because given Peter's situation in that story, there is SO MUCH NEAL ANGST taking place off-camera that I couldn't write because I was doing the whole thing from Grace's POV. But it won't seem to come together into an actual story. Foo. ETA: Actually, I wrote this! Card has been updated to reflect that.

As you can see, though, I'm thisclose to having a bingo if I can come up with something for the "combat" square. Unfortunately my current main writing fandom, White Collar, does not lend itself to that kind of thing. WC is not really a "bloodbath in the streets" kind of fandom. I could probably do something in one of many fandoms I've been writing lately, though. (SGA? Highlander? Dresden Files? A:tLA?)

I'm still trying to figure out if I want to do just the straight line or go for a crossed line ... I'm pretty close to the crossed line, actually, if I can finish the blood loss fic and then do something for the other two squares in that line. "Unrequited pining" is a tricky one, but most of my fandoms have at least one relationship that would lend itself to that, if I can do it right.

If I just go for the straight line, though, I can ask for a new card after posting the bingo. Which is rather tempting, really! New squares to play with!

Not that I'm really short on things to write about at the moment, what with one WC WiP in progress, and my exchange fic for [ profile] collarcorner (which is getting rather long, and by "rather long" I mean that I just passed 25K words on it), and for that matter the most recent prompt post at [ profile] collarcorner is making me flail with all the tempting ideas that I don't have time to write.

In the meantime, what should I write for my combat square, y'all?
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If there was ever a canon made for a "combat" square ...

Zuko's an obvious candidate, but it'd be interesting to see what h/c would look like with a character who's canonically going to object to showing weakness and bristle at attempts to comfort, e.g. Mai or Toph.
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>"In the meantime, what should I write for my combat square, y'all?"

As I'd like to read you write more HL, I vote HL. :-) You don't have to go the easy route with standard-issue immortal combat, of course, although that has its merits. You can go with Joe or Charlie's military combat experiences. Or any of the many times the male immortal characters have been in mortal wars. Or the loved one waiting for the warrior to return (or not) from combat. Or even rejection of combat by Darius, Grace, the false Methos...

:-) Good luck!
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I'm looking forward to "experiments by evil scientists"! White Collar, too?

Combat: Maybe Katara after the war would work well, when she has to get back to using bending for healing but keeps slipping back into fighting moves, instinctive wariness etc.


But I think Molly Carpenter and her training with Lea in particular would be perfect for that square. It would be dark, of course. There could be background mentions of her family, who she can't go back to because she has to fight and defend the city, Karrin Murphy, a former friend and fellow warrior who's afraid of her, everyone else who is afraid of her and she needs them to be because she has to keep fighting, and Lea always "at her side". Poor Molly :(
I would love to see you write Dresden Files fic set around Ghost Story in general.