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I'm sure it's only temporary

... Agents of SHIELD made me like Grant F**king Ward. what even
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Yeah, I quit watching early in S2, and was never that compelled to go back, but I heard this season they had Ghost Rider? and now some kind of 'Framework' thing and it's all Agents of Hydra and it sounded too close to upcoming comics Secret Empire for me so I was like, nahh.


an opportunity for guilt-free appreciation of Brett Dalton in leather jackets

NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED. Maybe he'll be good in the /Matrix/ Framework and then somehow come back evil IRL! Hah.
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Oh, okay, he is like mirrorverseWard. (Or being presented as.) That makes sense.

(Look I have a Criminal Minds mirror-verse au where Foyet is the goodguy, I'm fine with these things. XD)

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Oh, wow — I might have to start watching this show again! I LOVE mirrorverses. And I also really like Brett Dalton as an actor.

I started the first episode of this season and then never continued, having no interest in watching Ghost Rider brutally mow down bad guys with his flaming car. Sounds like they've moved on from that, though?
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Heh heh heh. And who knew Fitz's actor could pull off that level of creepy?
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....well dang, maybe I do want to see this bit. Last I heard there was a big LMD storyline, and I'm not so much into those. But this is after that right?

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Nods, also trapped in the matrix! is one of my favorite plots too. It is just weird how often Whedon projects veer from 'not what I wanted it to be---WORST TWIST EVER---how did it get so awesome again?' for me. The Buffy comics did it, and now AoS.

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I guess in this in-show AU, he's not a Nazi?
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Well, that would SUCK. So it's....sadly likely?

OTOH imagine the juicy angst if Quake had good memories of Ward from the evil Hydra matrix! and then there could always be fix-it fic

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Oooh that actually makes some sense in terms of you liking him! But it would be hilarious if he was triple crossing :D
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This season has been surprisingly good, I actually couldn't wait to see what would happen next, after last week's episode. I'm hoping they pull this Ward out of the Framework and give him a robot body in the real world and then see how he navigates how different it is from what he knows.

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SAME. I just posted some rambling brainthoughts on tumblr, but - yes. Wow. I like this Ward. I want him to stay.

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I know, right?

He was a big reason I stopped watching in s. 1 -- just seemed such a cliched character. I came back when I found out that he was evil . . . but mostly when I found out the plot had gotten more complex and that Peggy was getting some flashback cameos.

So glad when he left; so weird to be rooting for him, now.
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It's so great, isn't it? I think he's just basically contrary - in a good universe, he's gonna be evil. In an evil universe he's a good guy. On Wednesdays when we wear pink, he's gonna wear green.
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I just got caught up on the series, and I'd seen your post a few days ago, so I had to come read, and now I'm all like "OMGOSH WHAT?!?!!" on it all.

But oh, the aching thing about this arch is seeing Trip and Ward be what they "should" have been allowed to be, and... good freaking heck.

I agree completely that this show frustrates me periodically (and seriously, I need my brain examined, b/c I'd actually managed to *forget* that this is Whedon-verse!! *headdesk x infinity*), and then it turns around and does episodes where you're again like "OH MY GOSH WHAT THE WHAT??!!!" and reels me back in.

This season has left me wanting them to do *more*, somehow, to be the characters and the reasons I loved them more (not that I've hated all of them the whole time or anything, but they've felt like they were spinning their wheels by comparison), and wanting the series to re-connect to the MCU better (b/c I still vividly remember how they jumped in with the whole Hydra's "alive" thing *immediately* after seeing "Winter Soldier", and I *knew* that the the bit in Avengers 2 w/the helicarrier showing up was Phil's "project" the instant I saw it), and... they just haven't felt like they *are* part of that same thing, to me, lately, and I've missed that.

And then they pull this, and it's still a weird arc in some ways, but damn if they didn't drag me completely in again anyway.

Geez. Can it be Tuesday now please?? LOL

And also: I want them to have Coulson alive in the MCU, dammit!!! :-P
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