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My stocking is full of lovely things! Fic, icons, recipes, pretty pictures, vid recs, and lots more. <3

Here are the fics I wrote. First, on AO3:

Avalanche Country (Agent Carter, 9200 wds, Peggy + Jack + Daniel gen; Jack and Peggy are caught in an avalanche while on a mission.)
Droid Soul (Star Wars TFA, 800 wds, Poe + BB-8, daemon AU; Poe's daemon settles as a droid.)
Glass Walls (Legends of Tomorrow, 5100 wds, Rip + ensemble; Rip is gone, except he's not. A slightly AU take on the first half of season two.)
Sea Change (Legends of Tomorrow, 1500 wds, Mick/Ray; It happens in the middle of a firefight, because of course it does.)
Afterwards (Legends of Tomorrow, 1400 wds, Mick/Ray, explicit; Some missions end better than others.)
til human voices wake us (Captain America, 2100 wds, Steve/Bucky/Natasha OT3-ish gen-ish; Bucky is roused out of cryo in Wakanda; Steve and Natasha are there for him.)
Housewarming (The Flash, 700 wds, Iris/Barry; Iris wants to make her new place with Barry feel like a home.)
The Firestorm Wives Club (The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow, 1300 wds, Caitlin + Clarissa Stein; Sometimes you need to talk to someone who understands.)
Getting Out (White Collar, 1300 wds, Peter + Neal + ensemble; Rescuing Neal is only the first step.)

And then in individual stockings:

Once Upon a Time ficlet - Regina + Henry
Steerswoman character study - Rowan + Bel
Forever Knight ficlet - Nick/Janette
White Collar ficlet - Peter and Neal babysitting baby Neal
White Collar snippet - Peter takes Neal jogging
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There were a couple of questions that came in after I'd already filled up the schedule of my mini-December posting meme, but they were good questions, so I wanted to go ahead and answer them!

[ profile] winter_elf said: what inspired/got you going on Kismet? Did you wake up one day - 'I have a comic all laid out!' or was it a gradual thing? :)

I got started early. :D Basically I've been drawing comics all my life; it's how I taught myself to draw as a kid. I was never interested in being a comics artist for one of the big companies - that is, for me drawing comics was always akin to writing, in that I wanted to do my own "novels" that way. (I realize looking back on it that I wanted to do graphic novels before I actually realized it was a thing that people did.) This was before webcomics were a thing, and while I knew that independent comics existed -- I started finding them when I started going to the comic store -- I knew you needed money to publish them, so I figured that it was just a fantasy, not something that was likely.

In 2000, I got married and moved to Illinois, and I started spending a lot of time on comics message boards -- my main online hangout at the time -- and was introduced to the idea of minicomics (xeroxed and stapled). This was such a huge revelation to me. You could make! a comic! and sell it! You didn't need a lot of money or anything, just enough to afford making copies. I remember having a really strong feeling that I needed to stop thinking "maybe someday" and just take the plunge and do the thing now.

(On a side note, something I've realized about myself over the years is that having a practical outlet for this sort of thing is instrumental, for me, in getting from "fantasizing about doing the thing" to "actually doing the thing." Realizing that minicomics existed and were a perfectly viable small-scale self-publishing option is what got me to make more than a few pages of a comic at a time, in a similar way to how realizing that I could self-publish books on Amazon is what made the difference between spending years working on unfinished novels vs. going from idea to finished novel to published novel in a matter of months. I just needed to know that it could be done.)

Anyway, so I did that for a couple of years, working a now-defunct fantasy minicomic/graphic novel series called Raven's Children. In the meantime, I'd been working on Kismet since all the way back in 1992, but it was mainly intended to be written, not drawn. (I did have a number of sketches of people and tech from the early '90s -- I'd started out visualizing it as a comic, then switched to prose.) It was an anthology sci-fi series about a group of bounty hunters, smugglers, and other rogues in a little frontier mining-colony town. I wrote several Kismet novellas and short stories in about 1994/95, including Hunter's Moon (which became the first story arc in the Kismet webcomic). I rewrote HM again from the ground up in 1999. This turned out to be a big help in doing a webcomic version, since I already had the story down.

Once I started doing minicomics, I first of all tried self-publishing Hunter's Moon as illustrated prose (this was just the 1999 novella with illustrations, serialized as minicomics). It really didn't get off the ground, but around this time -- this was 2002 -- I'd started reading webcomics and kicking around the idea that maybe I could do Kismet that way. I tried drawing the first three chapters of a Hunter's Moon webcomic adaptation and put it on my website just to see how that'd work.

At that time I was going to comics conventions with my minicomics, doing about 5 or 6 a year. At Alternative Press Expo that year, I met a friend-of-a-friend who was putting together a paywalled webcomics archive and was looking for people who wanted to get in on it and have their comics on the site in return for getting paid. She'd seen the first few HM chapters (I did those first 3 as an experiment, but hadn't done any more) and asked me if I thought I could stick to a regular update schedule for Kismet in return for getting paid for it. I said sure (hey! money!) and, well, that is what I did. I never did get paid much, but I also retained all rights to my stuff, and when that site eventually went under, I ended up just having the comic on my own site like I do now. I finished serializing Hunter's Moon in 2006 and started working on the current Kismet arc, Sun-Cutter, in 2009.
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Thanks for the responses on the hug fest post - I'm planning to respond, but I'm in a bit of a hurry at the moment. However, I made a banner, for reasons, so I wanted to slap that up and get your opinions, as well as seeing what you think about the timing of the fest.

Under a cut )

ETA: One commenter suggested commas to indicate "either gen or ship" for the prompts, and I like that because it's easier to type. How does this look?

character & character = gen
character/character = ship
character, character = either gen or ship is good

ETA2: Yeah, not starting this week is probably best, and everyone seems to agree, what with fandom stocking and h/c bingo both going on right now. My reason for wanting to do it soon is that I wanted this as a distraction for ME, because tomorrow and the next day are when I'm going to be the most drugged up, uncomfortable, and generally wanting to huddle up with something fun. But trying to mod anything in that state is probably unwise. I'll just huddle up with Netflix instead, and run this when I'm feeling better. :D

Hug fest?

Jan. 3rd, 2017 01:42 am
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I'm having oral surgery in a couple of days (it's minor, it's just going to be painful and annoying) and between that and, well, everything else, I was thinking about running a hug-themed multifandom commentfic fest. Because EVERYONE could probably use a hug right now. Does that sound fun? :D

I'm currently poking at a possible set of instructions. I think both gen and ship should be allowed, but I'm not sure whether to let people specify it in the prompts, or leave it up to the people filling prompts. I was thinking about using this system:

character & character = gen
character/character = ship
character + character = either is good

Because there are some where I don't care, and some where I have REALLY STRONG FEELINGS about it. XD On the other hand, I don't want to hobble writers, or make the system so unnecessarily complex that lots of people end up doing it wrong because I didn't make the instructions clear enough. And maybe just providing the characters and letting the writer decide if they want to make it shippy or not is the best thing, since most hugs by default are most likely not going to be shippy, so sudden!surprise!incest! or whatever is probably a situation that is unlikely to come up.

What do you think?
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One thing that happened in 2016 is that it's the year I learned to write short fics from prompts. I've always done it a little, but I was never that good at it. And then Tumblr happened. Now I'm going to have to start a new Agent Carter commentfic doc because my current one has 50K of fic in it (YES REALLY) and I can't find anything anymore!

Under the cut is a full list of all the commentfic/promptfic I wrote in 2016, from oldest to newest. Some of these ended up long enough to post individually to AO3, but are included because they were written for one of the prompt calls; there are also some "just for fun" ones that weren't actually for a prompt but weren't long enough or complete enough to go on AO3 as a standalone fic.

If you just want the most recent ones, I've been maintaining a running list since my last prompt call in July, so you can go here to read those. (The most recent one was added tonight: a Happy New Year ficlet.) I'll start a new list for 2017.

Under the cut: 53 Agent Carter promptfics, 5 White Collar, 1 other. About half the Agent Carter ones are collected in From the SSR Files on AO3, but the July-and-later ones haven't been added yet.

2016 prompt fics/commentfic )

ETA: This list is also posted on Tumblr.
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The Yuletide reveals are out! I wrote:

And Still of a Winter's Night (Benjamin January Mysteries, 10K, gen; When a young woman turns up dead during Carnival, Shaw needs Ben's help with the investigation -- or, rather, Dominique's.)

I read six or so of the books back at the beginning of December in preparation for writing the story (this series has a very distinctive narrative voice) and I really wanted to talk about them, but I didn't want to tip my hand! Working on this story was a lot of fun. ([ profile] sheron is probably laughing now because she got to be the recipient of all my wailing and gnashing of teeth about it, but it actually WAS fun, and I made her read the first book in case I needed to discuss plot woes with her, which as it turned out I didn't; it all went together nicely. Also, belated thanks to [ profile] wordsofastory for doing a canon beta on it for me!)

I had already picked out this person's letter for possible treating, so I was halfway to planning to write a story based off my favorite of their prompts anyway, and opening up my email to find THIS as my assignment was probably the first time that I've gone "EEEEHEEEE" rather than "nooooo, why did I offer that canon /o\".

The other two things I wrote were treats for a book series it so happens I had JUST finished rereading when Yuletide prompts were revealed, and I discovered that more than one person wanted fic in this fandom with exactly the characters I like best, so I decided to try writing some. The stories are both fairly similar: gen 1960s-era cozy spy fic.

The Spy Who Came to Christmas (Mrs. Pollifax series, Emily + Farrell + supporting characters, 8200 wds; Mrs. Pollifax anticipates a quiet holiday with her daughter Jane's family, but instead there's spy trouble afoot.)

Playing the Odds (Mrs. Pollifax series, Emily + Farrell, 3100 wds; Tag scene after the main action in The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. She promised to visit him in the hospital, and Emily Pollifax always keeps her promises.)

The books, by the way, are adorable. The quality is uneven, as you might expect for a long-running series that was written over about 40 years, but the first one in particular is really good (if you are willing to swallow the basic premise of an elderly widow who semi-accidentally becomes a CIA operative due to an identity mix-up); it's one of my go-to books for feel-good friendship h/c. Also, having just spent most of the summer writing Agent Carter fic, this was not much of a departure. Actually, while I never got a Peggy-and-Jack vibe from these particular characters in the books, I noticed when I was writing them that it really felt like writing Peggy and Jack. Except with very different backstories for the characters, of course, and a 20-year age difference.
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I realize it's been a total trash fire of a year overall, but for me on a purely personal level, it's actually been a very good year.

Nice things )
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Sneaking in with some Yuletide fic recs before reveals ...

I already recced the story written for me - Troublesome to Others, But A Torment To Themselves (Vorkosigan series, Mark/Kareen + Miles) - but really, it's great and I just had to say again how delighted I was with it. :D

I have definitely read more than this, but these are the ones I bookmarked and therefore the only ones I can remember to rec. See, this is why I should have done this a week ago.

Recs - Dark Tower, Rivers of London, Dalemark Quartet, Red Dwarf, Cadfael Chronicles, Quantum Leap )
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As many of you may have heard by now, Livejournal is now keeping its servers in Russia (websites' privacy controls, legal redresses in case something happens, and so forth are bound by the laws of whatever country the servers are physically located in), which is leading to a lot of account deletions from worried users in, mostly, the U.S.

I'm not planning on doing so; as far as I can tall, all the likely worst-case scenarios that I've seen discussed (an increased likelihood of credit card theft, having your personal information sold, theft/duplication of copyrighted material, etc) are already risks anywhere you have an online presence. I don't think people pulling up stakes and moving elsewhere are wrong to do so, especially if they're not using the site anyway; I just don't feel like I need to. The only thing I'm thinking about is maybe not renewing my paid account when it lapses so a) I don't have my credit card info on there, and b) am not financially supporting a business that is known to actively delete/suppress accounts on political grounds. Even so, though ... at least as far as the credit-card risk is concerned ... I've known people who had their credit card info stolen and used by thieves because of info leaks from Bank of America and Walmart, and I just tonight gave my billing info to an online site I've never heard of to buy an art book from Malaysia. idk. It's impossible to do business online without some level of risk.

However, I'm glad I have a journal mirror at DW. I'll still crosspost everything, and in all likelihood any new communities/journals I create from here on out will be DW-only, if only because of the added exodus from LJ and increased probability that LJ as a company, at least the English-language side of it, is tottering along on its last legs.

More information: here, here, here, and here.

(Though obviously if anyone wants to present an alternate POV in the comments that I'm not taking into account, feel free. Like I said, I don't mind other people doing it; I'm just not really feeling the need to, myself. Plausibly, as far as "bad things that are now more likely to happen," I think the most likely one is that LJ is now one step closer to the end of its internet-site life cycle and is just going to stop existing someday. So backing up is a good idea.)

btw, if I've friended you on LJ but haven't given you access on DW, just say something; it's not intentional, it's just that I never bothered strictly duplicating my circle/flist in the two places, and I don't have notifications of new friendings/circle-addings turned on, so I'll never notice if someone added me in the other place.
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I posted another fic tonight (finishing up something I'd been working on for awhile).

Jumping Without a Net (Agent Carter, 3400 words, Peggy + Jack gen w/background Peggy/Daniel; Peggy has a parachute malfunction.)

This is for my h/c bingo "protection" square, and I have now finished a line on my h/c bingo card! \o/

Under the cut is my card with all 13 currently-completed fills, in case you missed something. (Which you may well have; I got kinda sloppy the last couple of months about properly cross-posting/putting up notifications of my fic. I'll aim to be better about that in the new year.)

Filled-out bingo card )
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Besides Yuletide, another fandom thing that released today is Agent Carter Winter Wonderland, and I wrote something for that, too. Here's a complete list of the fics.

Title: Home For Christmas
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing/Character: Peggy/Daniel + Jack
Summary: In 1947, New York City had a record-breaking blizzard on Christmas Day. Peggy and Daniel wish they were back in L.A., but being snowbound in New York does have certain charms.
Cross-posted: on AO3

Home For Christmas )
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The 2016 Yuletide archive is open for reading! This is the first year in awhile that I've signed up (though I eased back into it by writing some treats last year) and OMG MY GIFT IS AMAZING. <33333

Troublesome to Others, But A Torment To Themselves (9800 wds; Mark/Kareen + Miles; Miles Vorkosigan is the world's biggest cockblock.)

I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING. It's farcical and adorable and very reminiscent of Bujold's madcap comedy scenes in her books, but with a dark undertone because, well, Mark. Poor Mark. But it's lovely and if you enjoy these characters, you should read it!

I haven't read anything else yet, because I got a 10K fic! However, I wrote 3 fics this year, my assignment and two treats, so have fun figuring those out. :D
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[ profile] sheron said: The one story of your heart that you would desperately like to read in AC fandom.

Looooong plotty gen fic with Peggy and Daniel and Jack, with friendship feels and h/c. SGA had so many of those, but I think it might be the last fandom I was in where there was really a lot of it. I need to find a fandom that has a lot of long plotty gen/team fic again.
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[ profile] sgamadison asked: Where would Agent Carter have gone if they'd gotten a season 3?

Well, obviously there's what I wanted out of a season 3, and what we realistically were likely to get ...

Season 3 would have almost certainly had to do with Peggy's brother (M. Carter) and the mysterious key. It was my hope, back when we still thought season 3 was a possibility (*sob*) that it would've been more espionage-focused, with a broader, more international scope. If the main season 3 arc plot involved Peggy looking for her brother, it would have lent itself very well to a more globetrotting theme for the season, possibly relocating to London entirely (or a film set masquerading as London, anyway), or having Peggy go back to England and to continental Europe to run down clues.

I also expected that season 3 would have moved closer to the founding of SHIELD, with Peggy ending up even more out of step with the government bureaucracy she works for. In the first season, Peggy was basically a free agent with few to no allies, working against everyone in the SSR, even at odds with Jarvis and Howard for part of the season. In the second season she'd picked up some friends, so instead of Peggy as a lone wolf vs. SSR, it was Peggy, Daniel, Jarvis, etc. vs. the SSR bureaucracy and Jack. There was some friction within Team Peggy, but nothing like season one. So season one was Peggy vs. the SSR, and season two was Peggy + her friends at the SSR vs. the shadowy conspiracy controlling the SSR. So, in the third season, I was hoping for Peggy + the SSR (now almost entirely on her side) vs. the entire government -- with Jack as an ally, of course (very much not dead, thanks) and the entire SSR, or what was left of it, coming into conflict with various governmental elements stirred up in season two, as well as whatever foreign agency was responsible for whatever happened to Michael. And basically all of this would've set up Peggy breaking totally from the government and forming a freelance organization along with her SSR allies, which would have happened in season 4 or 5.

So yeah, Peggy being a globetrotting spy, looking for her brother with the help of her friends, and possibly ending up a fugitive from the government for a little while, was what I was hoping for in the Season That Never Was.
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[personal profile] muccamukk said: H/C trope that you've had a couple goes at, but can't seem to get it to come off the way you want it to.

Once I started thinking about it, this turned out to be surprisingly difficult to answer. I think the problem is basically that, if I feel I didn't hit the mark on a fic, I don't generally think "I didn't nail that trope" but something more like "I should've had more emotion there" or "wow, the plot really went off the rails in the last few scenes." So I can't really answer the question because I just don't think of fics in those terms. I can talk about the fics that I think didn't work (of which there are quite a few) but they don't really categorize in that way.

However, I can definitely say that I have tropes I like reading but find difficult or off-putting to write, and the biggest category of those are ones involving characters having emotional breakdowns and ... well, turning into soppy puddles of tears, basically. Anything involving emotional over-sharing or characters being forced to confront FEELINGS. When I'm in the mood, I can read (or watch) epic quantities of tearful, "I thought you were dead!"-inspired confessions or characters having breakdown-laced recoveries from trauma, but oh my god do I ever shy away from writing it. I tend to write that kind of thing by delicately poking around the edges but not confronting the trope head-on, even though I actually DO enjoy reading it. Which does constitute a trope failure of sorts. (And this is making me want to write some sort of ridiculously soppy trauma-recovery fic. Hmmm.)
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... so I kinda fell off the schedule just a tiny bit. Ahem.

[personal profile] musesfool said: Harrison Wells and the multiverse!

Soooooo I TRIED to make a sensible, thinky post, but instead it turned into an explosion of random feels. sorry not sorry

First off, I love what the DC TV shows are doing with the multiverse, and I sincerely hope they don't plan on having some sort of Crisis on Infinite Earths-style event to put an end to it. Which they probably do, because DC. But in the meantime, it's just so much fun. Among other things, it means they can have shows operate under completely different rules (like Supergirl vs. the Flash/Arrow/etc shows) and still exist in the same 'verse with the possibility of crossovers.

And we get to see the actors play multiple versions of the same characters, which is always a treat. I have always enjoyed canons that give us canonical AUs, and in these shows, as in a few others (e.g. Fringe, Stargate) it's baked into the whole concept.

And, well. ♥ HARRISON ♥

Spoilers of various sorts )
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d'oh, I completely forgot to mention: as Lauren, I wrote a Christmas story in the Shifter Agents universe, and it's available for free!

On Lauren's website | on Smashwords

It can be downloaded from these links in several different formats, or read in its entirety on Lauren's site. If you need me to send it to you in some other way, just let me know. (I've already played tech support for one person who couldn't get the downloadable kindle file to work at all -- though it works fine on my kindle -- but the Smashwords link worked for her.)
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So I picked up the first tpb of the Mark Waid/Fiona Staples Archie, and it's actually ... good?! In a very homagey kind of way -- having read a lot of these comics when I was a kid, I like how Waid is incorporating a lot of the old comics' tropes (such as the JD-on-Scrubs-style dips into fantasy, or the asides to the reader) and yet somehow manages to stay on the "cute and funny" side of the line instead of tipping over into "embarrassingly cheesy." I liked it enough to go ahead and get the second of the collected volumes as well. I think that was about all I can handle for awhile; I've reached my limit for semi-pointless teen love-triangle shenanigans for the time being -- especially knowing that it's unlikely to ever be resolved in any way, because it's Archie comics -- but I did have fun and I don't regret buying them. I particularly like the new take on Betty, who was always my favorite character back in the day, and is even more so now.

(They only have Staples for the first 3 issues, but the later artists are pretty good too.)
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The stockings are being posted, and mine is now up!

Please link to yours too, if you have one!


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