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About that LJ thing

I have no specific plans to go anywhere, but if you want to follow me elsewhere, or in case my LJ journal should suddenly go "poof" - I cannot lie, I expect all of English-language LJ is probably going "poof" sometime in the next five to ten years, if not sooner - I'm also [personal profile] sholio on DW, and [ profile] sholiofic (fic-only journal) & [ profile] laylainalaska (everything else) on Tumblr. I'm also [ profile] sholio on AO3, and nearly all of my fic is there except the SGA stuff - which has a masterlist on my website here. At this point, most of those links point to either LJ or, but just in case they DO vanish suddenly, I have everything I've ever written on my hard drive (and associated backups), so it's just a matter of kicking my lazy butt in gear and getting it all archived somewhere else.

In the meantime, if you've relocated to DW, feel free to say hi over there and remind me I need to follow you and/or grant you access. :>

I also came across a link to [community profile] 2017revival for new DW arrivals, and a post linking LJ names to DW names for those who use different names in different places, in case either of those are useful!
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You're not following me on DW yet, jic you forgot :)
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I am Brigdh over here, Wordsofastory over on LJ – just in case that was confusing!