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Birthday (and Ant-Man)

And so, I'm 39. When I was about 14, I remember making one of my characters 39 because I wanted him to be old and world-weary, but not too old to relate to. Hi, 14-year-old me, from just this side of unrelatably old! XD

Thank you for the birthday wishes, emails and gifts, everybody. ♥ It was a mellow day in which I didn't get anything done, but in a good way - had lunch with friends, chatted with my family on the phone, and saw a movie (Ant-Man). Which, since this is ostensibly a blog for talking about pop culture and media, I will discuss under the cut.

It was pretty much everything I expected from the trailers (and not much more). I enjoyed it, but it also felt very much like Extruded Superhero Movie Product. I think it made me realize how much more I've come to expect from the MCU movies. This was, I believe, a script that had been around since 2004 or so, and it felt like it. They're doing more with their movies now, and this just felt like a forgettable mid-2000s superhero movie.

That said, it was entertaining and funny. The thing I ended up liking best is actually a relatively minor thing, overall, but I really liked that New Cop Boyfriend turned out to be a nice guy after all, and I enjoyed the wrap-up with Scott being welcomed back into his ex-wife's family but not getting back together with his ex.

Also, I knew the after-credits scene had to do with Bucky and Steve, but I had managed to avoid any specific spoilers on its content and ... wow, that was nothing like any of my imaginings about how their reunion might go down. This greatly increases the chances that Civil War is going to be an h/c-stravaganza, right? :D

ETA: Mild Civil War spoilers:

According to this article, the after-credits scene for Ant-Man is cut from Civil War footage, which means this actually is a scene that occurs in the movie. (Which, well, you never know, right? It could've been a tease of something that happened months before Civil War and is never seen!) Anyway, still avoiding spoilers for the movie, but it certainly does look like the Bucky-Steve reunion in Civil War is going to be a lot more h/c-laced than the comics version. NO COMPLAINTS HERE.
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Happy birthday! It sounds like a lovely day.
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Happy birthday! Wow, we're exactly a month apart in age. I don't think I knew that!
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Yup, I turned 39 on June 26th. :D
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I'm glad you had a relaxing birthday! ^_^
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Happy birthday!
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Happy (slightly belated) birthday! \o/
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A happy belated birthday!

I of course haven't seen Ant Man yet, but I've been a little worried that they Trailered it...that the fight scene on the Thomas The Train Engine train set was the best thing in the movie.
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Happy belated!

Yeah, I think I've watched the cam copy of that tag about four hundred times now. And I'm really concerned with how it's going to affect things, but at the same time, it does seem very hurt-comforty and OMG they are staring into each other's eyes and Sam is there to help! It's like they know me.
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Happy belated Birthday!

I have watched that scene many, many times, which is honestly the only use I had for an Ant-Man movie. In my personal headcanon, it takes place in lieu of AoU, and I intend to copypasta other bits of Civil War as necessary. I would like to say I expect more from the MCU, but it's only ever been an uneasy alliance, and there are several things about this scene that do not fill me with confidence.
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Happy birthday :)

I still don't know if I'm going to see Ant-Man: I'm a bit afraid I'm going to get sick of superhero movies and I want to pick the good ones before that happens. Otoh it sounds like good (if forgettable) entertainment.
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Hee, happy birthday! :D