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*folds like house of cards in a windstorm*

*hangs head* I went ahead and signed up for [ profile] hc_bingo because I have NO WILLPOWER AT ALL.

driven to insanity
fever / delirium
de-age (mental)
ghosts and hauntings
fear of flying
nervous breakdown
werewolves: accidental mating for life w/ inappropriate person
caught in a robbery
rape / recovery
bullet wounds
domestic abuse (emotional)
undercover: having to participate in illegal / hurtful activity
fear of heights

... wow. Some of these are going to be hard for me. XD Actually, I think some of them might be damned near impossible, without tipping over into a level of woobification that is really, really hard for me to write.

The idea of trying to do some of these in SGA cracks me up utterly. (On the other hand, a few of them are made for it!)

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I got to the bingo square about werewolves and lost it. Certainly gives a new twist on the phrase "coyote ugly" XD
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I KNOW, RIGHT? And then there's the wings. And the entire bottom line of the card, which I'm thinking about combining into one giant woobie fic. The only thing that doesn't fit is the fear of heights. Otherwise, though -- Woobie Character A's abusive boyfriend forced him into the seedy life of an undercover prostitute mobster something-or-other, and now he's lying to his friends and having to kill people! And he's had to turn to alcoholism to deal with it! And cutting! And then a werewolf mated with him. (Oops. Wrong line.)

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Re: *iz dedder*

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Wings are an h/c prompt?? hooow??

(I say you go parody on the + SGA = LOL prompts!)

...otherwise. I am. Erm. Tempted. To sign up myself. Well, I've been having trouble with inspiration, and these prompts are pretty classic...
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Some of the other cards contained tentacles. I seriously want to see an h/c tentacle fic.

I'm not sure if wingfic is inherently an h/c idea -- I kinda had the same thought -- but I think every wingfic I've read has been total h/c. And usually John Sheppard. Except the one I wrote with Naye. :D

You should! We can suffer together! Or our characters can suffer. Or something.

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...This was my first response as well! 'Course, you've heard my whole rant on certain winged characters and "oh the angst" before, so..^_-

Also, do IT, DO IT!!!! Yay for h/c inspiration!

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Right there with you.
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Signing up, you mean?

I was looking for inspiration, but I think I'm mostly getting amusement from the card ... :D

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Wah. I wanted Wings and Werewolves! (And I got neither.)

Actually, I was looking at my card and thinking that they'd taken out all the cracky themes. *sigh*
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Darn it, and I wanted something more like your card, with the traditional stuff and less of the crack! (Though I don't envy you the "character is shown the error of his ways" square. OH GOD, that trope!) Most of my squares aren't really inspiring me much at all.

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I was just coming over to check that you knew about [ profile] hc_bingo.
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*laughs* Yeah, I am powerless to resist it, apparently!
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Here's my square. And there is a load of white space which I can't work out how to get rid of above the square :/ Now I have to resist the temptation to go all the way with wooooooobie Rodney having meeeeeean things done to him... *gg*
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Fear of clowns! bwahahaha! And there's actual canon for it!

I'm also giggling at sudden onset wings. :D

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...except maybe I could just write from your card. Then it's like, no pressure or anything. :)
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*laughs* If you see a square you like, go for it!

ETA: Incidentally, this challenge seems to be much better for generating crack than actual, useful ideas.
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Wow, yours does have some crack in it :-P Maybe you can combine them. Some of them are fairly fun unless you try to tag-team the third row across...eek.

I am being good by resisting, I have too much on my plate, but thank goodness my favorite writers are playing!
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Thus far, I'm liking everyone else's cards much better than my own. *g* I'm getting nothing from mine but crack and a few cliches that I simply don't think I can write at all!

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LOL... I love "wings, always there." Because God knows there are so many kinds of wings. Wings that have always been there, wings that are grafted on by crazy scientists, wings that appear due to an Ancient machine malfunction....

It's good the card is clear.

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You know what's even worse? That's the first one I got an idea for (since Ronon has wings in the story I co-wrote with Naye, I've already got a winged character to play with!).
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A good post on hc_bingo and possibly problematic issues:

Linking not because I think you need to hear it, but because it's useful to have the reminder, and there's some really good conversation starting up in the comments about how to write h/c about RL topics in a non-skeevy way, especially from [personal profile] recessional.
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Yeah ... I saw sasha_feather's post, but hadn't gone ahead and followed through with the inevitable follow-up posts, because, well ...

The thing for me, I guess, is that I am physically disabled; I've only recognized the last couple of years how much a part of my identity it is. And I reacted really badly to sasha_feather's post, because to me -- and this is just me, mind you *g* -- it felt like it was bringing too much of my real-life baggage into my fantasy space, and it also felt like s/he was trying to tell me what I can and can't fantasize about. I do appreciate that other people are talking about it, and just from glancing at damned_colonial's post and discussion, it seemed like it doesn't trip off my own sensitive areas nearly as much (or make me feel like I'm being told that I, as a disabled person, aren't supposed to get off on the things I get off on).

There are definitely tropes and aspects to h/c that bother me; to be honest, my reaction to 90% of the h/c I've read, in fanfic or in published fiction, ranges from "meh" to "Ack! Backbutton now!" to "Okay, this is really wrong, and not in the good way." And maybe someday I'll be able/willing to talk about that. But I'm not in a headspace where I can really discuss the problematic aspects of it without feeling like my own sexuality (because I do think it's an aspect of my sexuality) and my own identity as a person with physical disabilities is being called into question -- and without losing the ability to receive personal affirmation from the aspects of it that do give me that. I'm happy for other people that fandom is having this discussion, but it's just not a discussion I feel like I can productively participate in or even really want to be around.

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I came here to check which squares you might be thinking of writing A:tla fic about and the first one I saw was the werewolf one. Suddenly everything with the waterbenders and the full moon makes perfect sense! *nod* You can´t convince me otherwise. It´s so obvious. Hakoda even has a wolf mask! :D

Now, about that inappropriate person...

(You. Cannot. Resist. *waves shiny light* The thought of you writing A:tla fic makes me squee. And I love your happy posts about it.)
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*laughs* Mostly I was thinking "domestic abuse" (Zuko, of course!) and the "Undercover: hurtful activity" square (... pretty much everyone at some point).

On the other hand, your werewolf theory has a rather suspicious amount of canon support ... :D

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Dear sweet and fluffy lord, PLEASE do some Avatar h/c. I am not above begging!

I just recently discovered Avatar: The Last Airbender myself and now own all 3 seasons on DVD. In fact, I had borrowed the first two seasons, and when my friend and I finished Season 2 one evening, we immediately raced over to Target and bought Season 3 because WE COULD NOT WAIT ONE SECOND LONGER.

And when I saw in your posts that YOU had also discovered the fandom and how much awesome it contains, I had an honest-to-goodness geek-flailing attack.

You are one of my FAVORITE fanfic writers (from SGA), and one of the best h/c writers out there. Please, please, PLEASE do some Avatar! :D

*flails some more*


-Pansy Chubb (aka LilRicki)
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Thank you so much! :) *blushes* I'm delighted to see another person has discovered the wonderfulness that is Avatar! I'll see how inspiration hits me ... I really would like to get a few more squares on the bingo card before the end of the year, and some of them are just tailor-made for Zuko ... :D